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OFAC Compliance Policy

The Talent Management Institute (TMI) is committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including those administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). This OFAC Compliance Policy outlines TMI's commitment to maintaining compliance with OFAC regulations and preventing any engagement in activities that could violate sections or harm national security. TMI is obligated to comply with the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) regulations, which prohibit US institutions from doing business in certain countries and with certain individuals or organizations.

Consequently, TMI does not conduct business in the following countries or territories with candidates or entities subject to certain sanctions: Crimea and covered regions of Ukraine* (*Because of the rapidly changing geopolitical situation in southern and eastern Ukraine, please contact the Office of Trade Compliance for the most up-to-date guidance), Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria.

Furthermore, TMI does not conduct business with individuals or employees restricted under export compliance laws and trade sanctions as well as those listed on the Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) list.

For potential candidates outside the United States, checking the OFAC SDN list before applying for a TMI certification or partnership program is crucial.

Failure to comply with OFAC regulations may result in disciplinary action, including termination, and may expose individuals to legal consequences. Thus, candidates and Institutions who register for a program despite U.S. sanctions prohibiting TMI from doing business with them will have their registration canceled without a refund.


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