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If your organization is seeking world-class credentialing solutions for HR employees and managers on the latest in TMI Talent Management standards, look no further and become a TMI Corporate Partner.

All business, non-business and publicly funded organizations can partner with TMI and establish their own pan-organization processes for certifying their HR employees, managers and leaders on TMI global standards.

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Give your HR employees
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leaders the Talent Management Edge

If you have a large HR team distributed across the world, allow us to build a smart Talent Management certification system right inside your company. Under the TMI Corporate Partner program, large business and non-business organizations are partnered to help them create their own in-house certification centers for their HR employees and managers aligned to TMI global standards.

Business, non-business and publicly funded organizations can partner with TMI to establish their own pan-organization process for certifying their HR employees, managers and leaders on TMI global standards on an ongoing basis. Market competitiveness of corporations, industrial and economic growth of nations, and effective delivery of social-impact results have become intricately linked to the quality of Talent Management being practiced in organizations. It is imperative for them to have their HR workforce competent in Talent Management. Become a TMI Corporate partner if you want to join the growing league of organizations worldwide who are empowering their HR with the techniques of Talent Management through a TMI partnership.

TMI Corporate Partners are independent in controlling processes of training and certifying their HR employees on TMP, STMP and GTML. The CredForce assessment platform makes it very convenient for TMI Corporate Partners to accelerate the certification project cycle for employees. TMI Corporate Partners obtain access to official TMI content, frameworks, and learning aids for deployment in internal talent development and transformation. Under certain circumstances, TMI also considers Corporate Partner requests to introduce their own special internal certifications to be co-branded with TMI. Each TMI Corporate partner is also invited to nominate 2 of their sharpest executives for each of the two prestigious TMI-Wharton programs – the Associate Fellow, and the Global Fellow programs in Talent Management. These nominees will earn a direct qualification for the TMI-Wharton programs with the added advantage of reduced participation fee. Please note that qualifying for these programs as an external applicant is extremely challenging as they are highly selective with only 50 participants per year, picked from thousands of applications.

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A TMI Partnership is Just 5 Steps Away

Open a new world of HR and business excellence by embracing the world’s foremost Talent Management competence framework.

  • 1 APPLICATION – The prospective partner initiates the partnership through an online application available on the website. This application is processed then forwarded to the globally distributed Partner Validation Group taking about 2-5 workdays after applying. There are certain categories of Partners that are pre-approved, making the partnering decision and other formalities are expedited.
  • 2 VALIDATION – The online application is processed by the Partner Validation Group and a clarification request (if any) is sent to the prospective partner, taking 5–7 workdays after receipt of online application from the applicant.
  • 3 CLARIFICATION – If needed the prospective partner provides clarifications with the Partner Validation Group. As mentioned above, the clarification request is sent within 5-7 workdays after receipt of online application from the applying organization.
  • 4 DECISION –The decision is communicated within 3-5 workdays after clarification. In pre-approved partner categories, the decision may be instantly communicated.
  • 5 FORMALIZATION – The partnership is formalized, and accompanying documentation is completed. The new partner completes formalities of purchasing TMI Certification System Units and the nominal application processing fee and/or the license fee (if applicable for the chosen partnership option).
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