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Power Credentials

The TMP, STMP, and GTML credentials from the Talent Management Institute are the most powerful indicators of proven promise and potential for professional excellence in the complex and exciting talent management discipline globally today. In a world that is getting intensely talent-focused, it is critical for organizational HR systems, strategies and leadership to have the capability to competently and seamlessly build Talent Management into their fabric as the driver of competitive superiority, strategic agility, business performances and corporate esteem. TMI-credentialed talent management and HR professionals lead transformation of HR into an engine of superior organizational performance.

  • Talent Management Practitioner

    Talent Management Practitioner

    • An ideal qualification for young HR professionals moving into Talent Management
    • A rich, top-up qualification for individuals graduating in HR
    • Students at TMI-recognized institutions are even more appealing with a TMP credential
    • Complimentary TMP Resource Box (TMI Handbook) for every registered individual
    • Conveniently upgrade to STMP after completing work-related requirements
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  • Senior Talent Management Practitioner

    Senior Talent Management Practitioner

    • If you are a mid-career HR professional, invest in STMP now to accelerate your growth
    • Graduate to high-action Talent Management roles and responsibilities
    • STMP showcases your potential for excelling in talent-focused HRM
    • Build your profile for top-notch global organizations
    • Prequalify for the exclusive and extremely selective Associate Fellow of Talent Management program
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  • Global Talent Management Leader

    Global Talent Management Leader

    • For global HR & Talent Management professionals who desire continual growth
    • The best credential for senior HR professionals taking the next leap in their career
    • Unique focus on leading management of multicultural millennials and senior talent
    • GTML is the strongest foundation for Talent Management excellence to propel you forward
    • Exclusive pre-qualification for the Fellow programs
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World Talent Management Day

Block your calendar for a special 4 hour event featuring keynote and insight sessions by leading researchers and academics.
Not to be missed are multiple discussions among industry experts, consultants and practitioners on the most pressing issues and the most exciting opportunities in Talent Management today.


Resources & Publications

The frontiers of Talent Management are rapidly expanding to amplify the capacities of HR and its impact on how 21st-century businesses can compete and grow successfully amidst flux and uncertainty. TMI is closing the knowledge gap in the discipline with several high-quality reading and reference resources available in printed formats for a wide variety of Talent Management stakeholders. Most notably, the list includes the seminal Talent Management – The TMI Handbook for Practitioners, the world’s first; most authoritative text ever written on Talent Management. The list also includes a clutch of publications on the future of work, and leading-edge HR and Talent Management practices. A collection of these exclusive knowledge resources makes up the TMI Resource Box, which is given complimentary to all registrants of TMP, STMP, GTML, and all Fellow programs in Talent Management.

TMI Learning Resources & Publications

If you wish to contribute to TMI's effort of building up an exceptional talent management knowledge repository, please get in touch with us here.

Ensure you’re served best at TMI

Earning a TMI credential for yourself, your company or growing your business as a TMI partner is a matter of great pride. We want to ensure your journey with TMI is exciting and convenient. TMI has engaged global experts and leaders to develop quality content, exam-management, logistics and digital credentialing to ensure the very best experience is delivered to you.

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  • Examstrong

    World Leader in Certification Testing

    TMI Exams are delivered by ExamStrong, the world's largest and most technologically advanced exam delivery system. It has become the first choice of governmental standard agencies as well as for non- government and independent industry standard bodies when it comes to delivering their highest stake certification exams for mission critical policy programs.

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  • Credbadge

    Special digital badges for global standards bodies

    All TMI credentials from TMP™, STMP™ to GTML™, come with digital and physical certificates. Certificates are complete with CredBadge, a digital credentialing platform that manages the badge process for TMI professional credentials. CredBadge ensures TMI certificates are delivered with a high quality digital presence.

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CredBadge™ is a proprietary, secure, digital badging platform that provides for seamless authentication and verification of credentials across digital media worldwide.

CredBadge™ powered credentials ensure that professionals can showcase and verify their qualifications and credentials across all digital platforms, and at any time, across the planet.


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