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Talent Management Certifications - Because You’re Worth It…. And More

Aug 02, 2018


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Talent Management Certifications - Because You’re Worth It…. And More

Upward mobility is not just for entrepreneurs or the viciously ambitious. The corporate world is as ruthless as nature itself, and Darwinism of a digitally and socially dominated society has ushered in the need for constant evolution of skills, knowledge, and proficiencies. The digital era has harked upon us the dire need to upgrade our skills from the mundane to the innovative, from the archaic to the nouveau, and from the paper pushing to the unified and strategic. HR managers of old are in the dire need for a paradigm shift from being paper pushers to strategy-centric professionals with superlative technology skills.

HR managers of old are in the dire need for a paradigm shift from being paper pushers to strategy-centric professionals


The TLDR version of the answer is in skill improvement and capability validation to show your prospective employers that you are an outlier.

People are the key differential in any organization, and the competition is always eager to relentlessly hammer out any potential for growth and success that a business may have, regardless of a fast racing startup or a multinational behemoth. The talent edge is key, and employers are waking up to the fact that hiring an already verified high potential and skilled candidates has an immediate payoff, unlike the run of the mill on-the-job-trained rookie.

So much so, that transformation has literally multiplied the rat race to the top in exponents. Consider this: 100% of HR professionals today around the world – according to a TMI study – do just 12% of the jobs that their seniors did a decade back. You need to prepare for excelling in HR through Talent Management in landscapes where an astonishing 50% of the older HR jobs either stand outsourced, or distributed to other business functions in the company.


The higher the altitude, the thinner the air. Corporate opportunities aren’t very different, and the mythical glass ceiling, if you haven’t been living under a rock, is very real. In the world of program executioners and policy enforcers, the strategic innovator is king. Companies know this all too well, going by the massive compensation and benefits that the few at the peak are offered. We’ve all heard the rumors within the community and read the headlines in the magazines.

But achievements of a few are a far cry from the aspirations of many, and if there is a workable and pragmatic bridge between the two - it is in certifications. This pretty much explains why middle managers, stuck in a rut between the rock of yesteryear’s practices and the hard place of tomorrow’s automated, artificially intelligent world, are choosing to earn their professional credentials in hordes.

Talent Management Certifications - Because You’re Worth It…. And More


From a statistical perspective, too, the probability of careers progression in the right (read: upward) direction is denoted by a recent research that showed 42% of HR vice presidents in large corporations held advanced level certifications in Talent Management.

It doesn’t end there, either, if you climb up the next notch. 39% of director level titleholders have an advanced talent management certification of their own. Remember that we’re talking about very senior, very respected and very well-networked professionals who are still choosing to upgrade their skills and keep themselves updated to industry and thought leadership. Inspiration rarely gets better than this.

At the other end of the spectrum are the managerial level HR professionals, 30%, close to a third, of whom hold professional certifications outside of their college degrees.

Talent Management Certifications - Because You’re Worth It…. And More

At the crux of it all is a rapidly strengthening and absolutely irrefutable correlation between certifications and career growth, not just at the crack of the starter pistol or halfway through, but even at the finish line. This is perhaps best exemplified by the recent research by compensation benchmarking website Payscale, which revealed that 91% of employers prefer their employees to have professional credentials to qualify for a promotion.

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