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Exam Security

Exam Security

TMI exam security policies and procedures are designed to ensure every candidate has an equal opportunity to exhibit their knowledge on examination day. Before taking your exam, you must accept and agree to follow TMI policies and procedures. The proctor is authorized to take any decision if an examinee is found to be in violation of the examination policies.

Any activity that could be deemed suspicious may lead to the termination of the exam. A few examples of such activities may include but are not limited to-

  • Cheating and/or suspicious behavior was observed during the examination.
  • Keeping articles in the exam room that are not permitted.
  • Taking photos or screenshots of TMI’s learning content, exam questions, or materials.
  • Publishing TMI’s learning or exam content on public websites or disseminating printed copies in private or public forums.
  • Giving or receiving assistance during an exam, either by gestures or having someone else present in the exam room.
  • Any kind of misbehavior or misconduct.

The examinees must maintain the highest standards of conduct. A violation of the policies and code of conduct by the examinee can lead to immediate exam termination and candidacy cancellation, with the proctor's decision being absolute and irrevocable.

The exams are wired and walled by robust technology and process management policies, the TMI test engines on ExamStrong™ ensure correct, zero-lag, cheat-deterrent, and examinee-friendly conduct of exams. It is the responsibility of the examinees to carefully read and understand TMI’s exam policies and procedures to avoid any kind of unintentional breach of security.

Submit a Formal Complaint

If you believe that a TMI candidate or a certified professional has violated the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, you may submit a formal complaint to report the alleged misconduct.

Code of Ethics Violation Complaint Form

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Please enter the License Number/Unique Credential Code of the certificant. Results will be displayed if the person holds an active credential from TMI.