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Here's the most shining of the feathers the most accomplished HR leaders on the planet would perhaps get to add to their already decorated caps. The Fellow-of-TMI Credential establishes the highest mark of leadership and eminence in Talent Management the world may have ever looked up to.


The Most Profound Recognition of your Accomplished Career


TMI confers the prestigious Fellow-of-TMI Credential upon professionals of unblemished international eminence and accomplishments in the discipline of Talent and Human Capital Management. Renowned HR leaders and seasoned global professionals belonging to those disciplines that are widely considered to be associated with Talent and Human Resource Management are also equally worthy of the credential.

The Fellow-of-TMI is TMI's highest professional title or designation today in the HR profession, demonstrating the groundbreaking and exemplary nature of the beholders' accomplishments as practitioners of the state-of-the-art in Talent Management. HR leaders credentialed with Fellow-of-TMI are undisputed thought–leaders, loaded with an array of contributions to the art-and-science of Talent Management they have made during the course of their distinguished careers.

Through the Fellow-of-TMI program, TMI envisions creating an elite

International marquee of TMI-recognized experts, scholars, professionals, and scientists who have made extraordinary and seminal additions to the contemporary bodies of Talent Management thought and practice, and left a mark of their brilliance in the profession and function of Human Resource Management.

The Fellow–of–TMI is an absolute thoroughbred when it comes to rigor and integrity – establishing a rarefied new benchmark for how elite qualifications and designations should necessarily pursue in how they select, assess, scrutinize, and validate candidacies for – and bestow such hallowed credentials. The Fellow–of–TMI decisions culminate only after the applications have been assiduously evaluated and validated in accordance to the policies and standards prescribed by the Charter of Fellow–of–TMI.

The entire process is consummately rigor–bound with due latitude reserved for a constructive, empathetic allowance of subjective assessments by the evaluation committee members, just in case an exceptional application so demands. The eventual award of the Fellow–of–TMI designation hinges on the trio of accomplishments, contributions, and the character & integrity demonstrated by the illustrious applicants. TMI is required to turn around with its award decision within six weeks of the filing of a Fellow application. The second procedural requirement is the applicant’s participation in a Fellow MasterClass within 12 months of acceptance of the application and grant of the provisional Fellow status.

Joining an Elite Pedigree

Being a Fellow-of-TMI – What does this mean

If you belong to Talent Management, Human Resource, or any of the associated areas and disciplines, then, the Fellow–of–TMI designation is among the most profound credentials around you will find anywhere yet, demonstrating the professional eminence, leadership, and success you have come to enjoy in your illustrious career so far.

The Fellow–of–TMI Credential wields the power it does entirely because of the intensive, elaborate, and rigorous scrutiny and validation framework we deploy. That is the reason, this designation becomes such a powerful projection of your eminence.

Fellow–of–TMI is the most credible testimony of the fact that your thoughts, ideas, and opinions on Talent Management are backed by a rich litany of impressive accomplishments and contributions, and hence, holds an important, distinct value and weight, much as they enjoy the highest degree of respect and attention internationally.

Only for the Most Illustrious

Only for the Most Illustrious

Being a Fellow-of-TMI – Who is it Ideal for?

Fellows are unmistakable for their pre–eminence on the international Talent Management firmament. They may be practicing executives, academics, researchers, trainers, teachers, or even consultants and technocrats – but without exception – all of them having bountiful experience backing them up, and a litany of accomplishments in their chosen walks of Human Resource and Talent Management. Fellows push the frontiers, blaze new trails, and hence, they necessarily have to have that wealth of knowledge and wisdom in the discipline.

TMI, therefore, looks for applicants with diverse sets of expertise and interests – the thinkers, the doers, the creators, the engineers, and the executors – including the experts and the accomplished who have turned their organization around by their Talent Management ideas and practices; or those, who have modeled or innovated or invented path–breaking mechanisms or tools or systems or technologies that make Talent Management more efficient, effective, or convenient to practice; or those, who have coded new applied theories that explain problems, challenges, and other phenomena in contemporary Talent Management. Senior professionals with their Master's degrees topped by industry awards, research papers, publications, and a reputation for their character and their spirit of the professional yeoman – they are ideally placed for earning their well–deserved Fellow–of–TMI Credential.

The Privileges

Opportunities for Building a Professional Brand

Apart from earning the coveted rights to use the “Fellow–of–TMI title along with the TMI registered logo with one's name, a Fellow–of–TMI also wins a lifetime of inclusion to the elite, exclusive international community of the most accomplished global citizens of Talent Management. To add, the Fellows have the opportunity of making the expert review panels of various TMI publications, including the flagship TMI Journal of Applied Talent Management, and getting published as well. Further, Fellows also get opportunities of speaking in global TMI forums and events – the Global Talent Management Summit included. And finally, the Fellows obtain the opportunity to participate in high–power Talent Management MasterClasses organized at regular intervals around the year in different parts of the world featuring learnings on the cutting–edge of the discipline.

In fact, the Fellow-of-TMI Charter prescribes it as a polite requirement, that individuals who have earned their Fellow–of–TMI designation should attend their first Fellow Master–class within 12 months of the date of grant of the Fellow–of–TMI designation, and then, to keep their Fellow designation and attendant privileges active, attend at least one Fellow MasterClass in every two years.

Fellow MasterClass Logo

UP Ahead

  • Philadelphia

    OCTOBER 2017

  • Singapore

    MARCH 2018

  • Mumbai

    JANURAY 2018

  • Amsterdam

    MAY 2018

Be the first to experience the groundbreaking in Talent Management!

TMI MasterClasses are exclusive hotbeds of exchange of the groundbreaking in Talent and Human Capital Management. Organized throughout the year in different parts of the world, they are high-impact, learning-packed leadership-building workshops for the Fellows. If you’re already credentialed, it’s a great way to de-weed, charge-up, refresh, and renew. Get your professional voice the zing and the power to spread across the world!

If you’re registered for the Fellow-of-TMI Credential, then, it’s a must anyways! Benefit from a mélange of expert-views and ideas on the cutting edge of the science-and-art of Talent Management. We look forward to seeing you soon in a MasterClass!

Know More

The Candidacy Tracks

Ways to Become a Fellow–of–TMI

The following table summarizes the specifics of what it takes to become a Fellow–of–TMI. There are two distinct tracks – the Practitioner Track, and the Academic Track

  • Minimum Qualification Required
    Should have completed Master's Degree/ Master's Level Diploma in Human Resource Management/ Business/ Management/ Related Disciplines

    Minimum Work Experience.
    15 Years or more experience in any of the HR sub–functions

  • Minimum Qualification Required
    Should have completed Doctorate/ PhD in any aspect of Human Resource Management

    Minimum Work Experience
    5 years or more experience in teaching and research in Human Resource Management

The Process

How to Become a Fellow-of-TMI

The following summarizes the steps to applying for becoming a Fellow-of-TMI:

  • 1DO YOU HAVE IT? -

    Check if you fulfill the Fellow-of-TMI requirements in the Candidacy Tracks.

  • 2APPLY +

    If you meet the candidacy criteria, please fill out the online application form for the Fellow-of-TMI program from your myTMI account available on www.tmi.org. Click Here to create your myTMI account and pay a one–time fee of USD 5750 only.


    Once you have applied, please wait for our acknowledgement-response email with instructions for the next course of actions regarding assessments or submissions etc. Simultaneously, we also initiate the process for assessing your candidacy and to arrive at a prima-facie or a provisional decision.


    An internal check is conducted to validate your credentials against the prescribed candidacy prerequisites for becoming a Fellow-of-TMI.


    A committee of eminent members – many of them Fellow-of-TMIs themselves – will conduct a formal evaluation of your submissions in accordance to the norms prescribed under the Fellow-of-TMI Charter.
    During the course of the evaluation of your submissions, the evaluation committee may want to engage you in a telephonic/online interaction to confirm, clarify, or validate some of the facts or opinions or information you may have presented/ submitted in your Fellow-of-TMI application.


    Post validation of your credentials, a communication about your fitness to become a Fellow (or lack thereof) shall reach on your email id registered with TMI. In the event your candidacy is found wanting in any regard, you may initiate the refund process. However, if your candidacy is accepted, you will be required to make documentation and write-up submissions on topics themes around various thought and practice aspects of Talent Management.

  • 7AWARD +

    If your application qualifies, we communicate our acceptance of your candidacy for the Fellow-of-TMI Credential, and you obtain the status of a provisional Fellow-of-TMI. The final award of the Fellow-of-TMI designation, however, effects after you have submitted the proof of having attended a Fellow-of-TMI MasterClass within 12 months of grant of the Provisional Fellow Credential.


    The TMI communication confirming the grant of your Provisional Fellow Credential also carries the process of registering for the MasterClass event. You will be required to participate in at least one MasterClass event within 12 months.


    After submitting the MasterClass participation proof with TMI, you can expect your Fellow-of-TMI Credential to be awarded within three to four weeks.

Exams & Assessments

Being assessed for the Fellow-of-TMI Credential may just be the most joyous self-discovery you may have made in the last so many years of your career and life. The good news starts with the fact that the TMI Professional Certifications Board (TPCB) does not mandate any formal exams – online or offline–for the applicants of the Fellow–of–TMI program. However, in keeping with the recommendations of the TMI Certification Frameworks Council (TCFC), a rigorous process of evaluating the leadership history and potential of applicants of Fellow–of–TMI is in force. The Potential for Talent Management Leadership (PTML) assessment requires applicants to make online submissions, and these have to be uploaded/ completed within 90 days of the acceptance of their application by the TPCB.

The following are the important objects that applicants of the Fellow-of-TMI Credential may be asked to submit during the course of their PTML assessments:

  • 1

    Latest, detailed Curriculum Vitae in the format prescribed by the TPCB and made available to all Fellow-of-TMI applicants.

  • 2

    Essays/ Opinions/ Detailed Anecdotes/ Change Management Cases that vividly reflect Talent Management Leadership experiences and accomplishments of applicants.

  • 3

    Talent Management Vision Papers/ Essays that reflect applicant's potential for bringing about seminal change in the thought and practice of Talent Management in a country or in an industry globally.

  • 4

    Photo-Essays and Workplace Albums that include photographs of applicants in momentous occasions of their careers.

Knowledge & Experience Expectations

Vision of the Future of Talent Management Function, Thought, & Practice

  • Contours of change in the objectives & paradigms of Talent Management
  • Talent Management services of the Future
  • Opportunities landscape for Talent Management

Vision of the Future of Talent Management Models & Strategies

  • Emerging & future models of Talent Management
  • Enhancing global competitiveness through Talent Management excellence
  • New drivers of Talent Management excellence in organizations

Challenges of Managing the Talent Management Edifice in Corporations Today

  • People performance challenges for Talent Management leaders
  • Culture & work environment challenges for Talent Management leaders
  • People development & talent transformation challenges for Talent Management leaders

Talent Management Impacts on Economic Growth

  • Roles Fellow-of-TMI applicants can play in the growth of the industry and economy of their nations
  • Specific ideas and strategies Fellow-of-TMI applicants may have in mind
  • Experiences of contributing to national industry's growth

Credential Maintenance & Continuation

Your Fellow–of–TMI Certification is valid for life and to keep your certification live and current you have to renew every three years. Renewal implies refreshing your Fellow–of–TMI Credential before the changes in the environment and competence requirements render the qualification irrelevant. Keeping your Fellow–of–TMI alive and active through renewal is easy. TMI will send you reminder emails for renewal of your credential, wherein you simply have to click the links mentioned in these communications, or log into your myTMI account and register for Fellow-of-TMI renewal. In order to receive email reminders from TMI, please make sure to keep your email address current. Please note that training is not mandatory for renewal.

How many times can you Renew your Fellow-of-TMI Credential

TMI permits unlimited number of renewals for Fellow-of-TMI and your Fellow-of-TMI qualification can expire only if it has not been “refreshed” once in three years.

How to Renew for Fellow-of-TMI

Renewal for Fellow-of-TMI is a simple 3-step process:

  • 1. Register for your Fellow-of-TMI Renewal Program You can enroll for renewal directly with TMI by logging into your myTMI account. Once you register and pay the required fee, you will receive the Fellow-of-TMI renewal voucher through email. Remember there are no training requirements and hence, you may directly qualify for the Fellow-of-TMI renewal after completing the renewal formalities as mentioned in step 2 below. Indeed, do remember to enroll early if you want to enjoy the fee benefit!
  • 2. Complete Fellow-of-TMI Renewal Requirements Once you have applied for the renewal of Fellow-of-TMI, you are required to complete TMI-prescribed formalities after logging into your myTMI account.
  • 3. Get the Fellow-of-TMI Renewal Decision You are there now. If you qualify all prescribed TMI norms and finish the required formalities, your Fellow-of-TMI credential stands renewed.

The Code of TMI Standards of Ethics & Conduct for Fellows

The TMI Code of Standards of Ethics & Conduct prescribed under the Charter of Fellows, 2014 provides for the sacrosanct professional conduct & responsibility framework for individuals who have earned the Fellow–of–TMI designation. This Code consists of tenets that are not mere objectives to be strived for to be met by Fellows – these tenets have to be unconditionally accepted by Fellows as rules that they will always be conscious of never violating under any circumstance – whether of duress, or otherwise. The following are the tenets included in the TMI Standards of Ethics & Conduct (TSEC) for the

  • All Fellows will strive to conduct themselves at all times as examples of good citizens and will unconditionally support, respect, and abide by the appropriate local, state, provincial, and federal laws.

  • All Fellows shall constantly strive to promote and advocate the understanding of Talent Management thought, philosophy, methods and procedures among organizations and professionals in their countries using every resource at their command.

  • All Fellows shall without fail, always cooperate with other Fellows and shall treat them with honesty and respect at all times, maintaining a healthy relationship with them all along.

  • All Fellows shall exhibit via their conduct that they completely understand and value the obligation they have toward contributing to the betterment of the practice and standards of Talent Management in organizations, and that, they shall always strive to voluntarily initiate and partake in programs and projects that do so.

  • All Fellows shall never disclose information or knowledge of confidential nature to further their individual, personal interests, nor they shall ever violate the privacy and confidentiality of information entrusted to them, or to which they may have gained access owing to their position of influence or circumstances.

  • All Fellows shall constantly keep their professional knowledge and skillsets in Talent Management updated, and they shall always ensure that they are ready intellectually and with the latest expertise to contribute the cause of Talent Management growth as and when demanded by TMI.

  • All Fellows shall constantly strive to share their knowledge about Talent Management and professional best practices with others, and present factual and objective information, never misrepresenting or withholding information concerning the capabilities, character, skills or behavior of employees and business associates or colleagues they work with.

  • All Fellows shall always accept full responsibility for the work they perform, never misuse the authority entrusted to them, or take advantage of the lack of knowledge or inexperience on the part of others, to further their own personal interests.

  • All Fellows shall always conduct themselves honestly in all professional relationships and business deals, and shall take appropriate action in regard to any illegal or unethical practices that may come to their attention, and shall never misrepresent or withhold information that is germane to a problem or situation of public concern nor will allow any such known information to remain unchallenged.

  • All Fellows shall always conduct themselves without bias or prejudice; bring charges of dishonesty against any person only after confirming the presence of a reasonable basis for believing in the truth of the allegations, and they shall never use or take credit for the work of others without specific acknowledgment and authorization.

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