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Designed with the Talent Management needs of large multinational organizations in mind, TMI-ETMS14™ is the world's most powerful way to enrich HR structures. Businesses in a variety of industries looking at improving their competitiveness in the long term and their business performance in the short term can expect to see measurable impacts on everything from market outreach to customer loyalty through TMI-ETMS14™.

Key impacts of aligning to the TMI-ETMS14™ typically include more accurate talent planning, sturdier talent pipelines, and better employer- brand appeal. TMI-ETMS14™ implementation and audits use offline and digital models to keep all interactions focused. Specially trained and experienced TMI-ETMS14™ teams manage TMI-ETMS14™ projects involving restructuring new talent-focused systems in an organization.

The TMI-ETMS14™ certification cycle encompasses the following steps:

  • 01.

    Getting to Know you

    RFI- based and Online organization study by TMI to prepare for the Audit Program.

  • 02.

    TMI–ETMS Orientation

    TMI-ETMS14™ orientation and education program involving TMI-ETMS™ Team Leader and the top management of the client company to discuss the Audit Program and the scope and logistics of the program activities.

  • 03.

    TMI–ETMS Project Planning

    Finalization of the TMI-ETMS14™ Project Plan, which will act as a guide for the client's TMI-ETMS14™ Project Team.

  • 04.

    Baseline Audit

    Organization-wide baseline study- TMI-ETMS14™ Status Audit will be conducted to compile the current state of practices, systems and, processes in accordance with TMI-ETMS™ Guidelines.

  • 05.

    Gap Reportage

    Gap Reportage: Gap analysis by TMI-ETMS™ Team and Report submission to the client for any improvement action and implementation (including the TMI-ETMS14™ Gap Modulus- the measure of deviation from TMI-ETMS)

  • 06.

    TMI Intervention (Optional)

    TMI-ETMS™ Team intervenes in systems restructuring et cetera, as a consultant to bring them in line with TMI-ETMS™ requirements.

  • 07.

    Gap Management

    The client undertakes the outlined steps toward improvement in systems and processes on its own as described in the Gap Report.

  • 08.

    TMI Compliance Audit

    The team conducts an organization-wide Pre-Certification systems check to measure the degree of compliance to TMI-ETMS™ and deviation from them, if any.

  • 09.

    Compliance Reportage

    In the event of complete compliance with the TMI-ETMS™, a certification decision is made regarding the awarding of the TMI-ETMS14™.

  • 10.

    Certification Award

    In this final step, the TMI-ETMS™ leader and the client discuss the certification decision- either an award or a recommendation for further improvement.

To know more on how your organization can implement TMI–ETMS14™, please contact us

The TMI-ETMS™ project management system is upgrading to achieve 100% remote evaluation and audit capabilities. Hence, fresh applications/ requests will be considered for action only after the second quarter of 2024. All project requests made until August 31, 2023, however, have been rostered for action, and the applicant-organizations have been advised on their respective project timelines.


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