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Talent Management Practitioner

Talent Management isn’t just the shiniest new piece of 21st century HRM. It’s also the most critical mission now for business continuity. If you have it, your TMP Credential is the most authoritative evidence around of your promise and potential as a modern HR practitioner.


TMP is the best starter-qualification for breaking into Talent Management – whether you are a young HR professional, or you are graduating out of a university with a major in HR. While growth in HR is plateauing, jobs in HR, too, are drying out at a terrific rate across the world. Most of the recruiters are looking for young HR professionals with competencies and knowledge in Talent Management. TMP is the best bet for pushing your case for Talent Management.

The TMP Credential is designed as a rich, top–up qualification for individuals graduating with major in HR or related disciplines from premier universities, business schools, and HR Institutions. TMP acts as a super-major for you, really! Your HR degree alone may not be enough to get you a great job after you graduate. A Talent Management Qualification is a must. TMP helps you start off your career in the high–paying Talent Management function – with the best of the jobs in HR today, and when on your resume, TMP adds big to your attractiveness. That's why world over, MBAs and HR professionals with majors like HRM, Industrial Psychology, Personnel Management, and Labor Relations, and who intend to make it big in Talent Management, are increasingly opting for TMP.

Talent Management Practitioner


Pre-registrations are currently open for the all new TMP version marked to the updated TMI-TMBoK Ver 11-4.4 launching August 3, 2017.

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TMP Exam Fee: $ 525 USD

Start-off by Being Among the World’s Best!

Being a TMP – What does this mean?

TMP is for you if you have been working in HR or in any connected function for a year or so - or you are studying for a career in HR. It’s a must-have qualification and designation for you to demonstrate your readiness for working in Talent Management teams in the largest and most global of organizational systems that they have today.

Your TMP credential makes the most credible statement about the fact that you have been scrutinized for your capabilities most rigorously on the globally tested TMI Universal Knowledge Framework (TMI-UKF), and that, you meet the standards yet unequalled by the average young aspiring HR professional. The TMP designation is a powerful proof of your understanding and knowledge of all critical principles, theories, techniques, and tools currently practiced in Talent Management.

Ideal for the Go-Getter…

Being a TMP– Who Fits in Best?

Individuals credentialed with TMP or those enrolled in the program have three things in common – wherever in the world they may be in.

  • One they are already a year or two into their HR careers, or they are about to graduate from a TMI-recognized university/ B-school, all set to make a mark in the HR profession
  • Two they are all extremely ambitious, hardworking, and achievement-conscious; bracing up for the most challenging roles in Talent Management
  • Three without exception, they are passionate about making significant impact through their performance and accelerate their career growth.

The Advantages

Opportunities for Starting-off Right and Explosive

Increasingly, CHROs around the world appear to be favoring only young HR professionals with proven competencies in Talent Management for higher, better roles. Similarly, students with credible, international qualifications in Talent Management are becoming the preferred choice for campus jobs in HR. TMP drives home this first big advantage: moving you up straight to the forefront of the next big career jump. No more waiting for raises and promotions; or if you’re still a student, making you attractive for the cream of the recruiters visiting your campus. The TMP title, along with the TMI registered logo that credentialed individuals get to sport along with their names makes them a part of the exclusive global community of the sharpest new minds in Talent Management. To add, you just cannot ignore the fact that the TMP credentialed community builds a lifetime relationship with TMI. Throughout their careers, even as they grow, TMI gives them option to upgrade to STMP- the next level of Talent Management certification – Indeed, there will be a massive array of opportunity for self-development and career improvement coming your way from TMI – including participating in global TMI forums and events – the Global Talent Management Summit included.

Register Online

Register 24X7. Online.

The moment you decide you have to look at a bigger, globally coveted HR career, just storm right into the TMP section on the TMI website, anytime of the day – or even in the night, for that matter! Get yourself a coffee and just click Apply. And within minutes, you’re done – Congratulations! You’ve registered for what is the world’s most powerful qualification the young and aspiring HR professional of today can earn! It’s a quick and seamless process: you apply; you complete your TMP registration; schedule your TMP exam and pay for it online, and receive a couple of email notifications from us – all before you finish that coffee!

World’s Best Learning Resources on Talent Management

Unlike other certification bodies, TMI neither provides any special exam preparation material, nor asks individuals registered for TMP Certification to purchase any such text or kits from any external organization. Instead, TMI provides complimentary to all TMP registrants, the TMP Resource Box containing printed and electronic material and resources on TMI standards and Talent Management theory and practice. The TMP Resource Box includes the TMI flagship publication – the 30-chapter TMI Practitioners’ Handbook for Talent Management – the world’s first and the only standards-aligned and the most authoritative text on the science-and-art of Talent Management ever. It’s a book for life for all HR and Talent Management professionals, and also the most important reading reference for preparing for TMP Certification exams. Besides the handbook, a copy each of the renowned TMI Talent Management Body of Knowledge, and the TMP Exam Preparation Guidelines also sit inside the TMP Resource Box. Once you receive TMP Resource Box, you are completely set for commencing your journey to becoming a jet-setting HR professional, ready for the most sought after global employers. Start your preparation for your TMP exam, which you can take in your nearest Pearson VUE test center– and we’ve got these centers almost anywhere you may be.

Learning Resources

The Digitally Badged TMP

The TMP becomes a global credential at once also because it is digitally badged now! Which means you can easily share your TMI credential digitally and securely with your current and prospective employers and colleagues, and they can verify it ever so easily, too.

A digitally-badged TMP adds that strong dash of credibility to your online professional presence. You can conveniently showcase your well-earned TMI credential as a high-visiblity icon on web-pages; on your LinkedIn profile; on social media platforms and in your email signatures. It's your most secure, reliable and authentic token of your promise, potential and capabilities for performing your talent management roles with excellence.

The TMP digital badge is a verifiable digital token of your TMP qualification containing within it a secure digital link to the TMI cloud, where the bonafides and authenticity of your TMI credential can be validated instantly by those who you have allowed to.

Digitally Badge

The Candidacy Tracks

Ways to Become a TMP

The following table summarizes the specifics of what it takes to become a TMP. There are SIX convenient tracks covering professionals from diverse backgrounds and experience to earn a TMP!

  • Minimum Qualification Required
    Should have completed Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource Management/ Business/ Management/ Related Disciplines

    Minimum Work Experience
    2 Years or more experience in any of the HR sub–functions

  • Minimum Qualification Required
    Should have completed Bachelor's Degree in Other disciplines

    Minimum Work Experience
    3 Years or more experience in any of the HR sub–functions

  • Minimum Qualification Required
    Should have completed Master's Degree/ Master's Level Diploma in Human Resource Management/ Business/ Management/ Related Disciplines

    Minimum Work Experience
    Currently working in any of the HR sub-functions

  • Minimum Qualification Required
    Should have completed Master's Degree/ Master's Level Diploma in Other disciplines

    Minimum Work Experience
    2 Years or more experience in any of the HR sub–functions

  • Minimum Qualification Required
    Current & Past students of Master's Degree/ Master's Level Diploma in Human Resource Management/ Business/ Management/ Related disciplines from any of the TMI–recognized institutions

    Minimum Work Experience
    Experience not Mandatory

  • Minimum Qualification Required
    Should hold a Bachelor's degree and possess an active credential by CIPD, HRCI, ATD & other certification bodies whose credentials TMI may recognize as worthy of being included under QualiFLY program.

    Minimum Work Experience
    Currently working in any of the HR sub–functions

Getting the TMP - A Preview of the Journey

There are eight distinct stages of your journey toward becoming a TMP. Here's what these stages look like. For more details login to your myTMI account..

The TMP Journey

  • 1CHECK -

    Check if you fit the TMP candidacy requirements. Also check the exciting QualiFly program, which offers several privileges on convenience, validity, speed, and affordability to individuals holding degrees or HR certifications from TMI-recognized institutions and universities.

  • 2APPLY +

    If you meet the TMP or QualiFly candidacy criteria, please fill out the online application form for the TMP program from your myTMI account available on www.tmi.org. Click here to create your myTMI account.


    Once you have finished applying, please wait for our acknowledgement response email with instructions for the next course of actions regarding assessments etc. Simultaneously, we also initiate the process for assessing your candidacy and to arrive at a prima-facie or a provisional decision about your fit for the TMP Credential.


    An internal check is conducted to validate your credentials against the prescribed candidacy prerequisites for earning the TMP.


    Check your mails on your TMI registered email for a communication from Pearson VUE - our global exam partner. These emails contains your Authorization-To-Test (ATT) and Web Account details, which will help you to create your Web Account. Click Here, if you have your Pearson Web Account login information and the ATT details, and want to schedule your exam now.


    Post your payment confirmation, one unit of the TMP Certification Starter Kit containing reading and learning material is shipped to the address you have registered with us.

  • 7TMP EXAM +

    You get 225 days from the date of registration and successful payment to prepare for and take your TMP exams, which you can take in a Pearson Test Center nearest to you. The books included in the TMP Starter Kit should help you brace up nicely for your TMP Certification exam. Please read more about TMP exams in the dedicated section on the subject.

  • 8AWARD +

    If you qualify the TMP exam and meet other conditions laid down by the TMI Professional Certifications Board (TPCB), you are recommended for the award of the TMP Credential and the TMP Digital Badge is immediately issued to you. You can expect the shipment of the physical pack of credential to reach you within three to four weeks of the date of the award.

Talent Management Practitioner

TMP Exam

The TMI Professional Certifications Board (TPCB) mandates that individuals desirous of acquiring the TMP certifications will have to take and qualify computer–based exams. TMI Exams are computer–based tests timed between 120 minutes. Pearson VUE is the worldwide TMI exam–delivery partner, bringing to the table its massive experience of delivering millions of high–stakes tests a year across the globe for clients in the licensure, certification, academic admissions, regulatory, and government testing services spaces. All TMP registrants are able to schedule their certification exam via the internet and take it at one of the 7000+ Pearson VUE Testing Centers in 178 countries.

Coverage of TMP Exam

Broadly, the questions appearing in TMI exams purport to check and validate examinees' awareness and knowledge about the general frameworks of Talent Management, key practices and trends in 21st century Talent Management, and critical issues, challenges & opportunities in the discipline today. TMI exams – in keeping with the TMI framework TMI-UKF and the TMI Body of Knowledge – steer clear from Human Resource Management, and stay focused on Talent Management. Examinees are expected to be already aware of Human Resource Management to be able to get recognition further for their readiness for Talent Management.

TMI certification exams feature questions drawn from a wide selection of Talent Management areas a knowledge in which, the TMI body of knowledge defines as essential–to–have for individuals intending to be recognized and credentialed by TMI. The framework or scope of content and coverage of TMI exams is defined reasonably well by the TMI text prescribed for the TMP exam–takers – The Talent Management Handbook for Practitioners. More specifically, the following topics have been prescribed by the TMI Professional Certification Board in which the knowledge of examinees are tested:

Knowledge Dimensions Covered Total Questions
PART A: Defining Concepts & Perspectives in Talent Management
Includes questions from 5 mandatory knowledge dimensions covering aspects like management, business, & Talent Management imperatives in the 21st century; the Talent Management ecosystem and talent‐need analysis and talent competence assessment frameworks for organizations
PART B: Elements of Strategy & Leadership in Talent Management
Includes questions from 10 mandatory knowledge dimensions covering aspects like Strategic Talent Management; building competitive advantage through integrated Talent Management; sustainable talent development; talent pipeline building; executive onboarding; identifying and assessing high-potential talent; developing leadership talent; and managing leadership talent pools
PART C: Critical Focus Areas of Talent Management Practice
Includes questions from 8 mandatory knowledge dimensions sweeping across areas like Talent engagement; building functional expertise; managing and measuring Talent Management effectiveness; global Talent Management; talent supplies in global organizations; succession planning; performance management and technology deployment in Talent Management
PART D: International Talent Management Experiences & Insights
Includes insights, experiences and cases on talent development, integrated Talent Management, talent practices, Talent Management adoption and boardroom view of Talent Management in some of the world’s most enduring business corporations. Also covers CHRO perspectives on Talent Management as well as perspectives on critical research issues & the future of Talent Management practice
Total Number Of Questions 60

Structure & Nature of a Typical TMP Exam

A typical TMP exam test–paper includes 60 questions – a mix of TWO types.

Questions directly test the examinees' ability to correctly and precisely recollect concepts, principles, techniques, and generally accepted practices in contemporary Talent Management. The answers to TYPE A questions will reflect examinees' awareness and comprehension of critical Talent Management concepts, elements and issues as enshrined in the TMI body of knowledge. TYPE A Questions would be facts–based with answer–options being clear statements – either clearly correct, or incorrect. There is only one CORRECT answer to TYPE A questions, and examinees are scored only if the correct options are selected/ checked.

Questions directly test the examinees' ability to APPLY and DEPLOY their awareness, understanding and appreciation of the concepts, principles and techniques in real–life practice of Talent Management. The answers to TYPE B questions will reflect examinees' capacities for critical analysis, judgement, and objectivity in measuring and gauging Talent Management challenges scientifically and devising approaches, plans and programs to resolving them with accountability and higher degree of success and effectiveness. TYPE B Questions also would all have four answer–choices and ONLY one of these four would be INCORRECT. The rest of the THREE of these ANSWERS would be principally correct, but they represent varying levels of suitability for the situation expressed in respective questions. The best of these THREE answers carries the maximum 10 marks, and the least suitable the least – 5 marks. The third correct answer with mid–level suitability carries 7.5 marks. Examinees have to choose only ONE of these FOUR answer choices and they are scored 0, 5, 7.5 or 10, depending on their choice of answer–option.

The Objectives and Principles Underlying the Design of TMP Exam

The TMI exams aim at validating the registrants' potential and capacity to effectively perform a breadth of Talent Management roles and functions in complex, large organizations operating within a transnational business/ non–business system. The TMI exam system validates this potential through assessing registrants' knowledge about Talent Management theory and practice, and their ability to apply this knowledge to achieve excellence in their performance of the roles assigned to them. These exams are designed on standards derived from the TMI Standardized Knowledge Architecture for Practice Excellence. TMI-UKF is the capstone TMI framework on which the TMI Body of Knowledge has been fleshed out to redefine the profession of Talent Management in the 21st century.

TMI exams test registrants on their knowledge of the state–of–the–art principles, theories, techniques, tools, and generally accepted practices of Talent Management as boned out in TMI-UKF. These exams expect that individuals being assessed for their TMI Credentials not only read the material contained in the TMI Starter Kits, but also constantly maintain familiarity with the latest in Talent Management theory and practice by reading journals and books; attending podcasts of experts; and participating in professional development programs and events.

Qualifying the TMP Exam

Usually, a score of 65%-70% on the aggregate in a TMP certification exam can be safely deemed to be eminently qualification–worthy, yet, practically an examinee’s actual, individual scores do not decide the recommendation for credential award. Instead, the final recommendations for the TMP award are actually given by the TPCB after considering the benchmarked scores – which are derived by scaling the actual scores of examinees of a particular exam event by a factor denoting the variances of scores obtained by the entire universe of examinees in the same exam event. The TPCB certification award recommendation system works on the affirmative–action approach, ensuring that examinees across various exam regions do not suffer or gain because of the uncontrollable systemic or environment elements.

Preparing for the TMP Exam

TMP is for the young HR professionals aspiring to break into the hallowed Talent Management space. Their capabilities to belong in this exclusive club have to be validated rigorously by TMI. It is critical, therefore, for all TMP aspirants to focus on widening their perspective of Talent Management. While the TMI TMP Resource Box contains reading-books as well as guidelines on how to study for the TMP exam, no examinee should get the impression that studying from these is complete or sufficient for exams. It should be remembered that Talent Management is an evolving discipline, and will perhaps never become an exact enough science to be contained in all its completeness in one single textbook, or even in a few of them. Attempts to try and understand such disciplines through one book or a set of books is clearly fraught with the danger of restricting our understanding them across all the dimensions that they need to be truly understood along. Indeed, TMI has evolved its landmark essential knowledge model in what is the world’s largest and most extensive ever project on defining knowledge essentials for excellence in Talent Management. Yet, as said earlier, simply because of the enormous and growing breadth that Talent Management covers, it is impossible to prescribe a single, omnibus exam reference resource, source, text, or reference etc., for preparing for TMI certification exams. As the world’s foremost standards and credentialing body in Talent Management, TMI shoulders the onerous responsibility of covering the entire landscape of contemporary Talent Management, and everything else that may be connected to it, for only then, can TMI claim it has assessed and validated individuals across all areas that impact, or have the potential of impacting their professional capabilities for practicing Talent Management.

Hence, to ensure that all TMP registrants groom themselves into the best of young international professionals, TMI advises them to read extensively on the subject from as many sources as possible. Please do refer to the Exam Preparation Guide included in the TMP Resource Box to know some of the important external resources and modes you can use to expand your understanding of Talent Management, as well as prepare better for your TMP examination. While TMI TMP examinees are clearly advised to use the official TMI publication – The TMI Practitioners’ Handbook on Talent Management– as the master reference for preparing for their exams, the handbook in no way can be assumed to prepare an examinee completely for the TMP examination. Though, a sizable number of questions in a typical TMP exam are certainly drawn from content which is available in the Handbook, the rest of the questions in the exam are drawn from content from other sources. Indeed, though the topics of all exam questions are covered in the handbook, their treatment is not extended or detailed enough to provide the necessary depth. TMI therefore strongly advises all examinees to tap other online and offline resources to brush up their concepts and awareness about not only how Talent Management impacts business and HRM, but also how HRM today seeks to enhance its effectiveness by connecting better with business, management, and society at large.

Click here to know more about TMI exam

Credential Renewal & Upgrade

Renewal is mandatory to keep your certification live and current. You are required to renew your TMP Credential every 3 years. When you renew, you show your continuing competence and commitment to the profession. TMI will send you reminder emails for renewal of your credential, wherein you simply have to click the links mentioned in these communications, or log into your TMI account and register for TMP renewal. In order to receive email reminders from TMI, please make sure to keep your email address current. Please note that training is not mandatory for renewal and you only have to register and complete a short–duration online refresher learning program as per the latest Talent Management Body of Knowledge (TMBoK).

TMP Credential-holders can skip renewing their credential if they exercise the option to upgrade to STMP. Check the section 'TMP Credential Upgrade to STMP' below for details.

Renewing your TMP Credential

Renewal for TMP is a simple 5-step process:

  • Step 1. Register for the TMP renewal program by logging into your myTMI account.
  • Step 2. Pay your TMP renewal fee online.
  • Step 3. Complete the TMI prescribed learning program online followed by a small assessment.
  • Step 4. Receive TMP Credential renewal confirmation immediately from TMI.
  • Step 5. Get your renewed TMP Credential certificate & a new digital badge.

TMP Credential Renewal Policy – 2017

  • Life of the Credential (in years from the date of award). +

    The TMP Credential is valid for 3 years. Credential-holders will be required to renew their TMP Credential – as applicable or permissible – for continuation of their credential beyond 3 years.

  • Standard Credential Renewal Duration +

    The TMP Credential is renewable every 3 years, by paying the prescribed fee (Refer to the fee schedule, TMPRU-1).

  • Standard Credential Renewal Window +

    The TMP Credential Renewal Window will open 2 months before the expiry of the credential.

  • Standard Credential Renewal Deadline +

    Before the expiry of the credential validity, e.g.; if the credential was awarded on April 1, 2014, the Standard Renewal Deadline will be March 31, 2017 i.e. 3 years after the award of the credential. If the TMP Credential is not renewed by the deadline, the TMI online directory carrying Credential Information of individuals around the world will show “Renewal Due” for a Convenience Period of 60 days, against the name of the credential-holder whose TMI Credential awaits renewal.

  • Credential Renewal Convenience Period +

    A TMP Credential can be renewed within maximum 60 days from the date it expires, by paying the prescribed fee (Refer to the fee schedule, TMPRU-2). If renewal formalities are not completed within the convenience period, the system automatically puts the credential into the temporary Freeze or Suspension Mode.

  • Credential Freeze and Suspension +

    If not renewed during the Credential Renewal Convenience Period of 60 days from the Standard Renewal due date, the TMI system automatically puts the credential into the temporary Freeze or Suspension Mode, and the credential-holder is required to apply for Reactivation of the credential within maximum 12 months from the date of suspension.

    For this duration, the official TMI online directory carrying Credential Information of individuals around the world will flash the term "Suspended (Reactivation due)" against the name of the individual whose TMI Credentials have been frozen/ suspended.

    Applications for Reactivation can be made directly through their individual myTMI account, by paying the prescribed fee (Refer to the fee schedule, TMPRU-3). If individuals fail to reactivate their suspended credentials, TMI system will cancel the credentials in question. Cancelled credentials can however be Revived.

  • Credential Cancellation & Revival +

    If not reactivated within the stipulated maximum 12 months from the date of suspension, the TMP Credential will be cancelled. However, the credential-holder will get one final chance to appeal for its revival by writing an email to appeals@tmi.org. This appeal has to be made within 30 days of the date of cancellation of the credential. In the event, a cancelled credential’s revival application is not submitted within the stipulated 30 days, TMI summarily withdraws the credential from the credential-holder, including all the privileges attendant to the credential. Individuals whose credentials have been withdrawn by TMI will be required to apply as fresh applicants.

  • Validity of a Renewed Credential +

    The renewed TMP Credential's validity will start 1 day after the expiry of the previously awarded credential, e.g.; if the credential is expiring on March 31, 2017, the renewed credential validity will start from April 1, 2017 irrespective of the actual date of renewal.

TMP Renewal Fee Schedule

Schedule Code Renewal Categories Fees Deadline
TMPRU-1 Standard Renewal USD 150 Before the expiry of the credential validity
TMPRU-2 Renewal During The Convenience Period USD 200 Within maximum 60 days from the due date
TMPRU-3 Reactivation After Suspension USD 250 Within maximum 12 months from the date of suspension
TMPRU-4 Revival After Cancellation USD 300 Within 30 days of the date of cancellation

TMP Credential Upgrade to STMP

  • Standard Credential Upgrade +

    A TMP Credential can be upgraded* to STMP, subject to fulfilment of the candidacy norms by the credential-holder, and upon successful completion of the prescribed online STMP fast-track learning program as per the latest Talent Management Body of Knowledge (TMBoK).

    *After completion of 12 months of award of TMP. Please note that after upgrade to STMP, your TMP Credential will expire. Refer to the fee schedule, TMPRU-5 for upgrade to STMP.

  • Standard Credential Upgrade Deadline +

    Before the expiry of the credential validity. e.g.; if the credential was awarded on April 1, 2014, the Standard Upgrade Deadline will be March 31, 2017 i.e. 3 years after the award of the credential.

  • Credential Upgrade Convenience Period +

    All the eligible TMP Credential-holders can upgrade to STMP, by paying the prescribed fee (Refer to the fee schedule, TMPRU-6), within maximum 60 days from the date of expiry of TMP Credential. If upgrade formalities are not completed within this period, the upgrade to STMP option will be withdrawn, in this case the TMP Credential will be automatically put into temporary Freeze or Suspension Mode (See the TMP Credential renewal policy).

    Please note that a TMP Credential-holder whose credential has been put into temporary freeze or suspension mode, can upgrade to STMP only after the reactivation of TMP Credential as per the policy.

TMP Upgrade Fee Schedule

Schedule Code Upgrade Categories Fees Deadline
TMPRU-5 Standard Upgrade to STMP USD 250 Before the expiry of the validity of the TMP Credential
TMPRU-6 Upgrade During The Convenience Period USD 350 Within maximum 60 days from the date of expiry

The TMP Credential Case

Credential Case

The classy credential pack should just be another sound motivation for the bright and talented to work a tad harder to qualify the TMI Certification exam sooner! The prized TMP Credential comes cased in a designer folder-box. Tucked inside neatly also is a smart TMP designation lapel pin. A TMI Code of Ethics booklet completes the TMP Credential pack – something to treasure for life.


Pre-registrations are currently open for the all new TMP version marked to the updated TMI-TMBoK Ver 11-4.4 launching August 3, 2017.

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