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High-Impact TMI Credentials For Ambitious HR Professionals

  • Talent Management Practitioner

    Whether you're a young HR professional or you are graduating from a university with a major in HR, TMP is the best beginning qualification for breaking into Talent Management.

  • Senior Talent Management Practitioner

    STMP is designed to assist ambitious HR practitioners navigate their careers into Talent Management. An STMP™ certification will earn an automatic pre-qualification for the highly selective Associate Fellow Program.

  • Global Talent Management Leader

    GTML is ideal for senior HR professionals who are ready for a global role in HR through insightful Talent Management. Those who are determined can join Associate Fellow & Global Fellow programs upon successfully receiving the GTML™ certification.

Credentials that Spell Your Class as a Talent-Focused HR Professional

If you are an HR professional or planning to become one, a Talent Management certification reduces the barriers to enter the industry. TMI certifications are the most valuable proof of your potential and promise for excelling in HR.

TMI standards have pioneered a groundbreaking configuration of essential knowledge covering not just all critical HR roles and positions, but also the needs of all other business functions. Initiatives like the TMI-Fellow programs establish TMI’s leadership in pushing the frontiers of Talent Management knowledge, excellence, and learning. These programs open incredible possibilities for HR professionals to learn ground-breaking concepts and techniques of Talent Management.

Our Certified Professionals are from more than 90 countries and territories worldwide.


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The Seven Big Reasons Why TMI Credentials are a Must for Every HR Professional Today!

TMP™, STMP™, and GTML™ are the world's very first set of independent professional Talent Management certifications founded on the only Talent Management knowledge standards-framework currently in practice internationally. These credentials validate that your education, training, and knowledge make you a high-potential performer in Talent Management roles. Here are the seven reasons that thousands of aspiring and working HR professionals are getting their TMI Talent Management credentials. It's time you earned one to add more power to your professional capabilities and profile!

Commence your quest for earning a TMI credential now. Click here to start off by choosing a certification for yourself.

1 A TMI Credential Adds Attractive New Layers to your Employability +

A 2014 TMI/Academik America study confirmed that an international certification in Talent Management with an HR degree makes graduates 30% more attractive than their counterpart. Additionally, a certification makes it easier for practicing HR professionals to rise faster, or easily switch to better jobs. As a TMI credential holder, you join the rare global league of high potential Talent Mangement experts.

2Nearly One Million Talent Management Professionals by 2024 +

With a wave of environmental and business model changes in organizations around the world, HR is quickly improving itself with Talent Management capabilities. Studies estimate that as many as one million new positions in Talent Management functions are expected to open by 2024. With the many changes happening in the industry, now very well may be the best time to get TMI certified.

3A Certified Professional Can Earn 20%-25% More! +

HR professionals with exposure to Talent Management are already more valuable assets to their company than their solely HR counterparts. Studies over the years have clearly indicated that certified professionals can earn on average 20%-25% higher than those who aren't certified.

4 TMI Certified Professionals are Preferred for Leadership Responsibilities +

The rigor of the TMI Talent Management credentialing standards proves that those with TMI certifications are the best equipped professionals. Those who are TMI certified are suited for the most challenging of leadership roles and responsibilities in Human Capital Management. More than 40% of CHROs in a TMI study on HR Best Practices contended that HR professionals with international credentials in Talent Management like those of TMI are their best tools for building confident and talent focused organizations.

5 TMI's Talent Management Credentials are Valid and Respected Across Industries +

Being able to lead Talent Management and Human Capital Maximization challenges across industry verticals and economic sectors is among the most sought-after capabilities of top bracket HR professionals. A certification from the Talent Management Institute validates that you are capable of handling these challenges and assures employers of your strong potential as a manager of human capital.

6 The TMI Certified are Secure even During Economic Downturns and Business Model Changes +

The TMI Talent Management models are designed with the goal to make organizations and HR professionals prepared for the future. A TMI Talent Management Credential will secure your HR career in a variety of circumstances.

7TMI Credentials Qualify you for TMI Fellow Programs in Talent Management +

Professionals with STMP™ or GTML™ certifications enjoy automatic pre-qualification for the prestigious TMI Fellow programs in Talent Management. These are selective programs with an intake of just 100 participants annually. TMI credentialed individuals have the privilege of being pre-qualified for the Associate Fellow and Global Fellow Programs in Talent Management and they are encouraged to join if they meet all other qualifications for the program.

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Race to your TMP™/ STMP™ or a GTML™ credential if you have any of the following or their combination:

  • An elite international HR qualification/ certification from a TMI-recognized credentialing body
  • A degree in Human Resource Management and exposure to Talent Management of at least one year in a large organization
  • You are a student of a TMI-recognized university
Check Right Away If You QualiFLY™

A Talent Management certification is a must-have

HR professionals and recent graduates advance their growth with a Talent Management Certification on top of their HR degrees. Certifications will provide the capacities and knowledge for handling Talent Management responsibilities with the leading information in HR. Talent Management qualifications will help those seeking faster growth or a great start to their career, succeed.

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The infographic shows an analysis of rankings on the six most impactful dimensions of Talent Management certifications given by 934 professionals, recruiters, consultants, and academics from 13 countries in a third-party study commissioned by TMI in early 2020.

93% of the respondents ranked professional brand improvement as the strongest impact of adding a Talent Management credential to their title. Enrichment of perspective and increase in impact potential in the workplace ranked as the second and the third most important benefits, respectively. 89% of the respondents felt growth in their career was another key benefit of the Talent Management Certification and 79% of respondents felt their compensations raises were a direct result of the Talent Management certification. Finally, this analysis indicated that a majority of HR professionals believe that career and salary growths are dependent on professional performance.

The Truly Exclusive TMI Credential Cases!

All individuals who pass the TMI exams and prerequisites for TMP™, STMP™, GTML™, and all other TMI-Fellow programs in Talent Management are awarded their certificates in exclusively designed credential cases. These cases contain printed certificates, designation pins, and copies of the Code of Ethics booklets.

IMPORTANT: The design and contents of these kits can change without notice.

TMI Credentials Are Digital

Just as other great institutions, TMI Credentials too come digitally badged, ensuring your profile creates a digital footprint of its own.

The world has become digital, and we are living in a fast-paced environment. The quality of our presence in the virtual space often defines how effectively we'll grow in our profession. That's where digital badging helps you. There's no better way to showcase your credentials and qualifications on the web. TMI now joins the few institutions, including Ivy League institutions, who are on a digital badging platform.

Today, instant sharing is the norm. With hiring being done virtually, the authenticity and relevancy of paper credentials are being increasingly challenged by recruiters. Digital badges have emerged as secure and reliable indicators of achievements and capabilities for professionals. Digital TMI badges add credibility to your Online professional presence, which you can build through showcasing the digital badge of your TMI Credential online.

A TMI digital badge is a verifiable digital token of the TMI Credential you have earned and can be shared as an icon on web pages, social media platforms, email and other Online venues. A TMI digital badge allows you to easily share your TMI Credential with your current and prospective employers and colleagues. Because the TMI digital badge contains a secure digital link to the TMI cloud, the authenticity of your TMI Credential can be verified instantly.

TMI Certifications Digital Badge

CredBadge™ is a proprietary, secure, digital badging platform that provides for seamless authentication and verification of credentials across digital media worldwide.

CredBadge™ powered credentials ensure that professionals can showcase and verify their qualifications and credentials across all digital platforms, and at any time, across the planet.


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