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Enterprise Talent Management Standards Vocabulary/enterprise-certifications/etms-vocabulary

The TMIETMS Logo Vocabulary

Knowing the following terms and jargons may help in comprehending the TMI–ETMS much faster and sharper:

  • The TMI–ETMS

    The term is used to generally collectively and loosely refer to the TMI enterprise standards and certifications.

  • TME

    An acronym of Talent Management Excellence – the eventual objective of implementing TMI–ETMS by an organization.

  • The TMI–ETMS Standards

    This is the generic term for the TMI framework or the standards -TMI–ETMS standards-framework. Organizations that are found to comply 100% on these standards are awarded the TMI enterprise certifications TMI–ETMS10 and TMI–ETMS14. There are 14 TME Junctions in the TMI–ETMS standards currently.

  • TMI–ETMS standards-framework

    This is the exact moniker for the TMI Talent Management standards framework for enterprises - or TMI–ETMS Standards, as briefed above. TMI–ETMS standards–framework is composed of 14 TME Junctions, along which an organization calibrates the Talent Management concepts and approaches in its HRM edifice.

  • TMI–ETMS Certifications

    This refers to the two TMI–ETMS certifications - TMI–ETMS10 and TMI–ETMS14 - that enterprises can obtain to demonstrate the Talent Management proficiencies of their HRM function. TMI awards these certifications to organizations after verifying their compliance to the TMI–ETMS standards mentioned above.

  • TMI–ETMS Credentials

    The term means exactly what “TMI–ETMS certifications” above does – the two TMI certifications for organizations - TMI–ETMS10 and TMI–ETMS14.

  • TMI–ETMS10 and TMI–ETMS14

    These are TMI Credentials on Talent Management for organizations. Collectively, they may also be called the TMI–ETMS certifications or the TMI–ETMS Credentials.

  • TME Junctions

    These are the areas or dimensions along which an organization implementing or adopting the TMI–ETMS standards-framework is required to align its systems, policies, and processes and then report compliance to obtain the TMI–ETMS10 or the TMI–ETMS14 certification. These are technically called the TME Junctions – Talent Management Excellence Junctions. The latest release of the TMI–ETMS standards-framework prescribes 14 TME Junctions along which compliance needs to be assured by organizations.

  • Audits

    The term describes exercises conducted by TMI to verify documentation and other artifacts presented as evidences by organizations to prove their adherence to TMI–ETMS standards-framework. The system through which TMI conducts these audits and verification exercises is called the TMI PRIDEScan.

  • The TMI PRIDEScan

    The multi-step, five-layered system for compliance-verification audits conducted to assess, validate, and approve the degree of standards-adherence reported or demonstrated by client organizations. Auditors assess how well the five TME Drivers of the PRIDEScan are embedded in the organization’s HRM system.

  • TME drivers

    The five prongs or components of the TMI PRIDEScan are technically referred to as the Talent Management Excellence (TME) drivers. They are PRACTICE; RELEVANCE; IMPACTS; DIFFUSIVITY; & EVOLUTION.

  • TMI–ETMS Credentialing Model

    This term describes the entire process thematically of how TMI goes about awarding its TMI–ETMS10 or TMI–ETMS14 certifications. Read more on the link on this subject.

  • Write to us at etms@tmi.org if there’s a term you need to understand better.