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Mock Exam and Practice Tests

To help you prepare for the exam, TMI provides practice questions to aid your preparation. We encourage you to engage with these practice tests as you progress through your preparation. This will allow you to gauge your confidence and accuracy in the subject matter as you go. To simulate the actual exam experience as closely as possible, we recommend attempting the mock exam prior to the test day. This will familiarize you with the exam environment and help you run a system check to ensure that you meet the system requirements.

Practice Tests

Practice tests serve as a valuable self-assessment tool designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of your subject-specific strengths and areas that require improvement. These questions are thoughtfully crafted to align closely with the TMI knowledge areas. As you engage with these practice tests, you'll receive your score right after submitting the tests. This valuable insight can aid in a deeper comprehension of the material, ultimately strengthening your grasp of the Talent management concepts. Practice tests can be accessed on your myTMI dashboard.

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Mock Exam

Mock Exam

The mock exam is designed to simulate the main exam providing you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the timing and structure of the exam before the actual exam day.

The mock exam is modeled similarly to the main exam and aids in making you feel more comfortable with the exam format and content; and also acquaints you with the exam environment. Additionally, you can also run a system check to ensure you meet the system requirements.

Candidates can access the mock exam link, on their myTMI dashboard, 24 hours before the actual exam. It is highly recommended that candidates familiarize themselves with the examinee's code of conduct and exam policies ahead of time.

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