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Senior Talent Management Practitioner

STMP™ is a career-ramp for upwardly-mobile, mid-career HR professionals looking to take off into the exciting high demand Talent Management roles. Businesses and organizations in the 21st century need qualified HR specialists to anchor their talent strategies for the future. STMP™ adds a shining sharp edge to your profile marking you distinctly more valuable to the fussiest and largest of recruiters around the world. And if ever you dreamt of a Wharton moment of your own, well, your STMP™ just made it possible through a direct pre-qualification for TMI-Wharton programs. You just have to meet the fundamental work-qualification norms prescribed for the candidacy of these programs.


The STMP™ credential helps professionals navigate their careers into and through the Talent Management discipline fast, sure, and smart. It is a robust proof of competence for ambitious HR professionals who need to assure employers that they are proficient in handling the complexities of the changing business landscape, workforce dynamics, and HR accountability for business. It’s a qualification that's increasingly proving how a Talent Management credential accelerates growth of HR professionals in their careers across different verticals. Also, STMP™ opens the door for the TMI-Wharton Associate Fellow program.

If you already have a few years in the HR domain, you certainly know that HR professionals across the world who've been caught unprepared by the shift of the paradigms toward Talent Management are now scrambling to get re-skilled and certified.

A STMP™ certification does so much more than just load up your vitae, it truly prepares you for your first step into the future of work. 100 percent of HR professionals today around the world, according to a TMI study, perform just 12% of the jobs that their predecessors performed a decade back. STMP™ prepares you for excelling in HR through Talent Management in landscapes where an astonishing 50% of the older HR jobs either stand outsourced or distributed to other business functions within the company.

Choose to stop being a run-of-the-mill HR professional, and transform into a proven, fully equipped, and future-proof Talent Management professional. Allow the STMP™ to do the rest for you.

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Senior Talent Management Practitioner


This STMP™ version is marked to the updated TMI-TMBoK™ Ver 11-4.4.

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STMP Certification Program Fee

$ 675 USD This is a one-time fee which covers the STMP certification exam, the TMI Resources Box (the TMI Learning Kit), digital badging, credential kit, and all material shipping costs. This fee does not include special local taxes, duties, and levies etc., which may be applicable in the receiver’s/ consignee’s/ applicant’s country. This fee may change without notice and does not include the training fee charged by training companies, universities, or institutions who offer exam-preparation training for TMI certification exams.

TMI is a standards and credentialing body and is not responsible for training delivery, and neither controls, nor is concerned with any aspect of training/ education. TMI does not govern, mandate, or control the training/ program fee charged for any TMI certification by any training company or education provider.

Grow Surest, Fastest…

Prequalify for the World-Class TMI-Wharton Program!

Earning a STMP™ also earns you a straight pre-qualification into the TMI-Wharton Associate Fellow of Talent Management program!

These programs give you an opportunity to learn the state-of-the-art of Talent Management through world-class content and courses including the residential Wharton stage conducted by Wharton professors at the school’s Philadelphia campus. The programs are designed to help you transform into high-impact leaders.

Remember, the TMI-Wharton Associate Fellow is an intensely selective program with thousands of HR professionals from around the world vying for very few seats! If you meet the fundamental candidacy requirements of the program, your STMP™ may earn you an exemption from the stage in which achievements and contributions of other applicants are screened and vetted. And if you make it, there’s a lower, special TMI alumni fee applicable for you.

TMI-Wharton adds that golden edge to your profile and transforms you for life.

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Register Online Anytime

Register Online. Anytime.

Once you're ready, registering for the STMP™ gets done faster than you can finish your donut. Just head straight HERE, anytime, or click the blue tab right below. Within minutes, you’re well on your way – registered for STMP™ - a credential-qualification that’s reserved for those aspiring HR leaders, who want to lead sooner than their peers!

Remember, your registration for STMP™ will remain incomplete until your fee is paid in full. Please use your credit or debit card to pay, or remit your fee via electronic bank transfer. If you are paying for your company-sponsored employees, or for your institution-sponsored students, you can issue electronic checks or wire transfer the total fee amount as invoiced. Please write to us at care@tmi.org for more details. Once registration for STMP™ is complete, we will ship the TMI Resource Box– the official Talent Management learning kit produced by TMI - to the registered address in our records.

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The STMP Learning Resources – Suits your Learning Appetite!

Unlike other certifications bodies, TMI does not ask STMP™ registered individuals to purchase special exam preparation material from any external organization. Instead, TMI provides these assets, complimentary, for STMP™ registrants in the STMP Resource Box which includes printed and electronic resources.

The printed resources include the TMI flagship publication - the 30-chapter Talent Management: The TMI Handbook for Practitioners – the world’s first and only standards-aligned and most authoritative text on the science-and-art of Talent Management. It’s a deep-rooted book for all HR and Talent Management professionals as well as the most important reading reference for preparing for STMP™ Certification exams. Interested individuals can also choose to undergo training programs organized by TMI Authorized Education Providers to prepare for their STMP™ Certification exam; however, this is not a mandatory requirement by TMI. The other world-class book included in the STMP Resource Box is #Talentastic, specifically written to help you learn about how habits, methods, conduct, and professional approaches can be transformed to become a high-impact HR and Talent Management professional.

The electronic resources include an e-Copy of the STMP™ Exam Preparation Guidelines and a copy of the TMI Talent Management Body of Knowledge provided to TMI Authorized Education Providers. Once you are ready for your exam, you can take it almost anywhere you may be – in an exclusive test center approved for your organization, or in the comfort of your home or office after getting your computer and exam room TMI-verified and approved.

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The STMP Learning Resources

The Digitally Badged STMP

The STMP™ credential comes digitally badged now! The STMP™ is digitally badged, instantaneously making it a global credential. You can easily share your TMI credential digitally and securely with current or prospective employers and they can easily verify your certification.

A digitally badged STMP™ creates a more credible online professional presence. You can conveniently showcase your well-earned TMI credential as a high-visibility icon on web pages, your LinkedIn profile, social media platforms, and in your email signature. It is your most secure, reliable, and authentic token of your promise, potential, and capabilities for performing your Talent Management roles with excellence.

The STMP™ digital badge is a verifiable digital token of your STMP™ qualification and contains a secure digital link to the TMI cloud. Here, anyone you have granted access can validate the authenticity of your TMI credential.

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The Digitally Badged STMP

The Candidacy Tracks

Ways to Become a STMP

The following table summarizes the specifics of what it takes to become a STMP. There are SIX convenient tracks covering HR professionals from diverse backgrounds and experience to earn a STMP!

  • Minimum Qualification Required
    Should have completed Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource Management/Business/ Management/ Related Disciplines

    Minimum Work Experience
    7 Years or more experience in any of the HR sub-functions

  • Minimum Qualification Required
    Should have completed Bachelor's Degree in Other disciplines

    Minimum Work Experience
    8 Years or more experience in any of the HR sub-functions

  • Minimum Qualification Required
    Should have completed Master's Degree/ Master's Level Diploma in Human Resource Management/ Business/ Management/ Related Disciplines

    Minimum Work Experience
    5 Years or more experience in any of the HR sub–functions

  • Minimum Qualification Required
    Should have completed Master's Degree/ Master's Level Diploma in Other disciplines

    Minimum Work Experience
    7 Years or more experience in any of the HR sub–functions

  • Minimum Qualification Required
    Should have completed Master's Degree/ Master's Level Diploma in Human Resource Management/ Business/ Management/ Related disciplines from any of the TMI–recognized institutions

    Minimum Work Experience
    5 Years or more experience in any of the HR sub–functions

  • Minimum Qualification Required
    Should hold a Bachelor's degree and possess an active credential by CIPD, HRCI, ATD & other certification bodies whose credentials TMI may recognize as worthy of being included under QualiFLY program.

    Minimum Work Experience
    5 Years or more experience in any of the HR sub–functions

Getting the STMP™ - A Preview of the Certification Process

There are six distinct stages of your journey toward becoming an STMP™. Here's what these stages look like. For more details, login to your myTMI account.

The STMP™ Certification Process

  • 1Check Eligibility Requirements-

    All TMI certifications mandate you to meet certain educational and work experience requirements to become eligible. The requirements for each TMI certification is unique, so before proceeding, check if you satisfy the minimum eligibility requirements for the certification you wish to apply for.
    It is recommended that you keep this information handy as it will be required while filling out your online application.

  • 2Fill Online Application +

    Once you have satisfied the STMP™ eligibility requirements, it is time to apply. Start the application process by creating your myTMI account. Before proceeding, check if you QualiFly™ for the STMP™ certification. QualiFLY™ essentially eases the minimum eligibility requirements and provides up-to 15% lower STMP™ fees, based on your education and work experience. Complete the TMP™ online application. Once you have submitted the online application and made a successful payment for the fee, you will immediately receive an email with instructions for the next step in the assessment process.

  • 3Validation +

    An internal check is conducted to validate your credentials against the prescribed candidacy prerequisites for earning the STMP™ Certification.

  • 4STMP™ Certification Preparation Material +

    After receiving your payment confirmation, you will receive your STMP™ Certification Preparation Kit containing reading and learning material. This will be sent to the address used on your registration and delivery typically takes three to four weeks.

  • 5Taking the STMP™ Certification Exam +

    TMI earmarks a 45-day immersion period for STMP™ registrants to help them orient completely and build their conceptual foundations in Talent Management. You can schedule your STMP™ exam anytime after the 45-days immersion period is over. In fact, you also get an additional 135-days to plan for and take your STMP™ exam.

  • 6Award +

    If you qualify the STMP™ certification exam and meet other conditions laid down by the TMI Professional Certifications Board (TPCB), you are recommended for the award of STMP™ Credential and the STMP™ Digital Badge is immediately issued to you. You can expect the shipment of the physical credential pack to reach you within three to four weeks from the date of the credential- award.

Senior Talent Management Practitioner


The TMI Professional Certifications Board (TPCB) mandates that individuals seeking the STMP™ certification will have to take and pass computer–based exams. TMI Exams are computer–based tests timed for 120 minutes and delivered on the state-of-the-art ExamStrong™ exam platform around the world. If you are sponsored by your employer, a funding body, or your university, your STMP™ exam can be held in an exclusive test-center specially approved by TMI for your sponsor-organization/ institution. Increasingly, however, individuals are choosing to take their exams in the private, real-time proctored mode. TMI also offers this flexibility to its examinees, who can take their exams at home or in their choice location, after getting their computer and exam-rooms duly verified and approved by ExamStrong™. All STMP™ registrants are able to plan and take their certification exam online across 183 countries.

Coverage of STMP Exam

Generally, the questions appearing in TMI exams aim to check and validate examinees' awareness and knowledge about the general frameworks of Talent Management, key practices and trends in 21st century Talent Management, and critical issues, challenges and opportunities in the discipline today. TMI exams – in keeping with the TMI framework TMI-UKF™ and the TMI Body of Knowledge – steer clear of Human Resource Management topics, and stay focused on Talent Management. Examinees are expected to already be aware of Human Resource Management to be able to get recognition further for their readiness for Talent Management.

TMI certification exams feature questions drawn from a wide selection of Talent Management areas, a knowledge in which the TMI body of knowledge defines as essential–to–have for individuals intending to be recognized and credentialed by TMI. The framework or scope of content and coverage of TMI exams is defined reasonably well by the TMI text prescribed for the STMP™ exam–takers – The Talent Management Handbook for Practitioners. More specifically, the following topics have been prescribed by the TMI Professional Certification Board in which the knowledge of examinees are tested.

Knowledge Dimensions Covered Total Questions
PART A: Defining Concepts & Perspectives in Talent Management
Consists of questions from five mandatory knowledge dimensions including management, business and Talent Management imperatives of the 21st century, the Talent Management ecosystem, talent‐need analysis, and talent competence assessment frameworks for organizations
PART B: Elements of Strategy & Leadership in Talent Management
Consists of questions from 10 mandatory knowledge dimensions including Strategic Talent Management, building competitive advantage through integrated Talent Management, sustainable talent development, talent pipeline building, executive onboarding, identifying and assessing high-potential talent, developing leadership talent, and managing leadership talent pools.
PART C: Critical Focus Areas of Talent Management Practice
Consists of questions from eight mandatory knowledge dimensions sweeping across areas like Talent engagement, building functional expertise, managing and measuring Talent Management effectiveness, global Talent Management, talent supplies in global organizations, succession planning, performance management, and technology deployment in Talent Management.
PART D: International Talent Management Experiences & Insights
Consists of insights, experiences, and cases focused on talent development, integrated Talent Management, talent practices, Talent Management adoption, and boardroom view of Talent Management in some of the world’s most enduring business corporations. It also covers CHRO perspectives on Talent Management as well as perspectives on critical research issues and the future of Talent Management practice.
PART E: Talent Leadership Capabilities
Consists of questions from 11 mandatory knowledge dimensions covering aspects like strategic mindset, decision making, thinking and analytics, growth, global management skills, change readiness, personal leadership philosophy, boardroom capabilities, and thought leadership
Total Number Of Questions 60

Structure & Nature of a Typical STMP Exam

A typical STMP™ exam includes a mix of Type A, Type B, and Type C questions for a total of 60 questions.

Questions directly test the examinees' ability to correctly and precisely recollect concepts, principles, techniques, and generally accepted practices in contemporary Talent Management. The answers to TYPE A questions will reflect examinees' awareness and comprehension of critical Talent Management concepts, elements, and issues as enshrined in the TMI body of knowledge. TYPE A Questions are facts–based with the answer–options being clear statements – either clearly correct, or incorrect. There is only one CORRECT answer to TYPE A questions, and examinees are scored only if the correct options are selected/ checked.

Questions directly test the examinees' ability to APPLY and DEPLOY their awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the concepts, principles, and techniques in real–life practice of Talent Management. The answers to TYPE B questions will reflect examinees' capacities for critical analysis, judgment, and objectivity in measuring and gauging Talent Management challenges scientifically and devising approaches, plans, and programs to resolve them with accountability and a higher degree of success and effectiveness. TYPE B Questions also have four answer–choices and ONLY one of these four would be INCORRECT. The rest of the THREE of these ANSWERS would be principally correct, but they represent varying levels of suitability for the situation expressed in respective questions. The best of these THREE answers carries the maximum 10 marks, and the least suitable receives 5 marks. The third correct answer with mid-level suitability carries 7.5 marks. Examinees have to choose only ONE of these FOUR answer choices and they are scored 0, 5, 7.5 or 10, depending on their choice of answer–option.

Questions directly test the examinees ability to RECOLLECT, APPLY and DEPLOY their awareness, understanding and appreciation of unique global forces and elements that demand using the concepts, principles, and techniques in real–life practice of Talent Management in a specially informed and mature manner. The answers to TYPE C questions will reflect examinees' capacities for critical analysis, judgement, and objectivity in measuring and gauging Talent Management challenges in large, complex global organizations with diverse workforces, and tackle them with accountability and higher degree of success and effectiveness. TYPE C questions, like TYPE B ones, also have four answer–choices and ONLY one of these four would be INCORRECT. The rest of the THREE of these ANSWERS would be principally correct, but they represent varying levels of suitability for the situation expressed in respective questions. The best of these THREE answers carries the maximum 10 marks, and the least suitable receives 5 marks. The third correct answer with mid–level suitability carries 7.5 marks. Examinees have to choose only ONE of these FOUR answer choices and they are scored 0, 5, 7.5 or 10, depending on their choice of answer-option.

The Objectives and Principles Underlying the Design of STMP Exam

The TMI exams aim at validating the registrants' potential and capacity to effectively perform a breadth of Talent Management roles and functions in complex, large organizations operating within a transnational business/ non–business system. The TMI exam system validates this potential through assessing registrants' knowledge about Talent Management theory and practice as well as their ability to apply this knowledge to achieve excellence in their performance of the roles assigned to them. These exams are designed on standards derived from the TMI Standardized Knowledge Architecture for Practice Excellence. TMI-UKF™ is the capstone TMI framework on which the TMI Body of Knowledge has been fleshed out to redefine the profession of Talent Management in the 21st century.

TMI exams test registrants on their knowledge of the state–of–the–art principles, theories, techniques, tools, and generally accepted practices of Talent Management as laid out in TMI-UKF™. These exams expect that individuals being assessed for their TMI Credentials read the material contained in the TMI Starter Kits and maintain familiarity with the latest in Talent Management theory and practice by reading journals and books; attending podcasts of experts; and participating in professional development programs and events.

Qualifying for the STMP Exam

Usually, an aggregate score of 65%-70% on STMP™ certification exam can be deemed qualification–worthy, however, an examinee’s real, individual scores do not determine the recommendation for credential award. Instead, the final recommendations for the STMP™ award are given by the TPCB after considering the benchmarked scores. These scores are derived by scaling the actual scores of examinees on a particular exam section and contrasting their score against the entire pool of examinees in the same exam section. The TPCB certification award recommendation system works on the affirmative–action approach, ensuring that examinees across various exam regions do not suffer or gain because of the uncontrollable systemic or environmental elements.

Preparing for the STMP Exam

If you are preparing for your STMP™ certification exam, you must first evaluate the expectations of Talent Management understanding, knowledge, and perspective that employers will have of you. On-the-move HR professionals looking to shine must realize how important it is for TMI to assess and validate your potential and capabilities before the award of the STMP™ Credential. It is critical for all STMP™ aspirants to focus on building up their knowledge on Talent Management to be able to practice the profession at its best . While the STMP™ Resource Box contains reading-books as well as guidelines on how to study for the STMP™ exam. Studying from only these can will not completely prepare you for your exam.

Talent Management is an evolving discipline and will never become an exact enough science to contain all its completeness in one single textbook. Attempts to understand such disciplines through one book or a set of books restricts our understanding of them across all dimensions that they need to truly be understood. TMI has evolved its landmark essential knowledge model into what is the world’s largest and most extensive project on defining knowledge essentials for excellence in Talent Management. As the world’s foremost standards and credentialing body in Talent Management, TMI shoulders the onerous responsibility of covering the entire landscape of contemporary Talent Management, and everything else that may be connected to it. Only then can TMI claim it has assessed and validated individuals across all areas that impact or have the potential of impacting their professional capabilities for practicing Talent Management.

To ensure that all STMP™ registrants groom themselves into the most dynamic and perceptive of young HR leaders of tomorrow, TMI advises they read extensively on the subject from as many sources as possible. For external resources and modes you can use to expand your understanding of Talent Management and better prepare for your STMP™ examination, please refer to the TMI Exam Preparation Guidelines available for download under the TMI resources tab of your myTMI account.

While STMP™ examinees are clearly advised to use the official TMI publication – The TMI Practitioners’ Handbook on Talent Management– as the master reference for preparing for their exams, the handbook is in no way assumed to prepare an examinee completely for the TMP™ examination. Although a sizable number of questions in a typical STMP™ exam are certainly drawn from content which is available in the Handbook, the rest of the questions in the exam are drawn from content from other sources. The topics of all exam questions are covered in the handbook, but their treatment is not extended or detailed enough to offer the necessary depth. TMI therefore strongly advises all STMP™ examinees to tap other online and offline resources to brush up their concepts and awareness about how Talent Management impacts business, but also how businesses and organizations today expect talent-focused human capital management to help them navigate successfully into the future.

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The STMP Credential Case

The STMP Credential Case

For many, the elegant and classy STMP™ credential pack may be a perfect reason to covet the credential! Cased royally inside a designer folder-box, your calligraphed STMP™ credential-certificate is accompanied by a smart STMP™ designation pin (a metal badge to be worn on shirt/ coat pockets), and a copy of the TMI Code of Ethics booklet tucked inside.


Registrations are currently open for the all new STMP version marked to the updated TMI-TMBoK Ver 11-4.4.

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