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The TMI Talent Management Quality certification TMI–ETMS is awarded to enterprises showing compliance to the TMI–ETMS – Enterprise Talent Management Standards - Release 11.4.3. TMI–ETMS Certified organizations consistently report 360 degree compliance in letter and spirit to the TMI systemic prerequisites spelt for 14 different “Junctions” or aspects of their Talent Management system. They exhibit they have successfully and sustainably institutionalized excellence, effectiveness, and efficiencies of Talent Management in their overall HRM practices.

Process Certification Infograph

The PRIDEScan Audit

An organization’s compliance or adherence to the TMI–ETMS framework is validated during “audits”. During the TMI–ETMS audits in client-organizations, the auditors evaluate how the “excellence drivers” within a “Node” are demonstrably manifested in their PRACTICES; what mechanisms exist to ensure that these “drivers” undergo change in their complexion to remain RELEVANT to the demands of the market, and that they remain matched to the IMPACTS on value to clients and costs. Further, auditors also assess how well have these excellence drivers been DIFFUSED vertically and horizontally across the client-organizations; and finally, what have the client-organizations done to ensure a continuous EVOLUTION of their processes to ensure their constant sync with the technology and customers.

The Pride Model

To know more about how you or your organization can benefit from the TMI–ETMS, please write to us at etms@tmi.org


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