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Large services organizations worldwide are getting their HR departments Talent Management certified to assure clients they have great teams working within a robust, future-ready eco-system. The TMI–ETMS standards do this job perhaps the best that anyone can. Partner TMI today to capitalize on the rapidly growing demand among enterprises globally to obtain Talent Management quality certifications like the TMI–ETMS for their departments.

Associate with
Cutting-Edge TMI–ETMS !

Associate with
Cutting-Edge TMI–ETMS !

Pursuit and practice of global-standard Talent Management has become a strategic priority for organizations across verticals and geographies. Consulting firms partner TMI to leverage the growing demand for Quality and Systems certifications on Talent Management.

HR consultants and other experts associated with the discipline of Human Resource Management have been identified by TMI as ideally placed to promote TMI standards and certifications that seek to establish world-class systems and practices of Talent Management within organizations internationally. As authorized TMI Enterprise Standards Advocacy Partners, these companies are charged with the responsibilities of advocacy, marketing, and management of the credentialing process of the TMI–ETMS range of certifications in their countries and zones. These organizations are equipped with the necessary TMI knowledge and mechanisms, standards, and credentialing apparatus to facilitate a swift spread of systemic excellence of Talent Management practice in organizations.

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TMI plans certifying at least 500 organizations on TMI–ETMS over the next two years across the world. Get your consulting firm to become a part of this exciting TMI global initiative. You can join the growing TMI community of prestigious TMI Partners working in sales, marketing, and audits of the TMI–ETMS range of enterprise-level Talent Management standards and certifications.

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  • Get your company to join the global league of smartest TMI–ETMS consultants
  • Get the opportunity to connect up with the world’s largest and the most respected organizations
  • Start-off your new ops within 30 days! Get all system, material, and expertise assistance on TMI–ETMS from TMI

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