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TMI’S Talent Management paradigms infuse new power and vitality to the profession & function of human resource management and institutionalize the state of the art in TM thought & practice worldwide

Credentials for Professionals

HR’s boardroom importance today is hinged most on how well do HR managers and CHROs understand and practice the absolutely vital Talent Management bit. TMP™, STMP™, and GTML™ credentials are the world’s most powerful contemporary indicators of the capacities of HR professionals to excel in the HR profession in 21st century talent-focused business and non-business organizations, and deploy Talent Management to connect directly to their business and future.

  • Talent Management Practitioner
    Talent Management Practitioner
    • An ideal qualification for young HR professionals moving into Talent Management
    • A rich, top-up qualification for individuals graduating in HR
    • TMP adds big to the attractiveness of students of TMI-recognized institutions
    • Complimentary TMP Resource Box learning kit for every registered individual
    • Upgrade conveniently to STMP™ after completing work-related requirements
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  • Senior Talent Management Practitioner
    Senior Talent Management Practitioner
    • If you are a mid-career HR professional, invest in STMP™ now to accelerate your growth.
    • Fasten up your seatbelt for graduating to high-action Talent Management responsibilities!
    • STMP™ showcases best your potential for excelling in talent-focused HRM
    • Build your profile for the best-of-breed global organizations!
    • Prequalify for the exclusive and extremely selective Global Master program in Talent Management.
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  • Global Talent Management Leader
    Global Talent Management Leader
    • For global HR & Talent Management professionals who never tire of growing
    • If you are a senior HR professional, it’s the best ballast for your next leap
    • Obtain the strongest endorsement of your metal for meeting the global challenge
    • Your finest preparation for belonging to the boardroom yet!
    • Get ready to pre-qualify directly for Global Master & Fellow programs in Talent Management.
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“Building Talent Management right into the core of management curricula should be on the top of our agenda in business schools today. Majority of the institutions do not have the luxury of resources to develop Talent Management knowledge themselves. We need tested models, concepts, standards, and credentials to fast-pace adoption in academic institutions. Validated knowledge frameworks and standards-systems can form the bedrock of the b-school curricula on Talent Management, and add theoretical and conceptual rigor to the learning regime. In business schools too, we need to learn to “import’ knowledge. Wheel re-invention wasn’t ever a smart idea anyways.”

Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries
Distinguished Clinical Professor of Leadership Development and Organizational Change at INSEAD

Resources & Publications

The frontiers of Talent Management are rapidly expanding to amplify the capacities of HR for making more direct impacts to how 21st century businesses can compete and grow successfully amidst flux and uncertainty. In its continuous efforts to fill up a long-felt void on reliable, researched and insightful knowledge in the discipline, TMI is making several high-quality reading and reference resources available in digital and printed formats for a wide variety of Talent Management stakeholders. The list most notably includes the seminal Talent Management – The TMI Handbook for Practitioners, the world’s first; the only standards-based, and the most authoritative text ever written on Talent Management. Another important reference-resource is the TMI Talent Management Body of Knowledge (the TMI-TMBoK). The journal on applied Talent Management as well as a clutch of publications on the future of work and leading-edge HR and Talent Management practices are also included the grown TMI list of knowledge resources on Talent Management. A collection of these exclusive knowledge resources makes up the TMI Resource Box, which is given complimentary to all registrants of TMP, STMP, GTML and all other Senior Programs in Talent Management.

If you desire to contribute to TMI efforts on building up a world-class repository of knowledge on Talent Management, do write to us on resources@tmi.org.


"Partnering TMI implies building powerful real–time bridges with the state-of-the-art in Talent Management thought and practice worldwide, and profiting in business through world-class Talent Management standards, certifications, and knowledge networks."

For Training Companies

HR Training companies of varying sizes, scopes and types across the world can enter the happening Talent Management space by partnering TMI. They can choose from multiple partnering options to become TMI Partners.

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For Universities/ Institutions

TMI Institutional Recognition program for b-schools, universities and other specialist HR schools empowers their HR programs with a TMI accreditation and facilitates embedding of TMI certification programs in their curricula.

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For Large Organizations

Business, non-business and public-funded organizations can partner TMI to establish their own pan-organization mechanisms for conveniently certifying their HR staffers, managers and leaders on TMI Talent Management standards.

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For HR Associations

HR Associations and professional bodies of nations become TMI Advocacy partners to leverage TMI leadership in Talent Management to establish their own ecosystem for certifying members HR professionals in Talent Management.

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If you already have an elite international HR qualification/certification to boot, or you have studied Human Resource Management in a TMI-recognized Global institution, then acquiring a TMI qualification just got more affordable for you!

QualiFLY is a TMI program under which, if you have a degree or a qualification from any of TMI-recognized institutions or certification bodies, the regulation candidacy norms for TMP, or STMP, or GTML for you wind down appreciably, and you can apply for your chosen TMI certification as a privileged QualiFLY applicant.

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Earning a TMI credential for yourself or for your company, or growing your business as a TMI partner is a matter of great pride. But ensuring your journey with TMI is full of the joys of convenience and speed is a priority for us too. PEARSON, the world leader in high-stakes proctored computer-based exams, and CREDFORCE, the world leader in Credentialing services, manages the TMI experience for all TMI registrants, alumni, clients, partners and associates. If you have some queries for us, do write into us at info@tmi.org.


You can schedule your 100% computer-based TMI certification exams online on the Pearson website/ portal; and take it right in your city! Exclusive, dedicated Pearson test centers are also arranged for TMI partner-organizations upon request. Currently, TMI exams are delivered in English across 7000+ state-of-the-art test centers covering big cities of each of the 178 countries. Read more on TMI certification exams here. If you have some queries for us, do write into us at exams@tmi.org.

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CredForce ensures the warmest, promptest customer support; smoothest, real-time connectivity across all TMI partners; fastest shipping of study-kits and TMI credentialing suites around the world; production of worldclass knowledgeware; provision of online learning facilities; management of online registrations, payment and digital badging for all TMI programs as well as pre-certification compliance audits and partner network management.

  • CredForce

    CredForce operates through a worldwide network with delivery hubs in:
    Austin | Philadelphia | Gurgaon | London | Bangalore | Singapore | Cape Town | Glasgow | Mumbai.
    CredForce controls the complete slew of mission-critical credentialing logistics for TMI.


Share Your Expertise

The TMI Journal On Applied Talent Management invites papers and articles that tab the science and art of managing people.


Companies & Businesses

Inviting organizations/ companies in developing/ emerging nations for building world-class Talent Management teams


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