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TMI Retains The Recruiters as an Authorized Education Partner in Pakistan

Nov 17, 2021


  • EDITORIAL TEAM Talent Management Institute
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TMI Retains The Recruiters as an Authorized Education Partner in Pakistan

Austin, TX, Nov 17, 2021 - TMI, the US-based global standards leader in talent management, renewed its Authorized Education Provider (AEP) partnership agreement with The Recruiters (TR), one of Pakistan's leading HR services and corporate learning organizations, for the second year in a row.

"Pakistani businesses are actively working to improve the quality of the workforce and drive growth through talent. TR is collaborating with a variety of organizations and institutions to accelerate the development of HR professionals' talent management capabilities by propagating TMI standards," exclaimed Obaidullah, TR's chief mover and head, after receiving the confirmation.

Aariya Goel, Global Head of Expansion for TMI, applauded TR for its efforts to take the TR-TMI relationship to the next level: "Notably, despite all of the early challenges, TR has demonstrated commendable resolve and strategic tenacity in raising awareness of talent management in the country and assisting professionals in obtaining TMI's premier certifications. TR, we hope, will hasten the adoption of TMI's Talent Management Practitioner (TMP™), Senior Talent Management Practitioner (STMP™), and Global Talent Management Leader (GTML™) certifications in Pakistan."

According to an internal study conducted by The Recruiters, if the global trend of having 1.4 HR professionals for every 100 employees is followed, Pakistan's 60,000+ business firms require lacs of HR professionals specialized in talent management to drive their growth. With traditional HR curricula in business schools largely lacking the talent management component, it is critical for Pakistan's industry and professionals to quickly embrace and adopt TMI's global standards and certifications to close this crippling gap.

About The Recruiters:TR offers a wide range of HR management, talent acquisition, corporate learning, employee, and professional development services and solutions to Pakistani businesses and industries. TR's client organizations and customers trust its expertise in providing accelerated solutions to HR issues.

About TMI: TMI is a world leader in Talent Management credentialing and is widely credited for its contribution to developing Talent Management into a profession of critical significance for global industry and business. TMI offers the world’s most powerful set of certifications for HR and Talent Management professionals featuring the TMP™, STMP™, and GTML™ credentials. Talent Management Institute’s standards, credentials, and knowledge lead the revolution in the way organizations to leverage their human capital for enduring success.

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