20 Key HR Metrics

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82% of executives consider HR metrics to be valuable for their organization, and close to one-third desire more frequent reports from HR departments.

Talent leaders and executives who believe that HR metrics are useful for their organization may recognize the value of having accurate and up-to-date information about their workforce and HR’s role in driving business success.

20 Key HR metrics
HR metrics

Information is the oil of the 21st century and analytics is the combustion engine.

-Peter Sondergaard

The first step to implementing a data-driven HR strategy is by implementing HR metrics that provide insight into the workforce's efficiency and impact.

You can maximize your HR impact with our comprehensive guide to:

  • 01.Review a list of top 20 talent management metrics
  • 02.Learn how to calculate each metric
  • 03.Discover what motivates the employees
  • 04.Pick the metrics that best align with your business needs
  • 05.Measure the performance of your employees

Selecting the right HR metrics


Identify business priorities for Talent Management

Assess the organization's talent management expectations by evaluating competitors, interviewing management, and collecting HR leadership feedback. Identify and resolve organizational challenges. Align HR objectives with the business strategy using a cascading process.


Pick out the important HR metrics

Evaluate, and prioritize metrics aligned with business goals. Select HR metrics that provide insight into business priorities. For example, L&D metrics for executives for leadership growth priority.


Ask “why” and “what next” from raw data

Transform data into valuable insights by adding context, converting raw metrics into ratios/rates, considering impact, and combining metrics. Drive informed decisions.


Categorize the results in three BI indicators

Categorize data into Strategic-level, HR operations, and leadership dimensions for comprehensive analysis and interlinked impact.


Interpret analyze and predict

Advance to statistical analysis and benchmarking against industry best practices for each BI indicator to predict and optimize talent in the business.

Improve your HR strategy by embracing a data-driven approach. Download the definitive guide featuring 20 essential HR metrics.