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  • With knowledge increasingly becoming the dominant driver of industrial businesses, People, with their capacities to “out-think” challenges emerge as prime resources for 21st century organizations. The rapidly spreading practice of referring “people” or “workforce” as “talents” is a noteworthy pointer of the ever-rising importance of Talent Management in modern business and enterprise HR. The TMI–ETMS Credential is in many ways, a rigorous celebration of this rising new consciousness that employees just aren’t mere bundles of skillsets meant for performing tasks that keep organizations alive. The TMI-ETMS standards redefine employees as “bouquet of talents” capable of performing many roles more valuable than their manifest skillsets allow them to.

  • The TMI–ETMS framework echoes the sentiment of keeping “talents” on the top of the strategic management priorities in organizations by not only embedding it into the DNA of enterprise HRM, but also by enshrining Talent Management Excellence a position in the Corporate Goals statement. Yanking the responsibility of becoming talent-focused out of the confines of the HR departments, TMI-ETMS installs Talent Management Excellence as a pan-organization theme, making all department and functional heads accountable for its achievement. TMI–ETMS certified organizations sport revitalized enterprise-HR, and experience perceptible impacts on their work environments; operations; competitiveness; and business attractiveness.

  • The very journey of attaining the TMI–ETMS certification and aligning to the TMI–ETMS standards-framework significantly tones-up the nature and quality of Talent Management in an organization’s HRM practices. The impact of healthier, talent-focused HRM is manifested in organization’s growth; its productivity; its workforce performance levels and on its all-round capabilities to create better products for customers and enhanced value for other stakeholders. Also, in the long term, sustained conformance to the TMI–ETMS standards-framework helps TMI–ETMS Certified enterprises become “preferred workplaces”, top employer-brands, with perceptibly enhanced business-marketing effectiveness; workforce stability and business continuity preparedness.

Prepares for Growth & Diversification

Prepares for Growth &

21st century organizations need to be agile and nimble enough to swiftly change their course; reach new products fast to markets; diversify quickly into blue-ocean spaces; disrupt, and neutralize disruption. Having the right workforce or talents in good supply is a new must for business today.

Business performance, growth and competitiveness in modern organizations, therefore, get increasingly dependent to how conducive, strong and smart are their climate, practices, strategies and plans for managing talent. TMI–ETMS certified organizations report significant sharpening of the talent-focus of their enterprise HR approaches, driving up the effectiveness of their talent identification, mapping, breeding and pipeline-creation programs. Smartly talent-managed organizations are braced up best for expansion, diversification, new product development etc.; whether it is through addition of new horizontals or verticals, or both.

Strengthens HRM; Builds up Organization Value

The TMI–ETMS compliance journey actually serves to chip away at the deadwood in the enterprise HRM apparatus. At the same time, Talent Management enablers are fused into the building blocks of the HRM fabric, making it stronger, future relevant, and present-ready.

This results in the increase of CHRO’s capacities to contribute directly to growth, bottom-line and organization-value enhancement. CHROs of TMI–ETMS certified organizations potentially exhibit much stronger influence on strategic decisions and higher boardroom impact.

Sharpens Business Agility

The abilities to build and reach new products fast to markets; preempt competition at disruption; protect market shares; grow customers, and occupy emerging market spaces through smart hacks – these need to be there on the resumes of all great, growing companies. Agile organizations show a greater probability of remaining ahead of the curve simply because they can anticipate change faster and earlier than most others, and they react much before threats can numb them or opportunities can slip by. However, developing organizations with such highly responsive reflexes is not easy because it demands an optimized combination of smart technology, smart people and smart processes. TMI–ETMS certified organizations develop a talent-focused business ecosystem that helps accurately and directly link business moves and tactics with talent programs. TMI–ETMS standards-framework assists organizations visualize and map present and future talent requirements precisely; build sustainable talent supply-lines, and implement effective talent breeding programs – essentially the elements demanded for becoming agile.

Operationally, sustained TMI–ETMS compliance makes TMI–ETMS certified organizations develop work environment and culture, matching the high-responsiveness of teams demanded by customers in a rapidly-changing marketplace. Besides, the TMI–ETMS guided ecosystem of the organization also enables with the confidence of adding new horizontals and verticals swiftly. In TMI–ETMS certified organizations, employees are nimble-footed because they are not weighed down by inflexible processes. The “cleaning” up of deadwood and the de-weeding of redundancies that happens during TMI–ETMS implementation tends to sharpen the processes of communication, information exchange, in-process quality assurance and skills-development; all of which serve to add agility to team-behavior.

Sharpens Business Agility
Enriches Work Environment & Culture

Enriches Work Environment & Culture

Work culture and environment are two of the most critical drivers of productivity and employee-performance across all organizations. The process of attaining the TMI–ETMS prepares and primes up an organization’s culture, climate and environment for high-performance workforce.
The TMI–ETMS focus on making all department heads in a TMI–ETMS certified organization responsible for managing talents helps improve the micro-environment and culture of each department.
Special measures and policies for workforce engagement are defined under the TMI–ETMS, supported by an empathetic framework of Performance Management.
Steps like these lead to making the policies and systems in the organization talent-focused; communication and instructions within it clearer and more value-driving; the environment more motivating and caring and training more transformational.

The caring and performance-based environment in a TMI–ETMS certified organization catalyzes employee performance in no uncertain terms. Better motivated; better prepared; better informed and clearer-headed employees show significantly improved levels of creativity, passion and future-readiness. The TMI–ETMS clearly stipulates that all department heads are responsible for managing the motivational and transformational needs of their teams and a sustained compliance to these requirements helps a TMI–ETMS certified organization embed productivity-enhancing policies, practices and processes across all facilities and horizontals - from smallest units to those having large teams.

Inspires Trust in Customers;
Enhances Value

Generating trust and value for customers, business partners, and other stakeholders today demand much more than merely supplying great products or services. Winning organizations need talented teams and sharp systems to be being able to visualize the opportunities, challenges, needs, and aspirations related to their customers and partners in advance - much before they themselves can. The fact is that agile organizations are best placed to generate maximum customer and stakeholder - and this ability of theirs is a direct function of the quality of workforce. The talent-focused approach of TMI–ETMS certified organizations helps create customer-centered workforce, passionate and creative, dedicated to the cause of customer delight. The TMI–ETMS guided ecosystem also makes employees respond swiftly and comfortably to the changes in customer tastes, needs, habits, and usage conditions.

Improves Talent Retention

Retaining employees saves an organization numerous HR costs on one hand, and on the other, helps sustain confidence and trust of its customers. Attrition has been breaking the backs of organizations in quite a few verticals – more so in technology industries. TMI–ETMS certified organizations develop a mix of matured policies, process practices and work-environment that encourages employees to stay back for a reasonable duration. Perhaps, one of the most interesting advantages of implementing TMI–ETMS in organizations is getting a “feel” of who should be retained and for how long and being able to distinguish between positive and negative retention. Sustained conformance to the TMI–ETMS makes supervisors and managers serious about talent retention in their own teams, groups and departments backed up by compensation, rewards and career-growth policies that are transparent, merit-based and which have built-in bulwarks against discrimination and favoritism. TMI–ETMS certified organizations develop capabilities to plan for and strategize effectively in these scenarios strategize effectively in these scenarios to enrich job-content; create growth opportunities; and provide self-development opportunities to employees and do so proactively.

Reduces Talent Management Costs

TMI researches over the last five years show that attrition, training, and hiring/backfilling are the top three drivers of high Talent Management costs in organizations today. While larger organizations have the scale to dissipate some of these costs across facilities and bigger capacities, the mid- and smaller-sized outfits are worst placed as attrition and leaky talent pipelines hit them worst.

The TMI–ETMS certification process serves to strengthen the systemic foundations of the enterprise HR through embedding a sharp talent-focus in its fabric. TMI–ETMS streamlines pipeline-building processes; adds systems to identify, maps and measures talents and helps manage the talent supply chain better, reducing the needs for backfilling and other pre-deployment costs.

To know more about how you or your organization can benefit from the TMI–ETMS, please write to us at etms@tmi.org


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