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The TMI Way

Paving the way for 21st-century organizations, the TMI Way renews the way human capabilities are leveraged in the digital economy through Talent Management.

Talent Management Philosophy

The TMI Way leads to Talent Management becoming an enterprise-wide consciousness. TMI standards and frameworks are making Talent Management act as a measurement for the state and quality of an organization's readiness for the future. The TMI Way recasts HR along the Talent Management philosophy. This aligns with the organization's need to embrace and adopt a sharp talent focus in its approaches to managing human capital.

The TMI Way clarifies what Talent Management is and how it can be practiced. We believe business leaders, CHROs, and HR professionals around the world have long been looking for a tightly organized body of philosophy, thought, and knowledge on Talent Management. At TMI, we realize that Talent Management has to be embedded into the structure of human resource management. Therefore, CHROs need to be empowered with the right tools for adopting and assimilating a Talent Management focus into their organizations. Initiatives like TMI Fellow Programs in Talent Management are designed precisely for the purpose of empowering HR leadership talent with the latest Talent Management skills through transformational immersive learning.

Bolstering HR Through Talent Management

Bolstering HR Through Talent Management

Inspiring the traditional workforce- and productivity-centered HR paradigm to be talent-focused is one of the best ways to improve HR. TMI standards and credentials attempt to replenish HR departments with the power to create strategic value for organizations through the pursuit of a talent-focused approach to human capital management. Similarly, the TMI-Fellow Programs open up a powerful and exclusive new opportunity for global HR leaders to hone their Talent Management competence in the a way.

TMI standard frameworks spell the world's very first set of robust and tested guidelines for excellent practices of Talent Management in advanced organizations. The TMI Way of Talent Management seeks to revitalize the structure of HR systems by building a workforce that excels and is prepared for the future.

Institutionalizing a New Definition of Talent

Helping organizations define talent correctly is a top priority at TMI. The TMI Way expands beyond short-term goals. TMI advocates understanding and analyzing talent by measuring an individual's value. Therefore, the TMI standards-framework classifies talent as a professional capacity to perform and navigate in uncertain environments.

The TMI Way leads organizations to confidently utilize their talents in all business functions. The more developed the talents in a department, the better prepared the organization will be for heading into the future.

Building a Workforce that Thrives in Uncertainty

Talent Management is designed to function as a guide to an organization as it prepares for the uncertainties of the future. For organizations, preparing for the future means being able to exploit new opportunities fast, react to threats even faster, and keep creating opportunities. TMI facilitates building workforces with capabilities to operate in hypothetical and heuristic situations, where uncertainty is the only known variable.

Talent Management

Taking Talent Management Knowledge to New Heights

Helping organizations and managers learn to view departments as pools of talent is an important TMI focus. TMI credentials, knowledge bodies, and frameworks aim to create powerful inspiration for managers to take ownership for Talent Management in their departments.

For Talent Management to make an impact, it needs to be adopted throughout an organization. Even two decades after its initial introduction, Talent Management has remained an unclear concept around the world. Recent TMI studies almost conclusively indicate certain unmistakable trends on how talent keeps rising on the list of organizational priorities across all great business and non-business entities worldwide. TMI-certified organizations and professionals credibly demonstrate how their enterprise HR systems and professionals have established an organization-wide mindset of Talent Management accountability.

Establishing Talent Management
Roles in Organizations

In a landscape where knowledge, information, and human talent lend an edge to organizations to accomplish their objectives, TMI expects Talent Management to perform multiple organizational roles, all significantly measurable in their outputs.

TMI sees Talent Management as a force with the potential to permeate across departments, becoming an enterprise-wide consciousness and a future-focused designer for the organization. TMI standards institutionalize Talent Management as a focal point of organizations, guiding and defining their best practices while acting as a measurement for the state and quality of an organization’s readiness for the future.


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