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High-impact TMI Credentials for Ambitious HR Professionals

Credentials that Spell Your Class as a Talent-Focused HRM Professional

If you are into HR or planning to enter the profession, TMI Certifications can be the most thumping proofs around of your potential and promise for excelling in this discipline. Talent Management is a unique science-and-art to master, and TMI standards and paradigms have pioneered a groundbreaking configuration of essential-knowledge covering all critical HR roles and positions.


Top Six Reasons Why Talent Management Certifications Are a Must for Every HR Professional!

TMP™, STMP™, and GTML™ are the world's very first set of independent professional Talent Management certifications founded on the only Talent Management knowledge standards-framework currently in practice internationally. These credentials validate most convincingly for your employers that your education, training, and knowledge make you a high-potential performer in Talent Management roles. Here are the 6 reasons that thousands of aspiring and working HR professionals find compelling about TMI Certifications. It's time you also acquire one!

It’s really time to start-off your quest for earning a TMI credential. Click here to go choose a certification for yourself.

1 A TMI Credential Adds Attractive New Layers to your Employability +

A TMI-CredForce study in late 2014 confirmed beyond doubt that an international Talent Management qualification on top of an HR degree or major not only makes career-starters and graduating students at least 30% more attractive for employers; but also makes it easier for practicing HR professionals rise faster; or switching to better jobs much easier. As a TMI credential-holder, you join the rarified global league of high-potential Talent Management experts.

2 Around 1 million Talent Management Professionals by 2020 +

With a spate of environment and business model changes in organizations around the world, HR is rapidly bolstering and beefing itself up with Talent Management capabilities. CredRadar studies conducted by CredForce estimate that as many as 1 million new positions in Talent Management functions are expected to open up by 2020. This may just be the best time to get TMI-certified and stake your claim for riding the gigantic wave!

3 A Certified Professionals Can Earn 20%-25% higher! +

HR professionals with exposure to Talent Management have already become pricier than their counterparts with plain vanilla HR exposures and experience. A TMI international credential in Talent Management can serve to add a double whammy! Studies over the years have clearly indicated that on an average, certified professionals command compensation 20%-25% higher more than their non-certified compatriots.

4 TMI Certified Professionals are Preferred for Leadership Responsibilities +

The rigor of TMI Talent Management credentialing standards and the rich, tested expanse of the TMI knowledge framework together ensure that TMI-credentialed individuals are truly the best-of-breed professionals around – and hence the most suited for the most challenging of leadership roles and responsibilities in Human Capital Management. More than 40% of CHROs in a TMI study on HR Best Practices contended that HR professionals with international credentials in Talent Management like those of TMI are their best bets for building future-confident, talent-focused organizations. There really was never a better time to get TMI-certified!

5 TMI Talent Management Credentials are Valid and Respected Across Industries +

Being able to lead Talent Management and Human Capital Maximization challenges across industry verticals and economy sectors is among the most sought-after capabilities of top-bracket HR professionals. And that’s exactly what the TMP™, STMP™, GTML™, and Fellow-of-TMI™ Credentials of TMI powerfully validate about you. A TMI Talent Management Credential on your resume assures employers about your above-the-cut promise and potential as a leader-manager of human capital.

6 The TMI Certified are Secure even During Economic Downturns and Business Model Changes +

The TMI Talent Management models, frameworks, knowledge bodies, and credentialing mechanisms are designed with the aim of making organizations, the HRM function, and indeed HRM professionals future-ready. That’s proof enough how a TMI Talent Management Credential can make your own career too, downturn-resistant; future-friendly.

If you already have an elite international HR qualification/certification to boot, or you have studied Human Resource Management in a TMI-recognized Global institution, then acquiring a TMI qualification just got more affordable for you!

QualiFLY is a TMI program under which, if you have a degree or a qualification from any of TMI-recognized institutions or certification bodies, the regulation candidacy norms for TMP, or STMP, or GTML for you wind down appreciably, and you can apply for your chosen TMI certification as a privileged QualiFLY applicant.

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A Talent Management Certification is a Must-have

HR professionals and career-starters speed up their growth with a Talent Management Certification on top of their HR degrees

Right from significant addition of capacities and knowledge for handling Talent Management responsibilities, to lending a clutter busting edge in a competitive HR profession, Talent Management qualifications seem to do it all for individuals seeking faster growth or a great start of their careers. The infographic shows an analysis of rankings on the six impact-dimensions given by 934 professionals, recruiters, consultants, and academics from 13 countries in a third-party study commissioned by TMI in late 2014.

A whopping 93% of the respondents ranked Professional Brand Improvement as the number one impact of adding a Talent Management qualification. Enrichment of perspective and increase in impact-potential in the workplace ranked as the second and the third most important spinoffs. 89% of the respondents felt growth in career was also definitely a key upshot, and 79% felt their compensation raises became more likely as a result of a Talent Management certification. Interestingly, this analysis also indicated that a significant majority of HR professionals may just believe that career and salary growths are dependent on professional performance capacities.

HR professionals and career-starters speed

The Truly Exclusive
TMI Credential Cases!

All individuals who pass the TMI exams and pre-requisites for TMP™, STMP™, GTML™, and Fellow-of-TMI™ Credentials are awarded their certificates in exclusively designed credential cases. These cases contain printed certificates, designation pins, and copies of the Code of Ethics booklets.

IMPORTANT: The design and contents of these kits can change without notice.

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TMI Credentials Are Digital

Just as those of most other great institutions, TMI Credentials too now come digitally badged. Ensuring your profile creates that awesome digital footprint of its own!

The world has become digital, and we're living on the fly. The quality of our presence in the virtual space often defines how effectively we'll grow in our profession and impact business. And that's where digital badging helps you. There's no better, faster, and more impressive way to showcase digitally, your credentials, your accomplishments, your interests, your passions, and your qualifications on the web. TMI now joins the select few global institutions - including a few ivy-league ones - who are on a digital badging platform.

These are times when instant sharing is the norm and hiring is being done through video interviews, authenticity and relevance of paper credentials is being increasingly challenged by recruiters. Amidst this, digital badges have emerged as the most secure, reliable, and authentic tokens of achievements and capabilities for professionals. Digitally badged TMI Credentials add that strong dash of credibility to your online professional presence, which you can build through showcasing the digital badge of your well-earned TMI Credential on the social media. A TMI digital badge is a verifiable digital token of the TMI Credential you have earned and that can be shared as an icon on web pages, social media platforms and via other online venues including email. A TMI digital badge allows you to easily share your TMI Credential with your current and prospective employers and colleagues, and they can verify it ever so easily, too. The TMI digital badge contains a secure digital link to the TMI cloud, where the bonafides and authenticity of your TMI Credential can be verified instantly by those who you have allowed to.

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