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Learning Journey

Furrukh’s Ismail

Furrukh Ismail's Learning Journey

Specialist HR Advisory and Talent Management, Oman


Studying for the GTML certification enabled me to holistically understand the entire Talent Management process and how individual practices interconnect.

  • How did you decide to become GTML certified?

    Talent Management Institute is the only specialized globally recognized institute which is offering a certification in Talent Management. The study materials are practical/relevant and cover all aspects which we practice as Talent Management specialists.

  • What were the most interesting aspects of the GTML learning journey?

    We, as HR professionals, have already been practicing various Talent Management techniques in parts. However, studying for the GTML certification enabled me to holistically understand the entire Talent Management process and how individual practices interconnect. Further, the learning journey equipped me to systematically design the entire Talent Management process as a sum of all parts.

  • Please share some insights into your approach to preparing for the GTML exam.

    The following are some of the steps which I undertook as part of my preparation journey:

    1. Reading the examination preparation guidelines provided by TMI.
    2. Networking with previously qualified GTML professionals to obtain insights.
    3. Attempting practice questions on TMI portal to obtain an understanding of the types of questions covered in the exam.
    4. Reading, understanding, and making notes from all three textbooks from GTML learning resources.
  • Would you like to give some advice to young HR professionals who want to take up a talent management role?

    Talent Management is a lifelong learning process. Think outside the box, and get out of your comfort zones. There is always room for improvement, so always challenge the status quo. Keep abreast of the latest trends by obtaining relevant professional certifications. Invest your time in professional networking.

  • How has your GTML credential and the applied knowledge helped you in your career and personal growth? How does it help you in remaining competitive?

    My GTML credential has helped me in two major ways:

    1. Established my credibility with business leaders when presenting related business cases.
    2. Systematically design the entire Talent Management strategy by synchronizing all steps in the process.

    It has also assisted me in further improving/refining the individual Talent Management processes and strengthening them, which were earlier ignored.

  • What are, in your opinion, the essential characteristics of a Talent Leader?

    1. In tune with the internal and external environment.
    2. Consistent focus on the organizational goals.
    3. Visionary, integrity, and transparent.
    4. Ensuring that every employee is working at their full potential.
    5. Constantly strive to improve the efficiency and simplicity of processes as a way of maximizing employee experience, job satisfaction, productivity, and quality of output.
    6. Being able to design and implement sustainable practices which are measurable.
    7. Mastery in four simple aspects
      1. Talent Strategy as part of the organization's strategy.
      2. Talent Needs of the organization.
      3. How does the organization define talent.
      4. Development and Retention of the identified talent.
    8. Identifying and further developing EVP as part of the Talent Management Strategy.
  • How will you describe your GTML certification journey in one word?


Geetika Gupta Accenture

Geetika Gupta's Learning Journey

VP Global Talent Strategy at Accenture, United States

Geetika Gupta Accenture

Earning the GTML certification has been a pivotal step in advancing my global talent leadership career.

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Talent Management Practitioner

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