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Talent Acquisition 2018: Adding the ‘E’ to Recruitment [Infographic]

Companies handling cross-border workforce are increasingly aligning to global standards in Talent Management, and implementing professional credentials in talent acquisition as a matter of policy. By 2018, around 80% of the largest of global organizations would make a credential in Talent Management a must for all HR staffers, as this infographic shows.

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    Transforming Through People: Talent Management 2.0

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    Learning Talent Management from the Super Bowl

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    Building Talent Pipelines – The GE Way

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    Facebook: Talent Management’s Great Case

    Facebook, easily, is more known around the world than the POTUS and aliens combined...

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  • Euthanizing the Bell Curve

    Euthanizing the Bell Curve – The Purge Begins

    Yes – when it comes to employees, it should always be up, and never unceremoniously out...

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  • Quickfire How Google Builds Talents

    Quickfire: How Google Builds Talents

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