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Talent Management Facts for Planning 2020 and Beyond/resources/talent-development-trends-in-2019-and-beyond

Talent Management Facts for Planning 2020 and Beyond

2019 changed the course of the global Talent Management industry. While this was the year when Talent Management matured and bloomed in its best form, it was also the year when global leaders and businesses began demanding greater, concrete and measurable results from the function.

Talent Management is no longer seen as a supportive role. Talent Managers are now accountable for business success and Talent has emerged as one of the most crucial components of the current and future business strategy.

The factsheet ‘Talent Management Facts for Planning 2020 and Beyond’ digs into the current Talent Management trends and projects them on the 2020 market to forecast opportunities and challenges that lay ahead for the Talent and Human Resource planners.

This factsheet is a valuable and vital information and planning resource for:

  • Business leaders (CEOs, CHROs, VPs, and Talent Management Heads)

  • Talent planners and managers

  • HR professionals

  • Job seekers

*Note: The facts and forecasts presented are of a general nature and do not constitute the possible shift triggered by COVID-19 crisis.

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A Guide to Talent Management Facts for Planning 2020 and Beyond.
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