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Talent Management Institute exists to help organizations leverage human talent to better prepare for the future. Conventional Human Resources, from the concept and profession to the system as a whole, began failing even in the most resilient of organizations by the turn of the new millennium. At TMI, our goal is to restore the field of HR through Talent Management as the cornerstone of modern businesses and organizations. We will continue breaking new grounds in Talent Management – from definitions and models to structure, approach, and practice. Additionally, we will continuously explore how TMI can enrich the concepts, ideals, and systems of HR with Talent Management through our knowledge and standards.

We will empower organizations, Human Resource leaders, and Talent Management practitioners with the agility required to respond to the challenges of the future, and arm them for these new challenges. At TMI, we are on a mission to deliver confidence to nations, to their industries, and to their professionals. Adoption of international standards in Talent Management will add the most to their capabilities, promise, acumen and their will to succeed in the present and future. TMI is in the business of inspiring confidence – confidence in the power of effective Talent Management – and we shall always seek to grow this confidence.

The Preamble

The TMI Charter on Standards Development for Talent Management Excellence, 2014.

How TMI Reboots HR through Talent Management

The Talent Management Institute's standards, credentials, and knowledge lead the revolution in the way organizations leverage their human capital for enduring success. TMI seeks to go beyond merely fueling 21st-century HR through Talent Management.

It is working to make this emerging discipline the new engine for organizations marching boldly into the future. Our advancements in Talent Management have led to the development of the TMI standards and credentials. These help CHROs and HR Business Partners embrace Talent Management as a functional practice within the fabric of HR, and assist organizations in enhancing their next round of growth through talent and human capital. TMI frameworks for enterprise talent systems help organizations discover the power of Talent Management and adopt it as a business hyper-function to catalyze success. TMI standards and certifications stand on a robust framework of knowledge derived through years of comprehensive studies on the dynamics of talent and human capital in business and management globally. TMI certifications for professionals promote higher levels of excellence in the thought and practice of Talent Management. In a similar vein, TMI Fellow programs blend TMI knowledge and expertise to offer an unprecedented opportunity to learn the art and science of Talent Management to high-achieving HR professionals, CHROs, international leaders, consultants, and academics in human capital management.

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About TMI

TMI is a world leader in Talent Management credentialing and is widely credited for its contribution in developing Talent Management into a profession of critical significance for global industry and business. While TMI initiatives, standards frameworks, and body of knowledge spell the state of the art in Talent Management today, TMI certifications for professionals and enterprise talent systems have become industry-leading qualifications demonstrating leadership and excellence in the thought and practice of Talent Management.

For more than a decade, TMI has been in pursuit of making Talent Management a vital organizational function. TMI standards, knowledge frameworks, and credentials are regarded today as the most authoritative in Talent Management standards. They also seek to facilitate sustained excellence and the all-around effectiveness of enterprise HR in talent focused organizations.

TMI credentials are transforming the practice of Talent Management today:

  • Across 183 countries, TMP™, STMP™ and GTML™ credentials in Talent Management have emerged as the world's foremost international qualifications in cutting-edge Talent Management. Our certifications are for HR professionals who want to advance to the next level of talent management performance in the industry.
  • The TMI Associate Fellow & Global Fellow programs are designed for global HR leaders aiming to expand their professional influence and impact.
  • Finally, the TMI-ETMS talent systems provide a standards framework and credentials that are widely recognized as the world's first and most robust systems for organizations looking to effectively embed Talent Management in their HR practice.
  • Global Pioneer in Talent Management Standards

    Global Pioneer in Talent Management Standards

  • Transformational Associate Fellow & Global Fellow programs for HR leaders

    Transformational Associate Fellow & Global Fellow programs for HR leaders.

  • Establishing benchmarks for Talent Management excellence

    World’s first international qualifications in Talent Management

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    Establishing benchmarks for Talent Management excellence

  • TMI exam network extending across 183 countries

    TMI exam network extending across 183 countries

  • TMI–ETMS™ standards – The first in Talent Management for Enterprise HR

    TMI–ETMS standards – The first in Talent Management for Enterprise HR

TMI Credentials and Programs

TMI credentials and programs aim to fuel career growth and expand the power and impact of Talent Management professionals in their organizations. HR professionals and organizations certified in global Talent Management exhibit capabilities for transforming the conventional HR department into a more energetic, agile, and strategic function. The robust TMI framework aims to ingrain Talent Management into every strategic business decision.

TMI offers the world's most powerful set of certifications for HR and Talent Management professionals with our TMP™, STMP™ and GTML™ certifications. TMI has also introduced the TMI Fellow programs in Talent Management, the most advanced learning opportunities for the world's CHROs and the most ambitious HR professionals. TMI certifications are credible and applicable worldwide as they prove that certified individuals display competency and capability in effectively executing Talent Management roles. The TMI Universal Knowledge Framework (TMI-UKF™) provides the most effective knowledge-based model that Talent Management professionals can follow to enhance their expertise and perspectives.

Similarly, the TMI Enterprise Talent Management Standards (TMI-ETMS™) reliably empower organizations with a Talent Management focus. TMI-ETMS™-certified organizations exhibit significant ease when following an optimized combination of talent-focused practices.

TMI Certifications Programs

Currently, TMI offers three international certification programs for HR professionals and two TMI-Fellow programs in advanced Talent Management learning for global HR Leaders...

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The TMI–ETMS series of credentials for enterprises includes two variants
that cover 14 critical areas of strategic importance driving Talent Management excellence in modern organizations.

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  • Governance Structure

    The TMI governance structure consists of four key compartments: the Governing Council, the Ethics Control Board, the Professional Certifications Board, and the Enterprise Certifications Board. These boards, in turn, have several councils and committees that oversee a variety of regulatory and management mandates.

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  • TMI Code of Ethics

    TMI's values are comprehensively reflected in the TMI Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. We believe high ethical standards are critical, as they drive and guide TMI toward achieving its mission of promoting excellence in the Talent Management profession globally by following the highest standards in training, education, integrity, and professional excellence.

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  • TMI Standards

    The TMI body of standards and frameworks includes three main pieces: the Enterprise Talent Management Standards System (TMI-ETMS™ System) for enterprise HR organizations; the Talent Management Body of Knowledge (TMBoK™) for Talent Management Professionals; and the TMI Universal Knowledge Framework (TMI-UKF™) for defining the standards and competence of Talent Management professionals.

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