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The 2022 everywoman Global Summit is set to commence in November

Sep 09, 2022


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The 2022 everywoman Global Summit is set to commence in November

everywoman is organizing its global summit from November 10 - 17, 2022 on gender diversity, aiming to define best practices and offer practical support to facilitate implementation across the world.

Gender diversity plays an essential role. Due to the pandemic’s disproportionate effect on women at the workplace, to handle this issue and work actively towards progressive gender equality. The everywoman Global Summit is an annual destination to help drive changes and advance the gender diversity agenda in the organization. The Summit is open to everyone – from women looking to enhance their careers and build more diverse teams, to men working to support women in their teams and wider organizations.

The online summit brings together over 500 senior women leaders, rising stars and allies from a broad range of industries across all major continents to share global best practice in gender diversity and inclusion. Women entrepreneurs and corporate executives from various countries comprise the majority of the participants. Some of the essential issues being discussed include the effect of the pandemic on the economic progress of women and tangible metrics about gender diversity. Professionals will share government policies as well as business practices that are effective in the ever-transforming economic landscape.

The global summit will cover various topics that will be touched upon include the following:

  • The Inclusive Leader Certificate (for people managers)
  • Implementing ESG Strategy for Gender Equality (for Board level, plus HR, D&I and L&D)
  • Affinity Group Leaders Academy (for ERG leads)
  • Women and male allies looking to advance their careers in either a people management or individual contributor role.

Several noted speakers will be a part of this summit. A few of them include:

  • Dr. Kamel Hothi OBE, Non-Executive Director, TLC Lions, ESG Committee Member, Lloyd's of London
  • Sheri Byrne-Haber, Senior Staff Architect, VMWare
  • Judith Akinosho, EMEA Head of Ethics, TikTok
  • Prarthana Prateek Kaul, Social Entrepreneur, Co-Founder and Director, GiftAbled
  • Emily Bolton, Global I&D Gender Lead, Accenture

The Talent Management Institute (TMI) being the “Supporting Partner” for the summit will help foster gender equality and diversity, as well as actively deal with gender discrimination faced by women at workplace.

TMI is a pioneer in Talent Management credentialing, which offers the world’s most powerful set of certifications to HR and Talent Management professionals and is vastly credited for its contribution in building Talent Management into a profession of critical significance for global industry and business.

TMI would give an opportunity to all the attendees of the event to earn TMI credentials by providing them special voucher code.

Visit https://everywomanforum.com/ew_global_summit/ to register for the event now!

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