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Global Fellow Program in Talent Management

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Program Overview

Brought on by global knowledge leaders, the Wharton School and the Talent Management Institute, the TMI-Wharton Global Fellow program is a powerful and exclusive leadership learning program in Talent Management. The program is designed for accomplished senior professionals and experts who desire to expand the sphere of their professional impact and leadership influence in the industry.

Participants of this program get to learn from Wharton’s world-renowned Talent Management experts, who share cutting-edge research and best practices that can be put into effect immediately to drive business and trigger organizational transformation. Participants also build a strong network of high-achieving peers that will continue to provide inspiration, guidance, and support long after the program has ended.

Blended Learning - Uniquely Experiential, Self-Paced & Flexible

The program is designed and optimized specifically for busy global leaders who desire their learning to be high-quality, experiential, flexibly paced, and self-planned. The program blends the self-paced learning modes of text-reading, Wharton Online learning and Case-writing with the immersive experience of the residential MasterClass at Wharton, conducted by Wharton professors and leading industry experts.

TMI-Wharton Global Fellow program

Expanding Leadership Impact-Potential

The TMI-Wharton Global Fellow program arrives at a time when Talent Management is breaking free of its moorings in HR, and finally evolving into an independent, interdisciplinary function. By inspiring participants to explicitly understand the connection between Talent Management excellence and business leadership effectiveness, the program aims to transform these high-achievers into leaders of even greater impact for their departments, organizations, businesses, and industry.

After completing the TMI-Wharton Global Fellow program successfully, participants join an exclusive international community of the most accomplished global experts in the discipline of Talent Management. TMI-Wharton Global Fellows are invited to be part of various TMI boards, councils, committees, and expert review panels with an opportunity to get published. TMI-Wharton Global Fellows of Talent Management may also have the opportunity to speak at global forums and events.

Cross-Functional and Interdisciplinary

While ideally tailored for a wide range of eminent HR professionals, experts, and academics, the TMI-Wharton Global Fellow program also helps address the needs of accomplished senior leaders who have proven themselves across a spectrum of other business, management, and leadership functions. The content, instruction, discussions, and exchanges enable participants to leverage their experience and accomplishments in order to prepare them for greater achievements in their careers.

The TMI-Wharton Global Fellow program blends the transformational experience of a Wharton MasterClass with the convenience of self-pacing your learning. The spectrum of learning themes covered in this program grants candidates an exclusive access to an experiential learning MasterClass by Wharton professors, along with insightful sessions by global business and management experts at Wharton’s Philadelphia campus. Candidates can make their own schedule for the other stages of the program with about 6 to 8 hours per week of focused studies.

The Road to Business Leadership

Key Program Takeaways

The TMI-Wharton Global Fellow program blends the expertise and thought leadership of TMI and Wharton with the convenience of flexible learning. Participants can expect the following:

  • Customize your own study plan to learn from world-class TMI books and exclusive Wharton Online courses
  • Use Wharton’s knowledge to refine, strengthen, and expand your perspective for leveraging talent in leading organizations
  • Enrich your philosophy and understanding of building enduring organizations and businesses through breakthrough Talent Management
  • Get the opportunity to meet the world’s brightest thinkers and the most accomplished leaders in the Talent Management discipline
  • Learn new paradigms of solving organizational growth challenges using insightful Talent Management
  • Leverage Wharton expertise in learning how to leave a lasting impact through your talent-centered leadership
  • Experience the transformative Wharton residential MasterClass and prepare yourself for higher-impact roles in your organization and industry
  • Build conceptual links between business growth and Talent Management, and learn how to turn talent into a competitive advantage
  • Develop technical expertise required for leading change in industry attitudes and practices on talent-centered strategies for managing businesses
  • Harness the Wharton experience for developing a powerful network of fellow global HR leaders
  • Earn a credential from Wharton, one of the world’s most esteemed business schools, and TMI, the world’s most trusted Talent Management standards and credentialing body

Convenient Multi-Stage Blended Learning

The program is designed for accelerated learning with an exclusive 9 day MasterClass at Wharton and a Wharton Online regimen, combined with the self-paced study of the TMI curriculum. Every Global Fellow participant undergoes an optimally blended learning experience broadly split into four stages:

  • Stage 1:In the first stage, participants develop a strong understanding of the latest global practices and techniques of managing the most critical sub-functional elements of Talent Management through state-of-the art Wharton Online courses.
  • Stage 2:This stage aims at helping participants build up a robust conceptual framework of Talent Management science and art through insightful, self-directed study. This is done through the reading of three of the most powerful Talent Management texts of our times included in the TMI-Wharton study kit.
  • Stage 3: This stage is about developing a leadership skill – creating boardroom impact. Becoming a high-impact HR leader means having the ability to win boardroom and top-management influence as well as acceptance of new ideas that demand change. Business cases are the most powerful tools for executives to create top-level acceptance. In Stage 3, participants focus on learning the techniques of writing formal business cases. This skill is paramount for a leader's ability to win approval for their strategies, plans, initiatives, budgets and programs.
  • Stage 4: The final stage is a series of sessions in the residential MasterClass at the Wharton School campus at the University of Pennsylvania.

STAGE 1 - Self-Paced Wharton Online Learning

In Stage 1, the participants get access to Wharton Online Learning modules, which they can take at their own convenience. The expected effort required to complete all the online courses ranges between 35-40 hours of self-paced learning. With content powered by latest research, these courses tap the world-renowned Wharton expertise and instruction in leadership, people analytics, and socio-cultural dynamics affecting management of talent and human capital in the 21st century.

The following table lists the courses and modules in this mode:



TWW-111 Global Trends for Business and Society
TWW-112 Managing Social and Human Capital
TWW-113 People Analytics
TWW-114 Business Strategy from Wharton – Competitive Advantage
TWW-115 Inspiring Teams for Continuous Learning

Please note, participants are given exclusive access rights to sessions and learning material by Wharton professors through private logins. These online modules were selected for the program after an extensive evaluation of their utility in HR and Talent Management careers. However, TMI and Wharton may replace them with other modules in the interest of the quality of learning.

STAGE 2 - Self-Paced Text-Study/ Reading

This stage immerses you into the evolving science of Talent Management and helps you build a common vocabulary and knowledge foundation, setting the stage for more experiential learning during the residential MasterClass. The texts included in the TMI-Wharton study kit are Talent Management – The TMI Handbook for Practitioners , Talent & the Future of Work and #Talentastic!. These cover six important themes related to the framework and principles of Talent Management.

Reading these books is essential for participants to help build the necessary conceptual understanding of Talent Management as a science and comprehend the interdisciplinary nuances embedded in the discipline. Even the busiest professional can fit this stage into their schedule, requiring only 6 to 8 hours per week of reading. This stage concludes with the TMI-Wharton Stage-2 Exam which is conducted during the MasterClass at Wharton. Participants are encouraged to proceed with the Stage 1 and Stage 2 learning themes simultaneously. Details of the stages are available in the stage-wise program guides shared with participants on their TMI-Wharton dashboard.

The following six learning themes are covered during this stage:



TMM-011 Defining Concepts and Perspectives in Talent Management
TMM-012 Elements of Strategy and Leadership in Talent Management
TMM-013 Critical Focus Areas of Talent Management Practice
TMM-014 International Talent Management Experiences and Insights
TMM-015 Talent Leadership Capabilities
TMM-016 Future of Work and Workforces

Please note, to make the text-study stage easier to manage, the three books have been specially designed modularly. We have split the books into six modules: the flagship text, Talent Management – The TMI Handbook for Practitioners  is composed of four modules, while each of the two remaining books are treated as single modules. Participants are encouraged to proceed with the Stage 1 and Stage 2 learning themes simultaneously.

Stage 3 – Developing a Business Case

Developing business cases is among the key tasks of senior leaders. This intensive stage is dedicated to learning how to build a detailed business case. You will be required to build a case that focuses on a critical business issue having significant Talent Management implications for your company. Participants will refer to the case development guide provided to them to understand the basic process and techniques for developing a good case and read examples of business cases to enrich their perspective of case-building.

The table below summarizes the courses to be completed in this stage of the Global Fellow program:



TMM-017 Case Development Principles and Techniques

This critical component of the TMI-Wharton Global Fellow program will help you connect your learning to your real-time challenges. It provides a concrete framework to help you learn how to structure a business challenge into a case that can be used for building solution and strategy alternatives.

Please note, participants must complete their case prior to attending the Wharton MasterClass.

STAGE 4 - The Wharton MasterClass (On-Campus, Residential)

The Wharton MasterClass is conducted at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. A variety of immersive sessions are conducted in this stage, including a combination of classroom sessions, workshops, assignments, and case discussions by Wharton professors and top global industry experts. The sessions are designed for learning critical dimensions of Talent Management practice and leadership in real-life scenarios.

The table below summarizes the courses to be completed in this stage of the Global Fellow program:



TWM-211 Building a Talent Management Mindset
TWM-212 Building Effective Talent Systems
TWM-213 Operating in the 21st Century: Visions of the Future
TWM-214 Motivating & Retaining Talent
TWM-215 Workplace Negotiations: Managing Conflicts
TWM-216 Achieving Sustainable Results: The Enterprise Mindset
TWM-217 Succession Management: Preparing the Next Generation
TWM-218 HR & Business Strategy
TMM-301 Deep Insights 1: Driven Talent Equals Business Success
TMM-302 Deep Insights 2: Leading the Millennial Workforce
TMM-303 Deep Insights 3: Is Talent Management the New HR?
TMM-304 Deep Insights 4: Influencing Business As a Talent Management Leader
TWG-411 Deriving Competitive Advantage through Effective Talent Management
TWG-412 Design Thinking, Transformation & Talent Management
TWG-413 Driving Market Leadership through Talent Management
TWG-414 Global Trends & Leading Edge Practices in Talent Management
TWG-415 Role of Talent Management in Scaling-up Businesses
TMM-305 Deep Insights 5: Building Global Talent Pipelines
TMM-306 Deep Insights 6: Technology In Talent Management

All learning resources, texts, and cases are provided by Wharton. Assessments during this stage are conducted by Wharton faculty and may be in verbal, written, or online forms.

The Ideal Participant

Applicants to the TMI-Wharton Global Fellow program in Talent Management are all thought-leading, high-achievers, and impact-makers in their organizations and industries. These people aim to accelerate their personal and professional growth, and enhance their sphere of influence and impact through insightful practice of Talent Management.

The program is highly selective with a small class-size and hand-picks from a large set of global applications. Applicants who have exhibited a continuous streak of rapid professional growth, learning, leadership, and impact are selected. Some of the most suitable applicants for this program are directors, SVP/ VPs, heads of HR function, talent leaders as well as business school professors/ educators, organizational learning & development experts, researchers, and consultants in HR and related fields.

We also strongly encourage applications from senior professionals whose responsibilities have a significant interface with Talent Management. SVPs/ VPs and directors of mission-critical functions like engineering, sales, and R&D would find this program highly suitable for their leadership and success needs. Applicants with STMP™ or GTML™ credentials from TMI - or those who have completed the TMI-Wharton Associate Fellow program - can also apply under the TMI-Wharton Alumni Privileges program.

The Candidacy Tracks

Applications for admission to the TMI-Wharton Global Fellow program can be made under any of the 5 candidacy tracks:

  • The Track for Senior HR Leaders & Experts
    This track is open for directors, SVP/ VPs, heads of HR function, and talent leaders as well as business school professors/ educators, organizational learning & development experts, researchers, and consultants in HR and related fields. Inviting participants who have been recognized in their careers of 15 years or more for the impact they have made to their organizations and toward Talent Management and human resource practices in their industry. All applicants from this track should hold at least a Bachelor's degree in HRM/ Business/ Management or related disciplines from an accredited institution.

  • The Academic & Research Expertise Track
    This track is ideal for knowledge creators, educators, and explorers of the frontiers of business and management, with a special interest in the discipline of Talent Management and its role in organizational health, sustenance, and growth. The applicants would ideally hold a Doctorate/ PhD in any of the business/ management/ HR or related subjects/disciplines and engaged in teaching and research in these areas for 10 years of more. Those completing their doctorates are also encouraged to apply.

  • The Young Leaders Track
    This track is for those exceptionally bright young HR professionals with a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution who have zoomed to great career heights and senior positions earlier and faster than normal due to their brilliance and zeal to propel business. Also, exceptional young leaders who have made their international mark in a short time through their accomplishments across business functions including, but not limited to: product management, engineering, sales, business development and R&D are welcome to apply.

  • The Associate Fellow Exclusive
    This track is for applicants who have successfully completed the TMI-Wharton Associate Fellow program in Talent Management and passed all prescribed assessments. If admitted, applicants under this track will join the applicable stage of the Global Fellow program.

  • The Track for Leaders from Non-HR Functions/ Areas
    This track is for those brilliant non-HR leader-professionals who are heads of departments, or who lead mission-critical business or management functions and change-projects, or who have Talent Management embedded strongly in their leadership responsibilities. They are seasoned campaigners with 20 years or more of experience behind them, towering over their peers in accomplishments, and hold at least a good Bachelor's degree from a renowned university


All stages of the program carry assessments to help you track your learning. Stage 1 has several assignments and quizzes built into the Wharton Online modules. Stage 2 concludes with the TMI-Wharton Stage-2 Exam which is conducted during the MasterClass at Wharton. Stage 3 requires participants to submit a Business Case. The MasterClass at Wharton also has a combination of assessments given by the professors each day.

For more details, write to us at support@whartontmi.com

Application and Selection

Application Process

The application form for the TMI-Wharton Global Fellow program can be found here, or by clicking the Apply Now tab wherever it appears on this page. Please read the program details carefully. Applicants are NOT required to pay any fee at the time of submission of their application. The payment process begins only after an applicant has been selected for the program. It is important to note that TMI-Wharton Associate Fellows can directly qualify, and GTML™ certified applicants can directly pre-qualify for the Global Fellow Program under the TMI-Wharton Alumni Privileges facility. However, the final admission decision will vest with the program admissions committee. For more information on the Global Fellow application process, please email us at support@whartontmi.com

Selection & Admission Process

Selection for admission in the TMI-Wharton Global Fellow program involves assessment of applications in two sequential stages. Candidacy Verification is the first stage in which, applicants’ educational and work backgrounds are matched with and verified against the prescribed Global Fellow candidacy norms. Only applicants meeting these candidacy norms qualify for consideration in the second stage, the Profile Evaluation stage. Applicants passing the Profile Evaluation stage are sent admission offers.

All Global Fellow applications are managed and evaluated by a special TMI-Wharton program management team and the admission decisions are made by the Applications & Candidacy Management Office. The decisions of the Applications & Candidacy Management Office for all applications are final and are emailed individually to applicants. Applicants who qualify for admissions receive an assigned TMI-Wharton login to complete the admission-offer acceptance and payment process. Acceptance, selection, and admission decisions are not based on applicants’ race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, national or ethnic origin, political beliefs, veteran status, or disability.

Once the fee is paid, applicants become participants of the Global Fellow program and are advised on the logistics of the program. TMI-Wharton Associate Fellows will earn a direct technical qualification for admission into the Global Fellow program under the TMI Wharton Upgrade Facility, however, their final admission decision will be at the discretion of the admissions committee.

Participants who cannot complete the program due to personal reasons in a particular edition can request for a deferment to the next edition. This deferment will permit them to resume the program with participants of the next edition of the program, exactly from the stage where they paused in the last edition.

Pre-Qualification & Qualification Norms

  • Applicants who pre-qualify under upgrade or equivalence facilities are exempt from the Candidacy Verification stage and move directly to the Profile Evaluation stage.
  • Applicants who directly qualify under any upgrade or equivalence facilities can be immediately considered for admissions as their profiles have already been assessed as admission-worthy.

The TMI-Wharton Alumni Privileges Facility

Under the TMI-Wharton Alumni Privileges program, executives and leaders who have successfully completed the TMI-Wharton Associate Fellow program or those who are GTML™ certified by TMI, enjoy special privileges in the TMI-Wharton Global Fellow Program. Applicants who are TMI-Wharton Associate Fellows qualify for direct admissions in the Global Fellow program. GTML™ certified applicants, pre-qualify straight into the Profile Evaluation stage of the admission process for the Global Fellow Program, skipping the candidacy approval stage.

Please note, individuals completing both, the Global Fellow and Associate Fellow programs successfully, are permitted to retain only the Global Fellow designation/ qualification, and the Associate Fellow designation will automatically expire for such participants.

Program Fee

The new applicant fee for the TMI-Wharton Global Fellow program is USD $23,250. The fee can be paid through credit/debit cards or electronic bank transfer. The My Payments tab on the applicant’s myTMI-Wharton dashboard holds detailed information about the amount and modes of payment. Wharton alumni and applicants with full-time academic or research positions in recognized universities and business schools receive a 10 percent fee waiver. The applicants already holding the Associate Fellow credential are required to pay a lower program fee which is the difference in the program cost of the Global Fellow Program minus fees already paid for Associate Fellow Program. Alumni Privileges policy is also applicable for GTML™ certified applicants, and they should check out their myTMI dashboards for the special alumni fee offer. There are no other scholarships, fellowships, or grants awarded for this program.

If you receive an offer of admission for an edition of the Global Fellow program, you will be required to complete the admission formalities by a specified deadline. Beyond this deadline, the admission offer will automatically expire. You can formally accept the admission offer and complete other formalities online by logging into your myTMI-Wharton dashboard; instructions to do so are also sent via email. When you accept your offer, you must pay the program fee, which includes a non-refundable admission deposit of USD $1,250. This fee secures your place in the program and is credited toward your program fee. The balance of the program fee, if not paid in full, is billed immediately after your acceptance of the admission offer, and it must be paid by the prescribed deadline to complete admission formalities before beginning the program.

The Global Fellow Program fee includes:

  • Program application fee
  • Program tuition/instruction fee
  • Cost (including shipping) of all Global Fellow learning resources (printed/offline/online)
  • Wharton program fee
  • Accommodation and meals at Wharton for the duration of the residential MasterClass
  • All applicable international taxes

The Global Fellow Program fee does not include:

  • Cost of international or domestic air travel to and from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • Airport transfer costs
  • Incidentals and out-of-pocket expenses
  • Travel and health insurance

Currently, and until further notice, the fee can only be paid in U.S. dollars. Digital and cryptocurrencies are not accepted. Payment for company-sponsored participants can be done via electronic checks or wire transfers, and further information may be sought by writing to payments@whartontmi.com

Learning Resources

The participants of the Global Fellow program receive a number of printed and online resources from Wharton and TMI, exclusively prepared for this program. These resources cover a range of Talent Management subjects including the TMI knowledge framework, Talent Management leadership, and contemporary Talent Management theory and practice.

Wharton Online study resources include links to five courses and access to many other resources connected to these courses. The TMI-Wharton study kit is shipped as soon as you complete your registration. It contains the TMI flagship publication: the 30-chapter Talent Management – The TMI Handbook for Practitioners, the world’s first and only standards-aligned and authoritative text on the science and art of Talent Management. It is the most important reading reference to prepare for the Global Fellow program.

The Global Fellow study kit also includes #Talentastic!, a text that helps participants learn the habits, methods, conduct, and approach needed to enhance the level of HR leadership capabilities. The third reference text in the study kit, Talent & the Future of Work, is a treatise on the structure and nature of Work in the 21st century and beyond. It includes latest insights on how Talent Management is posed with new demands from the changing nature of Work, Workers and Workplaces, and hence, what corporations and global HR leaders will be required to do achieve the desired performance goals.


Peter Cappelli
Peter Cappelli, Academic Director
George W. Taylor Professor of Management
Director, Wharton’s Center for Human Resources
Academic Director, TMI-Wharton Programs on Talent Management

Research Interests: Human-resource practices, public policy related to employment, talent and performance management

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