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Fellow MasterClass

A hi-octane TMI knowledge-drill on Talent Management
exclusively for Fellow-of-TMI.

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Expand the Leader in You…

Be the first to experience the state-of-the-art and the science of Talent Management. See beyond the present and the ordinary in practice. Learn the groundbreaking. Build the new. Replenish. Unlearn. Expand your perspective. Renew and revitalize the professional in you. All of this in just one TMI MasterClass. Exclusively for the Fellows. If you are one already, or are on your way to becoming one, you should never miss a TMI MasterClass for the life of you.

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Stay Ahead and Forever Sharp…

Organized throughout the year in different parts of the world, the TMI Fellow MasterClasses are high-impact, learning-packed leadership building workshops for the Fellow-of-TMI.

Featuring talks, discussions, and technical sessions on the cutting-edge of Talent Management, people leadership, strategic HRM, and the art and science of workforce performance and transformation, these events are conducted by renowned experts from various fields, including management, research, industrial psychology, and technology. In fact, several senior Fellow-of-TMI also often address these MasterClasses or conduct learning sessions. The TMI Charter for the Fellow-of-TMI prescribes as mandatory that individuals who have earned their Fellow-of-TMI designation should attend their first Fellow Master–class within 12 months of the date of grant of their credential. Further, all Fellows are required to attend at least one Fellow MasterClass in two years to keep their Fellow designation and attendant privileges active.

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The Design

A typical TMI MasterClass lasts all of two exciting days. Experts, researchers, and academics hold courts for what is almost always the most happening and stirring 18 hours of intellectual and professional renewal for the Fellows in the rest of the year. The two days are divided into six segments – the last on day 2 reserved for storytelling. While catching up and mixing around with participants keeps happening all the while, the MasterClass dinners and suppers can’t be beaten on this. Check out the structure of a typical TMI MasterClass event below:

  • Day 1
  • Alpha Session
    Participants’ profiling and learning need analysis workshop
  • Beta Session
    Expert presentation and workshop on failures of current concepts and emerging Talent Management challenges and problems and their contexts and manifestations
  • Gamma Session
    Expert presentation and workshop on emerging Talent Management concepts, theories, and models; and theme selection; debriefs and discussions on the group seminar assignment for day 2.
  • Day 2
  • Alpha Session
    Expert presentation and workshop on Talent Management leadership issues, challenges, and solutions
  • Beta Session
    Group Seminar under expert moderation on the theme chosen by participants
  • Gamma Session
    Individual presentations and interactions on topics of choice of participants.

The trainers and hosts of each of these sessions carry out continuous assessments of each participant on the learning progress, and at the end, the MasterClass participation certificate is awarded. For more details on this, you may write to masterclass@tmi.org

The Next MasterClass!


IMPORTANT: The final agenda and registration details shall be emailed by TMI in response to pre-registration requests. The schedule of the MasterClass events may change, and registrants and sponsors shall be notified about such change in advance.

  •  OCTOBER 2017
  •  JANURAY 2018
  • The upcoming hi-octane TMI knowledge-drills on Talent Management. Exclusively for Fellows. Click Here To Pre-Register!

  •  MARCH 2018
  •  MAY 2018

Learn the Ground-Breaking!

Right from how talent pipelines can build out of your marketing networks; to converting workforce into talents, to becoming a talent-magnet! The learning menu of every TMI MasterClass (TMC) event is always exciting, wholesome, and state-of-the-art! TMC participants are perhaps always among the first bunch of HR professionals in the world to learn the groundbreaking in Talent Management at a point in time.

That sharpens the professional instincts of Fellows, and keeps them ahead of the pack. Divided into three capstone segments, every TMI MasterClass exposes participants to the latest in Concepts & Theories; Models and Practices that have just begun making waves, and are on their way into the world’s largest corporations and organizations.

Enrich your Perspective

Benefit from a mélange of expert-views and ideas on the cutting edge of the science and art of Talent Management. A TMI MasterClass is designed ruthless. All sessions are embedded with workshops that make participants unlearn and de-weed, and then add the new to their perspective of how different elements of Talent Management are expected to play out up ahead, and hence, what new competencies and knowledge requires adding.

A TMC is a rare platform for Global Talent Management Leaders to perceive and visualize the future across multiple possible contexts and then, evolve their own responses to the challenges and opportunities of managing human capital successfully in their organizations.

Get Heard Globally

Get your professional voice the zing and the power to spread across the world! TMI MasterClass is a hotbed of the state-of-the-art, and those who engage in the exchange of the groundbreaking are global leaders in their respective walks or areas within Talent Management.

What transpires in TMC sessions – and those who do it – both are worthy of immediate global attention for the contribution they make to the body of understanding, knowledge, and practice of talent-focused Human Capital Management. Numerous modes and channels work in tandem for the two days of a typical TMC event to assemble and package content, which will keep creating waves around the world.

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