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If your organization is seeking world-class solutions of credentialing your HR staffers and managers on the latest in TMI Talent Management standards, just look no further.

If you have a large HR team distributed across the world, allow us to build a smart Talent Management certification system right inside your company. TMI partners large business and non-business organizations to help them create their own in-house certification centers for their HR employees and managers aligned to TMI global standards.

TMI co-branded Corporate Learning Academies established in large organizations as a result of this partnership are completely self-sufficient talent breeding centers, endowed and equipped with their own dashboards for controlling processes of training and certifying their HR employees on TMP™, STMP™, GTML™, and Fellow-of-TMI certifications. The Pearson-powered assessment platform of TMI makes it very convenient for TMI Corporate Partners to accelerate the certification project-cycle for employee batches. TMI Corporate Partners obtain multiple licenses for use of official TMI content; frameworks; and training-learning aids for deployment in internal talent development and transformation. Under well-argued circumstances, TMI also considers requests of Corporate Partners to introduce their own special internal certifications endorsed and co-branded with TMI. We have engaged global credentialing services experts CredForce to help our partners build world-class units aligned to TMI standards.

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