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Why Certification Is the Best Way to Make up for Your 2020 HR Career Slack

Jan 20, 2021


  • EDITORIAL TEAM Talent Management Institute
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Looking for a quantum leap from a regional to a global leadership role? A GTML™ certification can be the fastest way to do it.

Often, amid the bustle of day-to-day operations, mid-career HR and Talent Management professionals miss the broader picture on global developments. Confined within the limits of a known and limited peer network and a tethered KRA, their knowledge and skills turn rusty and obsolete before they even realize it. The result? Several highest-potential mid-level HR/ talent management careers die a sad abrupt untimely death.

A GTML™ certification can be your ultimate insurance against career staleness. It can bring out the brilliance your profile needs to shine in times like these.

Before we go into the intricacies of this certification, here are some facts as to why the year ahead could be the best time to get TMI certified.

Why 2021 is the Best Time to Get a Talent Management Certification

  • By 2021, one million new vacancies for Talent Management professionals are expected to open up.
  • Certified talent professionals are suited for the most challenging leadership roles and responsibilities in Human Capital Management.
  • More than 40 percent of CHROs contend that HR certified professionals with international credentials in Talent Management build the most confident and talent-focused organizations. (Source: TMI study on HR Best Practices)
  • Certified HR professionals rise faster and easier to better jobs.
  • They earn 20-25 percent higher salaries than their non-certified peers.

What Makes GTML™ a Must-Have Credential for Modern-Day Talent/ HR Professionals

Rated among the must-have qualifications for thriving modern talent managers and HR leaders, GTML™ prepares contemporary leaders for modern-day challenges.

While a GTML™ certification prepares and validates HR leaders and talent managers on multiple fronts, two benefits strikingly stand out:

1. GTML™ prepares leaders for agile Talent Management

Agility is a prime concern for leaders today. The speed at which talent managers deploy and redeploy their talent to meet business objectives has emerged as a key competitive differentiator. In the same nerve, technology is a major enabler in making the ends meet.

Organizations the world over concur on three immediate priorities:

  • The adoption of technologies like people analytics
  • Integration of automation solutions
  • Engaging existing talent to its maximum potential

But here’s the stumbling block - while we know what works, we lag in putting thoughts and concepts into concrete actions. The global business fraternity is witnessing prominent gaps preventing it from maximizing its potential. Here’s the broader picture:

These are the new challenges topping the extensive list of existing ones including but not limited to leadership development, retention and engagement, and reskilling the HR function. The year 2019 further exacerbated the situation by putting forth the new challenges of remote, hybrid, and contractual workforces.

In 2021 and beyond, organizations need a unified, methodical approach to attracting, developing, engaging, and retaining top talent. But most importantly, they need capable talent leaders who are as agile as the market is.

2. GTML™ aligns HR leaders/ talent managers with rapidly changing industry expectations

In the post-COVID world, talent leaders will be a strategic priority and talent managers will have broader responsibilities, including but not limited to:

  • Leading, strategizing, and driving business results
  • Understanding and executing big-picture decisions
  • Honing well-defined talent strategies to meet greater organizational goals
  • Developing nimble and effective talent strategies
  • Engaging and retaining key human capital

But do they fit the criteria? These facts can tell:

The effect percolates to lower rungs in the organizations.

The expectations from talent leaders are changing and their existing skills are likely to become redundant soon. A GTML™ certification can ensure their readiness for the big talent game.

How GTML™ Fares with the Other Professional HR Certifications Out There

More than a decade of our studies suggest that talent managers need to buttress themselves in four prominent areas:

  • Consistently upgrade their knowledge and skills to global best standards
  • Network with global HR/Talent Management champions
  • Validate their existing skills
  • Build their technology muscle

A GTML™ certification helps Talent Managers meet these priorities by:

  • Blending learnings from the world’s knowledge powerhouses
  • Incorporating the latest best practices in its reading materials
  • Including cutting-edge subjects like People Analytics that prepare mid-level managers for wider, impactful roles
  • Benchmarking an extremely high candidate cut-off: Enrolling in GTML™ is not everybody’s cup of tea. Our rigorous and extremely selective intake ensures maximum skills, diversity, and reach.

Benefits Beyond Certification

A GTML™ certification opens the doors to a wide world of global opportunities. It demonstrates the prospect’s readiness to outshine his or her peers in the most demanding and high-profile international assignments and leadership roles in Talent Management and HR.

“Getting a GTML™ certification has been a career-renovating decision for me. It is extremely business-focused, and designed to make one strategically capable enough to spearhead their organization’s human capital function.” – Suleiman Banjar, GTML™, Senior Partner (Human Resources), Ejadah Management Consulting

Latest. Comprehensive. Flexible. - A few GTML™ takeaways

The extensive GTML™ takeaways checklist includes:

  • Powerful online courses specially curated for GTML™ participants, including subjects like the Global Trends for Business and Society, Managing Social and Human Capital, and People Analytics. The courses help participants grasp the complexities of the contemporary business environment.
  • Talentastic! to broaden the participants’ hold over leadership challenges and to help them learn approaches to these challenges as high-impact global leaders
  • Talent Management: The TMI Handbook for Practitioners, a robust conceptual framework and TMI’s flagship publication
  • Talent & the Future of Work covering the latest insights on the ways workplaces, work, and workforces are being transformed and how talent and HR leaders are addressing this change

What You’ll Get

You can showcase your digital badge across platforms like your LinkedIn profile or in your emails. Anyone you grant access can validate the authenticity of your credential.

Is GTML™ Right for you?

  • Can you articulate your company’s business strategy and goals?
  • Do you know how best to align your human resource expertise and tools to support strategy?
  • Can you measure the success of your initiatives in meeting your organization’s bottom-line success?
  • Are you aware of the cutting-edge technologies in the Talent Management space?

If your answer to any of the above is a No, then a GTML™ certification is the right choice for you.

It will help you understand, walk, and talk the language of top global talent management leaders.

How It Works

A GTML™ certification is a knowledge-packed seven-stage journey:

Exam Duration

  • 120 minutes on ExamStrong™ platform
  • You can take the exam online at a location and time of your choice after approval from the ExamStrong™ platform.

When Can You Take the Exam?

After successful registration, the first 45 days is the immersion period. During this time, you will receive the books and understand the fundamentals. You can take the exam any day between the 46th and 180th day.

The GTML™ certification is valid for five years. Post this period, you will need to apply for recertification.

Get more details here.

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