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June 3,2016/Insights

Quickfire: How Google Builds Talents

Quickfire How Google Builds Talents

“Let's put more wood behind those arrows” says Larry Page. And he should know. Fighting off with Facebook, Amazon and Apple isn't going to come easy, unless all Googlers keep ambling in. Indeed. Employee Education and Training go the furthest in keeping companies pepped up best for profits. Studies by Association for Talent Development over the years have reported companies spending USD 1500.00 or there-arounds apiece on workforce training, education and development.

One of the reasons Google features among the world's top places to work is also because of its phenomenal employee–development programs that convert them into the finest of professionals you can find anywhere. Being in Google means building your future – and that's is just about everything a knowledge–worker needs today. Karen May, Google's vice president of leadership and talent has turned the five–year old GoogleEDU into a learning hotshop, using a lot of data analytics to teach employees what they need to know to keep profits humming. Googlers teach one another in a Googler–to–Googler model – everybody's a teacher now! Google's made learning part of the way employees work together. It isn't something HR coerces them into. By investing 20% of their worktime on new learning and self–development, Googlers have become what they have.

Read more on this by WSJ's Richard Walker:

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