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Learning Journey

Geetika Gupta Accenture

Geetika Gupta's Learning Journey

VP Global Talent Strategy at Accenture, United States

Geetika Gupta Accenture

Earning the GTML certification has been a pivotal step in advancing my global talent leadership career.

  • How did you decide to become GTML certified?

    As expectations for talent leaders continue to evolve, I acknowledge the need to refine and revitalize my approach and professional strategies to thrive as a senior talent leader capable of making a lasting impact. The flexibility of the program, coupled with the breadth of knowledge covered, solidified my decision to pursue the GTML certification.

  • What were the most interesting aspects of the GTML learning journey?

    The comprehensive learning material addresses critical topics from cutting-edge analytics and innovative organizational strategies to insights into 21st-century work trends necessary to thrive in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.

  • Please share some insights into your approach to preparing for the GTML exam.

    As I made the decision to earn the GTML certification, I was at the forefront of spearheading impactful talent initiatives for a workforce of more than 22,000 individuals in my organization. Despite my busy work schedule, I remained committed to my goal and crafted a well-organized study plan that I strictly adhered to. I set aside specific hours each day to focus on preparation, ensuring I made the most of my time. To maximize the effectiveness of my learning, I developed a personalized strategy that incorporated a variety of resources, including textbooks, online video tutorials, and exercises. This approach allowed me to understand the material comprehensively and successfully navigate the challenges of earning my GTML certification.

  • Would you like to give some advice to young HR professionals who want to take up a talent management role?

    My advice to young HR professionals who aspire to take up a talent management role would be to develop a strong understanding of the business and its strategic objectives. This understanding will enable them to align talent management practices with the company's goals and objectives. They should actively seek opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills in talent acquisition, performance management, and employee development. Networking and building relationships with key stakeholders across the organization are also crucial to success in this role. Ultimately, a commitment to continuous learning and development will help HR professionals to stay relevant and effective in their roles and contribute to the success of their organizations.

  • How has your GTML credential and the applied knowledge helped you in your career and personal growth? How does it help you in remaining competitive?

    Earning the GTML certification has been a pivotal step in advancing my global talent leadership career. This learning journey sharpened my understanding of futuristic perspectives on talent competencies and global talent management practices, positioning me to lead and excel in the organization. The critical magnitudes I have gained from this journey have equipped me with a change-ready attitude, ready to tackle any challenge in the global talent management fabric.

  • What are, in your opinion, the essential characteristics of a Talent Leader?

    A true leader goes beyond merely overseeing their team; they empower individuals to unlock their full potential. Through this approach, they demonstrate the ability to inspire and motivate their team toward the organization's greater good. In order to attain the pinnacle of leadership, they must possess a host of essential qualities, including integrity, empathy, effective communication, problem-solving prowess, accountability, adaptability, and a clear vision. These attributes serve to establish trust and respect among team members, setting a truly exceptional leader apart.

  • How will you describe your GTML certification journey in one word?

    Reflecting on my GTML certification journey, I would describe it as ‘transformational.'

Imran Khan, Sr. Manager Talent Management & Development at ARASCO

Imran Khan's Learning Journey

Sr. Manager Talent Management & Development at ARASCO

Imran Khan, Sr. Manager Talent Management & Development at ARASCO

GTML helped me to stand out to potential employers and increased my chances of being hired for positions in talent management leadership.

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