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Talent System Certifications

TMI–ETMS certified HR departments and organizations operate at the highest quantum of Talent Management efficiencies, exhibiting superlative operational agility and talent–readiness that rapid business growth demands, and connects HR back to business and boardroom.

  • TMI–ETMS10

    Irrespective of your organization’s scale of operations or its nature of business or purpose, TMI–ETMS10 promises the fastest and smoothest first step to embedding worldclass Talent Management process and system within your legacy enterprise HR. It has been designed affordable and smart - to help it seep into your organization fast and easy – and turn the HR team into an explosive contributor to organization growth! Experience the TMI–ETMS10 improve the metrics of Human Capital Management in the organization through sharp Talent Management, and then graduate to TMI–ETMS14.
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  • TMI–ETMS14

    TMI–ETMS14 builds you up best for the future, and beefs up traditional HR departments for more robust boardroom contributions through the addition of state-of-the-art Talent Management modules. Organizations with TMI-ETMS14™compliant HR demonstrate sharper readiness for diversifying into new areas; introducing new products; expanding into new geographies; for tweaks in business models; or for mergers and acquisitions. TMI–ETMS14 revitalizes your talent landscape and marks up your future-preparedness all the way.
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TMI Enterprise Talent Management Standards-Framework (TMI–ETMS) is the most powerful regimen today for organizations that desire to establish a full-fledged Talent Management function in the organization in addition to assisting their HR to adopt and practice cutting-edge talent management thoughts, models, and best-practices.

Designed vertical–independent, TMI–ETMS is a pioneering standards model for Talent Management processes and system, that works for manufacturing, technology, services, and utility companies as well as it does for non-business and not-for-profit organizations. TMI–ETMS is awarded to organizations showing compliance to the TMI–ETMS Release 11.4.3. TMI–ETMS certified organizations consistently report 360 degree compliance in letter and spirit to the TMI systemic prerequisites spelt for upto 14 different “Junctions” or aspects of their Talent Management system. They exhibit they have successfully and sustainably institutionalized excellence, effectiveness, and efficiencies of Talent Management in their overall processes and practices across all organizational functions and line management, in addition to the legacy HR absorbing the same.

Future-proofing Business

TMI–ETMS compliance helps improve talent-quotients in organizations and makes them ready for sharp, sudden strategic turns and twists.

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The TMI–ETMS Release 11.4.3

The most robust Standards-Framework and Compliance Assurance system.

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The 14-Junction TMI–ETMS Standards Framework

The 14-Junction TMI–ETMS™ Standards Framework


The PRIDEScan system checks compliance on the 14 junctions along six sustainability dimensions – and a good part of the PRIDEScan audit is digital!

The Pride Scan
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Enterprise Impacts

People are the most significant resources in any organization and the emerging practice of referring to “people” or “workforce” as “talents” is a noteworthy pointer of the ever rising importance of Talent Management in modern business and enterprise HR.

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TMI–ETMS Variants

The TMI–ETMS certifications series includes two variants – TMI–ETMS10 and TMI–ETMS14 – applicable for enterprises across verticals, sizes, and types. The latest version of TMI–ETMS10 also has a variant specially designed for fledgling start-ups.


TMI–ETMS10 is the world’s first and the only Talent Management excellence credential for ambitious tech- and service startups and also smaller and mid-sized manufacturing and service organizations with value-added products and services for niche or select groups of customers.

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Designed keeping the Talent Management challenges and needs of large and, multi-facility and multinational organizations, TMI–ETMS14 is the world’s most powerful way to enterprise HR with the state-of-the-art in Talent Management.

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Process & Certification

The TMI Talent Management Quality certification TMI–ETMS is awarded to enterprises showing compliance to the TMI–ETMS – Enterprise Talent Management Standards - Release 11.4.3. TMI–ETMS certified organizations consistently report 360 degree compliance in letter and spirit to the TMI systemic prerequisites spelt for 14 different “Junctions” or aspects of their Talent Management system.

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Betting on a TMI–ETMS Variant

TMI–ETMS10 and TMI-ETMS14 – both look at making organizations structurally efficient and effective in Talent Management – right from establishing systems and processes of constant, more accurate identification of talent needs of the organization, down to management of the talent pipeline that organizations need to continue to feed their businesses with just the right kind of Human Resources. The TMI–ETMS framework is designed independent of size, domain, vertical, or geography of organizations. In the same vein, TMI–ETMS also works irrespective of the nature of workforce an organization has, and aims at bringing organizations up to the most efficient global benchmarks of Talent Management. However, if Talent Management is a new practice for an organization, it’s usually a great idea to start-off with TMI-ETMS10 and move to TMI-ETMS14.


The TMI–ETMS Training & Auditor Programs

Its transformational powers have set the TMI-ETMS up for a rapid international spread as the world’s foremost standard. Organizations and institutions across sectors and verticals need a lot of training, education and advisory assistance to adopt, embrace and follow the TMI Talent Management models, standards and credentials. A whole new range of training and certification programs has been designed for employees and managers of organizations implementing TMI–ETMSstandards-framework; as well as for experts and professionals aspiring to become independent TMI–ETMS auditors, educators, consultants and trainers. TMI is busy building a global network of certified TMI-ETMS experts, master-trainers and auditors.

Write to us at etms@tmi.org to know more about these programs.