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What our community is saying

After months of studying I am happy to announce I have passed my Talent Management Practitioner (TMP) exam through Talent Management Institute! I am ready to put what I have learned to good use!

"It seems impossible until it's done." -Nelson Mandela
2020 & 2021 have thrown some obstacles my way but I never let any obstacles deter me from my dreams. During the course of this pandemic, I have reevaluated, adapted and thrived in our new reality. And during 2021I received some fruits of my labour:
1. HR Data Analyst certification from AIHR | Academy to Innovate HR
2. Talent Management Practitioner certification from Talent Management Institute
3. Employee of the Quarter - FY20/FY21 Q4
As I continue on my career journey I toast to last year's accomplishments and this year's possibilities. Looking forward to another great year. Happy New Year all and always strive for the best! #2022Goals #AimToBeABetterYou

I am excited to have completed Senior Talent Management Practitioner certification by Talent Management Institute

Experiential Learnings are good, but going back to classes, attending lectures, structured assignments are always better in consolidating your experiences…..

So excited to have received notification that I passed the GTML (Global Talent Management Leader) certification test from the Talent Management Institute. This is the highest credential that can be earned from this prestigious group. This was a lot of work but glad to be done! Now onto the next learning goal for 2021!

After 7 Months of Studying finally I passed the exam of the Global Talent Management Leaders (GTML) certificate.
I am happy to share my success with all of you here and have to say all the effort and pain you endure studying and preparing just disappears and is replaced with joy once you get the good news of passing :D
thanks Vir Amar Dasmahpatra for guiding me towards this in our conversations ... and looking forward for putting the learning into action! #talentmanagement #learning #success #leadership

After several months of intense preparation, I am happy to share that I have received my Global Talent Management Leader (GTML™) Certification from the Talent Management Institute (TMI).
The Global Talent Management Leader (GTML™) certification from TMI is the world's most prestigious qualification designed to accelerate the rise of mid-career HR and Talent Management professionals into heads of Global HR and Talent Management. It combines strategic business insights, talent consciousness, cross-functional perspectives, and technology to deliver long-term advantages and market-leadership opportunities to companies, as well as, helping to drive business and long-term competitiveness through geographically and culturally diverse talent.

I am so happy with receiving my TMI (the World’s Leading Credentialing Body for Talent Management) credential (Global Talent Management leader)! It was one of the best journeys that I had. Although it was a very tough process the end was so exciting.
Would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation towards my great Company and Mr. Mostafa Mizban for perfect support and sponsorship.
I want to extend my appreciation to my brother, friend, and amazing mentor Mr. Amir Nafarieh, PHRI, ACC. Also big thanks to Talent Management Institute for creating such a great journey and perfect support.
In the race of excellence, there is no finish line and I am just warming up.

Feels great to get it done ☑️
#talentmanagement #tmi #gtml

A journey that began 10 years ago would not have seemed possible, without the support and guidance given by many of you. Thank you for the lessons, challenges, opportunities and inspiration.

Talent management is an art, and we effectively have the Art of War on our hands, given the situation, one needs to have the Art of handling it and that's where I encountered TMI. I am happy to share that I have completed the Talent Management Practitioner Certification program.

Happy to share that I have passed my STMP™ exam and I'm now a Certified Senior Talent Management Practitioner. The future looks bright already.

As of today, I am happy to be a "Certified Senior Talent Management Practitioner", endorsed by the Talent Management Institute (TMI). Always learning!

Happy to share that I've passed my STMP™ exam!
I've had the pleasure of speaking with a lot of our people recently, and I am encouraged by the tremendous amount of talented and passionate people we have. Always love learning, and will use the knowledge I've gained to make a positive impact at WEBTOON.

I think that to successfully lead Talent Management, as for any other function or business, you need to get full alignment between Head, Heart and Hands. When I embraced the role of ITT Motion Technologies Talent Manager, I knew I was missing some competencies, let's say the "Head", and for this reason I worked hard the last six months to learn and get updated about the best practices and processes of Talent Management. And finally, it's with a lot of joy today that I can share I got certified from the Talent Management Institute as Global Talent Management Leader - GTML™! I am so honoured and grateful I can serve our ITTers by having a deeper knowledge about HR and Talent management and, at the same time, experiencing a full match between "who I am", "what I do" and "what I love".

I am pleased to announce that today I have officially achieved my certification from TMI as a Global Talent Management Leader - The journey started 6 months ago with the idea of obtaining a certification that meant something and not just a badge to add to my list. TMI has always provided insights and knowledge towards Talent Management and I am extremely happy to have taken this journey, my wife was my number one support throughout this time and without here I would not have taken such an initiative. I hereby state that I’m GTML™ Certified, can’t wait to receive the package.

After 1.5 years of living in UK, I can finally say I’ve finished my MSc in International Business Management with a focus on HR! It’s been an incredible experience to go back to school, relearn old things, discover new ones, and spend valuable time continuing my development.
Gaining certification in the HR field in parallel to working and completing the MSc was a bit challenging but we got there! Proud to hold the Senior Talent Management Practitioner from Talent Management Institute.
I’m very thankful to Hidden for trusting me to continue making a positive impact in Harvard's DE&I journey as a Talent Manager. Everyone at Harvard was incredibly hard-working and absolutely amazing and welcoming! This opportunity provided me with a great chance to finish my Master’s in line with this new work experience in a completely different and exciting region.

One of my goals for my sabbatical was to prepare and pass the Talent Management Institute Senior Talent Management Practitioner (STMP™) certification program...and 𝗜 𝗣𝗔𝗦𝗦𝗘𝗗!!!


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