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Talent Management Practitioner (TMP)

Best starter qualification to break into talent management space.

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Program Impact

With plateauing growth in traditional HR functions, re-engineer your understanding of the field as a modern HR practitioner. Take the most reliable way to establish your career in the high-paying HR domain with TMP™.

Why you need TMP

  • Degree coupled with an international TMP qualification acts as a super-major in people management
  • Establishes you as a high-potential performer in HR roles
  • Validates your education, training, and knowledge
  • Adds attractive new layers to your employability
  • Cuts through the jargons to comprehend groundbreaking concepts and techniques of talent management
  • Gives real-world insights into the roles of HR amid the shifting business world
  • Builds conceptual links between business growth and talent management
  • Makes you a preferred candidate for promotion and managerial responsibilities
Talent Management Practitioner

Who Should Apply?

This program is suitable for young HR professionals and individuals graduating with an HR major or similar disciplines seeking faster growth and a great start to their career.

You are eligible for TMP certification, if you are:

  • A young HR professional currently working in any of the HR sub-functions looking to rise the ranks and secure a job at the forefront of HR.
  • A go-getter individual graduating with a major in HR or similar disciplines like industrial psychology, business, personnel management, labor relations, among others.
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  • Min. 6 Months of Experience

    in any of the HR sub–functions

  • Bachelor’s

    in HRM/Business/Management
    or allied fields

TMP Examination Coverage

Builds knowledge about key practices and trends in 21st century talent management, and critical issues and challenges in the discipline today.

  • 25%

    Defining Concepts & Perspectives in Talent Management

  • 25%

    Elements of Strategy & Leadership in Talent Management

  • 35%

    Critical Focus Areas of Talent Management Practice

  • 15%

    International Talent Management Experiences & Insights

TMP™ Learning Resources

TMP™ Learning Resources

Candidates registered for the TMP™ credential are provided with the official certification preparation kit for convenient and effective self-study. TMP™ learning program includes a collection of insightful learning material on all critical principles, theories, techniques and tools currently practiced in Talent Management.

The official certification preparation kit consists of:

  • TMI’s flagship publication – the 30-chapter Talent Management text: The TMI Handbook for Practitioners

  • E-copy of exam preparation guidelines

How to Become a TMP™ - A Preview of the Certification Journey

There are seven distinct stages of your journey toward becoming a TMP™. Here’s a quick look at what these stages look like.

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  • Check your Eligibility
  • Complete your Registration
  • Study and Prepare for the TMP™ Exam
  • Schedule your TMP™ Exam
  • Award
  • Maintaining your TMP™ Credential

Differentiate yourself as a professional with specialized and standards-backed proficiency in HR & Talent Management with TMP™