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The TMI system of governance embodies the spirit and passion with which our standards and credentials are implemented around the world. The TMI Governing Council is accountable for the assured maintenance of integrity, quality and rigor of the TMI system.

As the authoritative figure in TMI, the Governing Council is responsible for leading the research, development and management of the TMI credentialing structure. Globally renowned experts from various industries lead groups within the council and are responsible for managing the affairs related to TMI professional and enterprise certifications.

The Principles of TMI Governance

The TMI Governance Structure has been designed on the model of “Contribution and accountability to organization and professional stakeholders through rigorous and ethical practices of credentialing in Talent Management while utilizing the latest industry knowledge”. .

The principles of accountability, ethical credentialing and Talent Management excellence are instilled in the body of the TMI Governing Council. The Governing Council is responsible for credentialing regulation and ensuring that all TMI products and services are always designed and delivered based on the needs and voices of the players, markets and stakeholders of the human capital and Talent Management functions.

The most notable aspects of the TMI Governance Principles include:

Principles of TMI Governance
  • 01.The structure of the TMI governance model will always serve in accordance to the needs of unbiased assessment and credentialing of proficiencies of HR professionals and HR systems.
  • 02.All boards, committees and councils engaged in governing TMI shall remain loyal and committed to upholding the TMI principle of accountability to the profession and function of Talent Management.
  • 03.All professionals associated with anyone involved in TMI governance shall take steps to avoid extraneous pressures or biases from breaching the high standards of governance and the culture of ethics of TMI.

Framework of TMI Governance

  • The TMI Governance System is made up of three core elements. The first is the invaluable TMI Charter 2005- IX, which defines the TMI constitution, policies and principles of governance, which all internal stakeholders of TMI are under an oath to follow. The second is the TMI Governance Policy Framework, which is the body of Policies and Guidelines for TMI Organs and officials to follow for consistency in governance. The third piece is the TMI Governance Organs, or the boards that manage TMI Governance operation, and advise the Governing Council on a variety of components within TMI.
  • The TMI Governing Council is the governance body, formed under the TMI Charter. It is mandated to regulate the statues on credentialing for TMI in accordance to the TMI Governance Policy. The Governing Council is advised by three executive arms, the prime TMI executive organs that implement and control the initiatives and programs on the ground through a network of committees and several associates.
  • The executive organs include the Ethics Control Board, the Professional Certifications Board, and the Enterprise Certifications Board, all of which are the defining factors in developing the TMI system. These boards have several committees under them, with a variety of regulatory mandates. The TMI Charter provisions for 50+ members in the TMI Governance organization.

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