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Graduating HR students can increase their attractiveness to recruiters with a certificate of specialized focus to Talent Management. The TMI Institutional Recognition and Accreditation partnership program for business schools, universities and other specialist HR schools empowers their HR programs with a TMI accreditation and assists in implementing TMI certification programs in the curriculum. Institutions can also leverage their TMI partnership to establish centers of excellence in Talent Management.

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TMI panel of leading recognized Talent Management educators (Updated till 31st October 2019)

  • NyU
  • University of TEXAs
  • Cornell University
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  • ATM
  • The OHIO state University
  • University of south carolina
  • university of MINNESOTA
  • Temple university
  • Pepperdine
  • Saint Joseph's university
  • logo
  • Manchester 1824
  • MDI
  • XLRI
  • logo
  • TISS
  • logo
  • T
  • UNSW
  • LSE
  • logo
  • TEKING University
  • University Van Petoria
  • logo
  • logo
  • logo
  • UUM
  • Blurred
  • MASSEY University
  • Business school sao paulo
  • Durham University
  • Lancaster university
  • Aston University
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  • University of BATH

Prepare your students for success

Best HR careers

Campus recruiters are looking for students who display qualifications and competencies in Talent Management. Through the Institutional Recognition and Accreditation Partnership program, TMI seeks to empower institutions around the world with the TMI credentialing system to help graduating HR students increase their attractiveness for the most renowned organizations. TMI-recognized institutions enter the exclusive QualiFLY™ list of global institutions whose students and alumni obtain direct registration permission for TMI Talent Management certifications along with additional QualiFLY™ privileges. Notably, TMI-recognized institutions can also establish a center of excellence in Talent Management. TMI assists these centers of excellence in universities in introducing management development, degree and doctoral programs in Talent Management. Senior professors and HR scientists of TMI-recognized institutions also earn direct pre-qualification for the prestigious TMI-Wharton Global Fellow program in Talent Management.

TMI has identified business schools, universities and HR specialist schools as ideal breeding grounds for the next generation of Talent Management thought leaders and professionals. We are keenly looking out to collaborate and partner with eminent institutions to build a strong global network of TMI Academic Partners. TMI helps these institutions enrich their academic programs with the powerful TMI education. We welcome your institution to join this growing TMI network as a partner for developing new Talent Management professionals.

Under the TMI Institutional Recognition & Accreditation Partnership program, universities and business schools are equipped with the necessary learning content and credentialing means aligned to the TMI-UKF™ Ver. 14-16.3. Additionally, students and alumni of TMI-recognized institutions earn the fantastic QualiFLY™ privileges. They earn critical exemptions and concessions for the TMI Talent Management Practitioner (TMP™) certification – not available to external applicants.

If your institution aspires to emerge as a leader in Talent Management education, TMI can facilitate in the establishment of a Center of Talent Management Excellence in your campus. All TMI-recognized institutions are invited to nominate 3 of their most senior professors in HR or related areas for the prestigious TMI-Wharton Global Fellow program in Talent Management. These faculty members will earn a direct qualification for the Global Fellow program. Please note that qualifying for this program as an external applicant is extremely challenging as program is highly selective with just 50 participants per year, chosen from thousands of applications.

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“A Cornell PhD, Professor Janet Marler at the University at Albany's School of Business says that business leaders across functions manage and lead much better if they are equipped with an understanding of how to manage talents and human capital. This knowledge helps them connect clearly the performance of their departments with the necessity for identifying, attracting, retaining and motivating key talent, and helps them amplify their boardroom import and impact. This is exactly where Talent Management adds the most critical values for business students.”

Professor Janet Marler
Professor Janet Marler
The University at Albany's School of Business

“The HRIS program director at Albany's School of Business, Professor Richard Johnson is convinced business students need to know how technology is used in managing talents in modern organizations. He says HR is often last to the table in the C-Suite, but in the next 20 years, Talent Management and HR roles are going to change, demand high levels of tech expertise and hence there’s this urgent need to prepare students for operating in a drastically transformed talent-focused Human Capital Management.”

Professor Richard Johnson
Professor Richard Johnson
The HRIS program director at Albany's School of Business

Give the Global Edge to your Students!

Becoming a TMI Accreditation Partner and getting your HR programs TMI recognized opens up a whole new world of opportunities for your institution and students.

  • 1 Application – The prospective partner initiates the partnership through an online application available on the website. This application is processed then forwarded to the globally distributed Partner Validation Group taking about 2-5 workdays after applying. There are certain categories of Partners that are pre-approved, making the partnering decision and other formalities are expedited.
  • 2 Validation – The online application is processed by the Partner Validation Group and a clarification request (if any) is sent to the prospective partner, taking 5–7 workdays after receipt of online application from the applicant.
  • 3 Clarification – If needed the prospective partner provides clarifications with the Partner Validation Group. As mentioned above, the clarification request is sent within 5-7 workdays after receipt of online application from the applying organization.
  • 4 Decision – The decision is communicated within 3-5 workdays after clarification. In pre-approved partner categories, the decision may be instantly communicated.
  • 5 Formalization – The partnership is formalized, and accompanying documentation is completed. The new partner completes formalities of purchasing TMI Certification System Units and the nominal application processing fee and/or the license fee (if applicable for the chosen partnership option).

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