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Robust and Enduring.

HR professionals prove the potential for Talent Management by reinforcing their HR practices with Talent Management to promote the HR function back to the boardroom. TMI prepares HR leaders and professionals for propelling their careers, organizations and businesses ahead through changes and uncertainties.

In the new millennium, talent has become the centerpiece of strategic thinking and action. This shift calls for the need of CHROs to develop Talent Management into a sharp professional practice within HR. It is equally important for organizations to accept Talent Management as a hyperfunction and to adopt Talent Management concepts and practices across all departments of the organization.

Building the World's First Elite League of Talent Management Professionals

TMI-certified HR professionals and Talent Management practitioners set the bar high when it comes to using Talent Management to make long term impacts on their organizations. TMI, through its network of associates and partners, operates several international initiatives with universities and corporations around the world to help young HR professionals acquire Talent Management certifications and join the global club of advanced practitioners of Talent Management.

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Building the World’s First Elite League of Talent Management Professionals
Charging up Enterprise HR with Talent Management

Charging Enterprise HR with Talent Management

While TMI Credentials and the TMI Universal Knowledge Framework (TMI-UKF) serve to enrich the practice of HR through Talent Management, the TMI Enterprise Talent Management Standards-framework lays out the path for organizations to build Talent Management as an essential component of their HR functions, making it more responsive to organizational needs. TMI-ETMS certified organizations coupled with TMI-certified Talent Management practitioners and HR professionals exhibit significantly higher potential and capabilities for improving the quality of Human Capital Management and employee performance for all other departments and functions in organizations.

Driving Enterprise Business and Growth

TMI-ETMS certified organizations and TMI credentialed professionals both demonstrate higher potential of fueling business growth of organizations. HR leadership and employees certified in the latest Talent Management standards deploy a talent-focused approach to their HR practice. This approach leads to the building of smarter talent pipelines and the enrichment of a work environment with strong, more effective mechanisms for employee engagement and development. More importantly, the impacts of TMI Credentials on organizations are clearly felt on organizations' agility and preparation for change. TMI-aligned professionals and HR systems tend to be talent centered in their approach, which allows them to better handle expansion, diversification and new product development. The addition of new horizontals or verticals becomes easier to manage for organizations that are already committed to Talent Management.

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Charging up Enterprise HR with Talent Management

Enriching Talent Management Education & Learning

Uniquely designed TMI credentialing programs and initiatives for premier global universities, B-schools, and HR institutions seek to build the state-of-the-art Talent Management program into their learning curriculum. TMI Corporate credentialing programs help business organizations adopt the latest in Talent Management for measuring the capabilities of their HR employees and managers. Universities and corporations adopt the TMI Body of Knowledge aligned training curriculum to prepare individuals for the rigorous TMI Certification exams. The training exposes them to the groundbreaking TMI Universal Knowledge Framework, the most authoritative professional knowledge framework curated after years of comprehensive global research.

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Polishing the Practice of HR

A workforce succeeds through its skills, however, talents succeed in the future with their knowledge and understanding of how to make decisions in uncertain environments. Hiring internationally certified professionals in Talent Management and aligning your organizational systems to a global standard will positively impact your capacities to succeed in the present and keep succeeding in the future. TMI Credentials serve to drive employee performance and promote Talent Management at the same time. TMI aligned organizational systems and HR professions influence their organizations to where their employees show improved motivation and productivity.

The process of obtaining a TMI Credential allows organizations and HR professionals to adopt practices and create systems that are talent-focused and inspire employees to develop their capabilities for higher-value tasks and responsibilities. Improving talent is an important TMI vision that is achieved primarily through empowering organizations and HR professionals with the knowledge to manage the transformational needs of their teams. TMI Credentials are designed to be the most robust evidence of an HR profession's ability to practice Talent Mangement the way HR demands in advanced organizations.

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Charging Work Climate & Culture

The TMI ways of Talent Management prepare organization's cultures for more efficient and effective handling of unforeseen scenarios in the future. In-depth knowledge of Talent Management also enhances the delivery of services in a variety of work contexts. TMI enterprise standards work to center the organization's structure around talent. In conjunction, TMI-Certified HR professionals and Talent Management practitioners help their organizations create a workforce that is stable, competent, upbeat and high achieving, in a way that inspires reliability within stakeholders. You can share your own opinion on how Talent Management focus may help resolve work climate issues in organizations of the new millennium. We would love to hear from you, Contact us

TMI-Fellow programs- Breeding Global Talent Management Leaders

Talent Management has the power to advance the success of a variety of organizations, which is why it is imperative that human resource management understand and master the complexities of Talent Management.

Leading- Edge Talent Management Learning for Global HR Leaders!

The TMI Associate Fellow and Global Fellow programs in Talent Management offer global HR professionals an unmatched opportunity to learn the latest in Talent Management. The program blends exclusive and leading-edge executive and leadership education resources, expertise and faculty with TMI's Universal Knowledge Framework. The content, instruction and exchanges in the rigorous TMI Fellow programs are directed at turning senior participants into excellent leaders of HR, organizations and business.


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