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TMI-ETMS™ system is upgrading to achieve 100% remote evaluation and audit capabilities. Hence, fresh applications/ requests will be considered for action only from second quarter of 2024. The projects signed up until August 31, 2023, however, are underway.

Talent System Certifications

Talent System Certifications


Irrespective of your organization's scale of operations or its nature of business, TMI- ETMS10 promises the smoothest transition to embedding the Talent Management processes within your HR operations. ETMS10 is an affordable and smart decision that is designed to transition with your organization seamlessly in a way that makes the HR team a critical contributor to organizational growth. TMI-ETMS10 will make notable improvements in the metrics of Human Capital Management in the organization through sharp Talent Management.

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TMI-ETMS14™ builds future-focused foundations and strengthens traditional HR departments for robust boardroom contributions through top-tier Talent Management modules. Organizations with TMI-ETMS14™-compliant HR departments are better prepared for diversifying into new areas, introducing new products, expanding into new geographies, changes in business models, or mergers and acquisitions. TMI-ETMS14™ revitalizes your talent landscape and equips you for a variety of challenges in the future.

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The TMI-ETMS™ Framework

TMI Enterprise Talent Management Standards-Framework (TMI-ETMS™) is the most powerful tool for organizations that wish to establish a full-fledged Talent Management function in the organization. Additionally, this framework will assist HR departments in adopting and practicing cutting-edge Talent Management thoughts, models, and practices.

Designed vertically independent, TMI-ETMS™ is a pioneering standards model for Talent Management processes and systems that works for a variety of organizations. TMI-ETMS™ is awarded to organizations showing compliance to TMI-ETMS™ Release 11.4.3. TMI-ETMS™-certified organizations consistently report complete compliance to TMI systemic prerequisites, including all 14 aspects of the Talent Management system. They exhibit successful and sustainable institutionalization of effective Talent Management strategies in their overall processes and practices across all organization functions.

Future-proofing Businesses

TMI–ETMS compliance helps improve talent-quotients in organizations and makes them feel prepared for any sudden changes.

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TMI–ETMS Release 11.4.3

The most robust Standards Framework and Compliance Assurance system.

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The 14-Junction
TMI–ETMS Standards Framework

The 14-Junction TMI–ETMS™ Standards Framework


The PRIDEScan system checks compliance on the 14 junctions along six sustainability dimensions – and a good part of the PRIDEScan audit is digital!

The Pride Scan
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Enterprise Impacts

People are the most significant resources in any organization and the emerging practice of referring to "people" or “workforce" as "talents" is a more noteworthy way of acknowledging the importance of Talent Management in modern business and enterprise HR.

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  • 01. Prepares for Growth & Diversification
  • 02. Strengthens HRM; Builds up Organization Value
  • 03. Sharpens Business Agility
  • 04. Enriches Work Environment & Culture
  • 05. Inspires Trust in Customers; Enhances Value
  • 06. Improves Talent Retention
  • 07. Reduces Talent Management Costs

TMI–ETMS Variants

There are two variants of TMI-ETMS certifications: TMI-ETMS10 and TMI-ETMS14. They are both applicable for enterprises of any size across industries or verticals. The latest version of TMI-ETMS10 also has a sub-variant designed specifically for developing start-ups.

TMI-ETMS10™ certification

TMI–ETMS10 is the world’s first and the only Talent Management excellence credential for ambitious tech and service start-ups and also smaller and mid-sized manufacturing and service organizations with value-added products and services for niche or select groups of customers.

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Designed keeping in mind the Talent Management challenges and needs of large, multi-facility, and multinational organizations, TMI-ETMS14™ is the world’s most powerful route to enterprise HR with the state-of-the-art in Talent Management

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Process & Certification

The TMI Talent Management Quality certification TMI-ETMS™ is awarded to enterprises showing compliance to the TMI Enterprise Talent Management Standards. TMI-ETMS™-certified organizations consistently report total compliance to the TMI prerequisites outlined for 14 different Junctions or aspects of their Talent Management systems.

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Betting on a TMI–ETMS Variant

TMI-ETMS10 and TMI-ETMS 14 both seek to make organizations efficiently and effectively structured for Talent Management Excellence. The programs establish a system that works toward more accurate identification of talent needs within an organization and restructuring the Talent Management pipeline.

The TMI-ETMS™ framework is designed to fit a variety of organizational needs, regardless of factors such as size, industry, or geography. TMI-ETMS™ aims to bring organizations up to the most efficient global benchmarks of Talent Management. If Talent Management is a new practice for an organization, it is best to start off with TMI-ETMS10™, and to move to TMI-ETMS14™.


The TMI–ETMS Training & Auditor Programs

TMI-ETMS™ has quickly become renowned as the top standard for its transformation of Talent Management systems. Organizations across sectors need a lot of training and assistance to completely adopt the TMI Talent Management models. A new range of training and certification programs have been designed for employees and managers of organizations implementing the TMI-ETMS™ standards framework as well as for professionals aspiring to become independent TMI-ETMS™ auditors, educators, consultants, and trainers. TMI is working to build a global network of certified TMI-ETMS™ experts, trainers, and auditors.

Training & Auditor

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