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Maximum impact on talent quality in industries of countries are of the efforts invested by industry and professional bodies. TMI has a slew of high–power programs that help partner HR associations and chambers build world-class talent pools faster and more affordably.

A good part of TMI energies are dedicated to strengthening hands of HR professional associations and industry bodies in rapid propagation and absorption of the highest of Talent Management standards in the local industry.

Professional HR associations, Industry Chambers and Centers of HR Excellence stand to become the apex TMI Talent Management Excellence Advocacy Partners (the TMEX Advocacy Partners). Together, TMI and TMEX partners assume the onerous responsibility of spreading a consciousness among business and non-business organizations about pursuing best practices in Talent Management and adopting global standards. A variety of collaboration–models, event–platforms, and publications are being developed to execute this strand of the TMI partnering program.

Further, a TMI partnership helps interested HR Associations and Industry Chambers establish world-class Talent Management centers or learning academies. These TMI Academies help local companies and businesses train and certify their HR staffers on international TMI standards. With a Pearson–powered assessment platform, a TMI co–branded learning academy is a self–sufficient talent breeding center, endowed and equipped with its own dashboards for controlling all HR development and credentialing processes.

Indeed, TMI also actively works with its partner HR professional associations and industry bodies in the design, development, and introduction of their own, special national certifications, endorsed and co–branded with TMI.

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TMI understands clearly that achievement and fulfilment of its mission and vision also demands propagating a consciousness about the importance of managing talent formally through adherence to global standards on talent management. The TMI Advocacy Programs are three-pronged:

Advocacy for Talent Breeding & Transformation: TMI works with government, non-government, industry associations and chambers to scientifically promote the consciousness for and also the tools and techniques of breeding talents inside organizations through transformational interventions for competence development. TMI helps interested organizations with content and material on talent management aligned TMI certifications and standards.

Advocacy for Adoption of or adherence to international standards and benchmarks in Talent Management: TMI works with leading educators and professional bodies to facilitate learning, understanding, adoption and compliance of the latest of talent management standards. We have modules on these standards that can be effectively embedded in university curricula or other training programs and learned conveniently. In the same vein, quality management companies are encouraged by TMI to learn more about and propagate TMI standards on talent management for enterprises.

Advocacy for adoption of credentials and qualifications in Talent Management: TMI actively encourages individuals and organizations connected with the talent management function to obtain relevant talent management certifications and qualifications. There are several TMI initiatives under which TMI offers its own certifications on attractive prices to graduating students and young professionals.

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