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The TMI Enterprise Talent Management Standards Credentialing Model

The TMI–ETMS Release 11.4.3 model is composed of two parts:

  • The TMI–ETMS Standards-Framework –this is the 14- point framework of standards outlining the TMI international standards on Talent Management policies and processes in 14 TME-critical areas to be implemented by the client organizations.
  • The TMI PRIDEScan is a multi-step, five layered system for compliance verification audits conducted to assess, validate and approve the degree of standards adherence reported or demonstrated by client organizations.

Client organizations implementing TMI-ETMS10™ or TMI-ETMS14™ are expected to comply by what the TMI-ETMS™ standard framework defines as the 14 junctions. This covers all elements that are necessary for sustained success in Talent Management practices.

The 14 Junctions of the TMI System for Assurance of Talent Management Excellence in Enterprises (TMI–ETMS standards-framework)

TMI–ETMS™ standards-framework

Designed around the TMI philosophy of treating Talent Management as a hyper-business function in an organization - and the driving strategic component of the HRM function at the same time - the TMI–ETMS standards-framework aims at enabling organizations fan Talent Management across as an enterprise-wide consciousness, breaking through the conventional functional barriers and making managers and department-heads accountable for managing talent effectively.

The TMI PRIDEScan - The Audit System

Compliance to the TMI-ETMS standards-framework of client organizations working toward TMI-ETMS is assessed, verified and assured by TMI using the PRIDEScan mechanism as a way to audit. A combination of physical, onsite and digital methods is used under PRIDEScan in various auditing stages. The PRIDEScan system distinguishes the TMI-ETMS remarkably from all other standards by focusing on the depth and sustainability of an organization's compliance to the TMI-ETMS standards-framework.


There are five TME Drivers- practice, relevance, impacts, evolution and diffusion. The objective of a PRIDEScan exercise is to assess and validate how the five TME Drivers are embedded and adopted in an organization across each of the 14 TMI junctions in the TMI-ETMS standards-framework. A typical PRIDEScan report of an audit involves assessments on more than 350 TME Nuggets. Approvals for certification awards are decided on the basis of the PRIDEScan score achieved by the organization and an assessment of the pictorial Compliance Radar report.

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