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Learning Journey

Phillip Zoller

Philip Zoller's Learning Journey

VP Talent Management at Florida Blue, United States


The GTML credential and related learning experience gave me a great global perspective that would have taken many years to accumulate on my own.

  • How did you decide to become GTML certified?

    Wanted to expand my understanding of global talent management practices.

  • What were the most interesting aspects of the GTML learning journey?

    I found the business cases to be the most impactful part of my learning journey.

  • Please share some insights into your approach to preparing for the GTML exam.

    A critical step is to become familiar with the testing approach, such as the type of questions being asked, and how answers are scored. Another step I took was to teach back what I was learning to my team. This allowed for better retention of the concepts.

  • Would you like to give some advice to young HR professionals who want to take up a talent management role?

    Talent Management can be a challenging domain because it encompasses so many elements. My advice is to find an area of passion within talent management and become proficient there, and then stretch into the next area of interest. Would also recommend identifying a talent management mentor/champion to help guide your career.

  • How has your GTML credential and the applied knowledge helped you in your career and personal growth? How does it help you in remaining competitive?

    The GTML credential and related learning experience gave me a great global perspective that would have taken many years to accumulate on my own. Additionally, this experience has improved my strategic thinking capability.

  • What are, in your opinion, the essential characteristics of a Talent Leader?

    Caring, talent and human-centric, passionate about helping team members achieve their full potential, career navigators, connectors of aspirations and skills to business needs.

  • How will you describe your GTML certification journey in one word?


Maria Graziano

Maria Graziano’s Learning Journey

Talent Management Director at ITT, Italy


I am sure, without GTML, I would not be able to cover my role and serve my organization successfully and its people at my very best.

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