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Learning Journey

Maria Graziano’s

Maria Graziano’s Learning Journey

Talent Management Director at ITT, Italy


I am sure, without GTML, I would not be able to cover my role and serve my organization successfully and its people at my very best.

  • How did you decide to become GTML certified?

    When I was promoted to the role of Talent Management Director, I felt the need to get familiar with the most updated Talent Management best practices in order to serve the organization and its people at my best and with the most up-to-date HR & Talent Management strategies.

  • What were the most interesting aspects of the GTML learning journey?

    The most interesting aspect of the GTML learning journey was, to me, the increasing awareness about how Talent Management is strategic to reach business priorities and goals, also how important it is to recognize that the future of work and it is essential for organizations to act accordingly.

  • Please share some insights into your approach to preparing for the GTML exam.

    The preparation for the GTML was an intense period, as I was also dealing with my new role as Talent Management Director at the same time. The best for me has been to plan some time every day to engage with the reading and the studying of the TMI material which was provided to me and to take some time also to deep dive into specific topics that were particularly interesting to me through video and additional readings. The preparation was indeed intense; however, I have a good memory of that period as every day I was building a puzzle of information, that step by step allowed me to have a very holistic and rich overview of the best practices in the Talent Management strategy and execution.

  • Would you like to give some advice to young HR professionals who want to take up a talent management role?

    I think Talent Management is one of the most strategic areas, and it will be even more soon. As the scope of Talent Management is generally very wide in the organization, I suggest taking on a journey that will allow you to discover it step by step, getting familiar with the different aspects and pillars which generally compose the Talent Management function - giving yourself the time to explore every single area of it, that will allow you to be a good Talent Manager and to serve at your best, the organization you operate in and its people.

  • How has your GTML credential and the applied knowledge helped you in your career and personal growth? How does it help you in remaining competitive?

    I am sure, without GTML, I would not be able to cover my role and serve my organization successfully and its people at my very best. I think there is always room for improvement and especially in Talent Management, given the critical and uncertain historical moment we are living in, we are never prepared enough; continuous learning is necessary nowadays. The GTML certification gave me the boost to recognize how Talent Management must serve and support the business strategy and allowed me to execute it.

  • What are, in your opinion, the essential characteristics of a Talent Leader?

    1. People first: Be passionate about helping individuals and teams develop their talents and achieve their full potential.
    2. Believer in servant leadership: Strive to create opportunities that promote ethical behavior, diversity, equity and inclusion, and overall happiness and well-being.
    3. Unlock unique strengths: Inspire and empower others to unlock their unique strengths and abilities, and create positive impact in the world.
  • How will you describe your GTML certification journey in one word?


Balabhadra Pattnaik’s

Balabhadra Pattnaik’s Learning Journey

Head of Talent Management at Al Jazeera, Qatar


GTML has offered multiple opportunities to design and deliver impactful talent management initiatives at my workplace.

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