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TMI's all-new GTML™ webinar series started with Jon Younger on The Art of Managing Outside Talent

Apr 16, 2021


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GTML webinar Press Release

As a part of the Talent Management Institute's (TMI) Global Talent Management Leader (GTML™) 2021 program, an all-exclusive live webinar was conducted on Thursday, April 8, 9:00 am EST. Jon Younger, founder of Agile Talent Collaborative, an angel investor in the HR tech space, and a senior lecturer at the University of Michigan, Indian School of Business, and Copenhagen Business School, was the main speaker.

Austin, TX, April 16, 2021 – Organizations are undergoing a considerable transformation in talent sourcing, accelerated by a greater need for an agile workforce during the coronavirus pandemic. As companies increasingly turn to a broad mix of freelancers, consultants, contractors, and gig workers as an alternative to full-time employees, talent leaders need a roadmap that does more than hiring on-demand workforce.

As a part of the all-new enriched 2021 GTML™ program, Talent Management Institute (TMI) organized the first part of the webinar series of focussed discussions with distinguished HR leaders. The first session was a 90-minute interactive webinar exclusively for the GTML™ candidates that ran on Thursday, April 08, 2021, at 9 a.m. EST.

The live seminar featured HR thought leader Jon Younger as the main speaker. Jon has authored five books and numerous articles on talent management published in Forbes and HBR. He is an active investor in HR and also teaches as a senior lecturer at major universities. During the session, Jon shared insights on how to source and manage external talent in this ‘new work’ era. Sofi Zahoor, a TMI alumnus and Chief Executive Officer of HumanCap, moderated this live webinar.

The webinar featured exciting discussions and lively interactive Q& A sessions with the participants on topics including:

  • Why do you need to engage with the freelance community
  • Six-point staffing model framework for blended workforce
  • Examples of leading organizations successfully deploying agile talent
  • Ways to overcome internal challenges of the increased use of external talent
  • How organizations can work in tandem with freelance platforms to reinforce productivity and retention

“HR is an important player on the demand side of the freelance revolution. But HR is still relatively stuck,” said Younger.

This webinar was meant for candidates who have enrolled in TMI's Global Talent Management Leader (GTML™) 2021 program.


The Global Talent Management Leader (GTML™) certification is the world's most prestigious designation designed to accelerate senior HR and talent management professionals' rise to the global level. It is the ultimate validation of senior leadership and professional acumen in talent management for professionals ready to spearhead organizations' march into the future. GTML™ credential is a highly respected international qualification for talent leaders across the world.

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