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The Code of Ethics

Members of TMI (including TMI charter holders) and applicant/ examinee/ registrants for the TMI designation must adhere to the following tenets of conduct:


TMI Values are comprehensively projected and reflected in the TMI Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. They drive and guide TMI toward achieving its mission of promoting excellence in the Talent Management profession globally by promulgating and following the highest of standards in training, education, integrity, and professional excellence. High ethical standards are critical to maintaining the public’s trust in the Talent Management profession. Since their creation, the TMI Code and Standards have sought to promote the integrity of TMI members and to serve as a model for measuring the ethics of Talent Management/ management professionals globally, regardless of job-function, cultural differences, or local laws and regulations. All TMI members, alumni, and certificants and even prospective TMI certification applicants are expected to abide by the TMI Code and Standards and are encouraged to notify their employer of this responsibility. Violations may result in strict disciplinary sanctions by TMI. Sanctions can include revocation of membership, revocation of candidacy in a TMI program, and revocation of the right to use TMI designations.