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Talent Management

Driving Strategic Competitiveness through Talent Management

The TMI standards and certifications establish proficiency that allows organizations to achieve excellence in talent focused Human Capital Management. TMI's standard frameworks create clear guidelines that help organizations use Talent Management concepts to turn their workforce into drivers of long term competitive advantage and value.

TMI's comprehensive Talent Management ecosystem includes the world's most authoritative credentials and standards on Talent Management. All efforts of the Talent Management Institute are directed at helping Talent Management evolve into a function that is connected to all strategic business aspects within an organization. TMI knowledge and credentialing initiatives are turning Talent Management into an essential science for businesses as well as making efforts to embed Talent Management into the fabric of organizations.

Talent Management
HR Professionals

The First Talent Management Credentials for HR Professionals

For HR professionals looking to achieve more via Talent Management, the four TMI credentials are the gold standard in the industry. The TMP™, STMP™, GTML™ and TMI-Fellow programs in Talent Management are founded on the premiere TMI Universal Knowledge Framework (TMI-UKF™). These certifications serve as the most reliable validations of competence and capabilities that HR professionals need to accelerate their careers.

Unique Talent Management Learning Opportunity for Senior HR Professionals

TMI breaks new grounds in Talent Management learning with the world's first ever initiative for global HR leaders. TMI Fellow Programs aim to create an elite international league of transformational talent and HR leaders. Designed as the most prestigious leadership program for accomplished CHROs, academics, and experts in Human Resources, the TMI Fellow Programs in Talent Management prepare participants for advancing from HR leadership roles towards strategic and business led initiatives. The programs culminate in a high impact MasterClass.

Senior HR Professionals
Talent Managers

Making Talent Management an Integral Component of Modern HR

The TMI-ETMS™ standards and credentials for enterprises address two critical components for modern organizations. The first is the "staggering" of the Talent Management function across departments. TMI advocates making all managers and departments responsible for building a "talent focused organization". The second necessity is positioning enablers within the organization to help convert more employees into talents. TMI certified professionals and enterprises succeed in taking Talent Management out of the HR silo and spreading talent focused objectives out across all functions. That is the TMI way of getting Talent Management established as an integral component of HR that connects directly with the business and strategy of the organization.

Organizations Add Value through Talent Management

Transitioning from a workforce-oriented approach to a talent centered one has proved easier for organizations that understand Talent Management as a valuable investment for the future of their businesses. TMI aims to transform the mindset of conventional HR by adding Talent Management into their core competencies. The TMI credentialing framework, standards, and certification programs collectively embody two potent ideological forces. The first is charged with facilitating the shift in an organization's outlook from enhancing workforce productivity to adopting a differentiated people-management approach. The second is to drive enterprises to converting their workforce into thriving talent pools that can significantly contribute to create long term sustainability and added value for stakeholders.

Talent Management Stakeholders

Evolving a Universal Body of Knowledge for Talent Management Stakeholders

Since emerging as a game-changing concept for organizations, Talent Management as a function hasn't yet had a robust body of knowledge for human resource professionals specializing in Talent Management. This body of knowledge would contain empirically tested principles, practices, frameworks, and standards on professional skills. The knowledge prerequisites for excellence in the practice of Talent Management could then be applied across various organization-types and business verticals independent of geographic and cultural barriers.

This all changed with TMI's establishment of the world’s first Talent Management knowledge framework - the TMI-UKF™. This paved the way for the comprehensive TMI-TMBoK™ - the world’s most exhaustive documentation of knowledge critical for Talent Management professionals and practitioners. Included in this body of knowledge is how Talent Management potential, capacities, and proficiencies should be effectively assessed and validated.

Today, TMI standards and certifications directly contribute to the expansion of Talent Management excellence across the world. TMI actively spearheads the emerging global movement to establish frameworks and standards that help perfect the science of seeding, developing, managing, selecting, and hiring talent. TMI also continually innovates to refine new international benchmarks for assessing and validating excellence in the realm of Talent Management.

Invoking Enterprise-Wide Consciousness for Talent-Centered HR

TMI has worked hard to help organizations realize that Talent Management is critical for continuing growth and business excellence. TMI's standard frameworks and credentials are designed to assist CHROs conveniently and cost effectively make Talent Management the center piece of their reinvented HR functions. TMI teams and partners are working to get unique TMI innovations like enterprise-wide consciousness and accountability as a centralized system of managing human capital in organizations.

TMI today is the world's leading advocate of treating Talent Management as a differentiated function and a core managerial skill. TMI standards and credentials encourage treating Talent Management as a fundamental responsibility for managers across departments. TMI's credentialing programs and solutions are founded on the belief that an organization- wide implementation of Talent Management will help businesses head confidently into the future.

TMI credentials and standards inspire organizations to continuously grow the proportion of talents within their human capital. TMI's standards help organizations in hiring, identifying and grooming talents. Additionally, TMI's credentialing framework builds a system, benchmarks and easy to follow tracks that organizations can follow to systematically transform their workforce into talents.

HR Leaders
Talent Management Leaders

Enhancing Organizational Talent

The aggregate competency level of an organization's talent pool is the most reliable indicator for future organizational performance. TMI continues to promote organizations' needs to increase the competency and talent of their workforce.

TMI Credentials and standards are the strongest mechanisms to inspire organizations to continuously keep growing the proportion of talents within their human capital. TMI's standards help organizations create the most reliable structure for hiring, identifying and developing talents. TMI Credentials and the credentialing framework together spell out a powerful combination of a system and benchmarks and tracks that organizations can follow to systematically transform their workforce into talents.


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