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World-Leaders ensure you’re served best at TMI !

  • Academik America
  • CredBadge
  • ExamStrong

Earning a TMI credential for yourself or for your company, or growing your business as a TMI partner is a matter of great pride. But ensuring your journey with TMI is full of the joys of convenience and speed is a priority for us too. TMI has engaged global experts and leaders in content, exam-management, logistics and digital credentialing to ensure the very best of experience is delivered to our stakeholders.

While Academik America, a leading provider of educational services, manages the end-to-end deliveries of top-quality experience for TMI clients and certification customers, ExamStrong™, the global leader dedicated to stringent testing and examination manages the TMI exams through its state-of-the-art online exam platform and a globally spread-out ecosystem.

Wiley, the world’s leading publisher of technology and management content with over two dozen Nobel laureates in its author panels, has collaborated with TMI to produce the world’s first-ever suite of Talent Management content aligned to the TMI-UKF™ standards-framework for the Talent Management profession. Similarly, the digital badging operations for all TMI certifications are handled by CredBadge, a global specialist in digital credentialing and badging.

TMI partners with these global leaders in their respective spaces, and none of them play any role in TMI's core credentialing functions, such as assessment development, exam evaluation, or credential process management.


Specialist Digital Badging for Professionals

All TMI credentials - TMP™, STMP™, and GTML™ - come digitally badged, in addition to being carried on physical certificates. Replete with a secure and robust backbone, CredBadge's latest-generation digital credentialing platform manages the digital badging process for TMI professional credentials to ensure TMI-certified professionals have the highest quality digital presence.

CredBadge specializes in digitizing the most prestigious and high-stake qualifications and credentials issued by governmental organizations and those of leading global industry standards bodies and educational institutions.


The Leading Online Examination Platform

TMI Exams are delivered by ExamStrong™, the technologically most advanced exam-delivery ecosystem.

ExamStrong’s systems, processes, technologies, and policies exceed the extremely rigorous test-delivery standards laid down under the Question and Test Interoperability (QTI) norms that also conform to leading-edge Portable Custom Interaction Best Practices. They have been designed and commissioned in alignment with the most stringent of international testing, accreditation, and credentialing norms. The ExamStrong™ team is composed of test-delivery experts with years of accomplished exposure to various aspects of TEI-based test-engine development, exam-integrity assurance, and real-time proctoring, and backed by the experience of over 50,000 tests around the world since 1995 in a variety of modes - including real-time, online proctored in the private mode, and the center-based. ExamStrong™ establishes exclusive, dedicated test centers for TMI partner-organizations and universities upon request across 183 countries covering all major cities and business locations.



CredBadge™ is a proprietary, secure, digital badging platform that provides for seamless authentication and verification of credentials across digital media worldwide.

CredBadge™ powered credentials ensure that professionals can showcase and verify their qualifications and credentials across all digital platforms, and at any time, across the planet.


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