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TMI Authorized Education Provider Program

The TMI Authorized Education Provider (AEP) program seeks to provide partner training companies the opportunity to expand their Talent Management and HR training businesses by leveraging TMI’s advanced certifications and curricula in Talent Management and Human Resources.

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Leverage the Global Phenomenon

Talent Management is the most popular of the emerging training areas with a demand for 1.2 million professionals by 2030. All levels of HR professionals, are actively seeking global qualifications in Talent Management to propel their careers.

Organizations across industries and sectors around the world are getting all their HR staffers and other important line managers trained and certified in Talent Management. Additionally, the demand from business schools and universities for training and certifying their HR students is increasing.The global potential for Talent Management training demands stands at $2 billion USD by 2026. TMI’s undisputed global leadership makes TMI certifications the biggest draw for professionals, organizations and students seeking Talent Management certifications and education. Partnering with TMI is the best way to be a part of our worldwide effort to contribute to filling this supply and demand gap of certified talent management professionals.

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Start Big, Sure and World-Class

Getting into Talent Management training can be best accomplished by joining the TMI Authorized education provider (AEP) program. This is the best time to partner with TMI and become an AEP. The partnership opens up the opportunity to add TMI certification training to your portfolio and dip into the rapidly expanding Talent Management training and certification market. A TMI partnership allows rapid access of world-class knowledge, systems and expertise in Talent Management resulting in fast expansion, an increase of your top line and improved business profitability. Being a TMI-AEP makes your organization a perfect partner for large corporations who want to have their HR professionals trained and certified in Talent Management. If your training capacity covers multiple geographies, we advise considering becoming a National AEP (in your country) or a Regional AEP (if you are present in multiple countries).

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Becoming a TMI Authorized Education Provider (AEP) opens a whole new world of opportunities for your training enterprise, from enhancing your brand perception to increasing your portfolio with the state-of-the-art Talent Management recognition.

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    The prospective partner initiates the partnership through an Online application available on the website. This application is processed then forwarded to the globally distributed Partner Validation Group taking about 2-5 workdays after applying. There are certain categories of Partners that are pre-approved, making the partnering decision and other formalities expedited.

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    The Online application is processed by the Partner Validation Group and a clarification request (if any) is sent to the prospective partner, taking 5–7 workdays after receipt of online application from the applicant.

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    If needed the prospective partner provides clarifications with the Partner Validation Group. As mentioned above, the clarification request is sent within 5-7 workdays after receipt of Online application from the applying organization.

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    The decision is communicated within 3-5 workdays after clarification. In pre-approved partner categories, the decision may be instantly communicated.

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    The partnership is formalized, and accompanying documentation is completed. The new partner completes formalities of purchasing TMI Certification System Units and the nominal application processing fee and/or the license fee (if applicable for the chosen partnership option).

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