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Talent Acquisition 2017: Adding the ‘E’ to Recruitment [Infographic]

Oct 20, 2016


  • EDITORIAL TEAM Talent Management Institute
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Talent Acquisition Adding The E To Recruitment

Companies handling cross-border workforce are increasingly aligning to global standards in Talent Management, and implementing professional credentials in talent acquisition as a matter of policy. By 2018, around 80% of the largest of global organizations would make a credential in Talent Management a must for all HR staffers, as this infographic shows.

Talent Acquisition 2017
Disclaimer: This infographic is a Talent Management Institute (TMI) knowledge-product developed by CredForce analysts using information available in the public domain, and cannot be copied, reproduced or quoted without explicit TMI permission. This infographic is for informational purposes only and TMI neither guarantees the authenticity of the information sourced from publicly available secondary and tertiary resources, nor is responsible for any damages arising out of use of this infographic. The Information derived from copyrighted sources is duly acknowledged and the credits expressed wherever required. Please quote the infographic code to seek permissions for reproduction or use or to exchange your views at info@tmi.org

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